That rainy evening and bus-stop.

Pink top with little white flowers and navy blue jeans along with high heels. All these were making Reeva more beautiful than she was. She was a dream girl for many and had won many awards as a reward of her beauty.  Coming from middle – class family, her ambitions were always high. Although her parents had groomed her well and she knew the values she should carry. And that’s the difference, people saw in Reeva and other beautiful girls. Reeva was not proud of her beauty but was conscious about it. She knew value of hardwork and did not believe in short cuts, using the beauty.

A bike suddenly stopped beside her and she came out of her thoughts chain, almost shocked. He was Riddhish – Rids, Reeva’s manager. Reeva gave him respect and was quite impressed with his working style and his academic qualifications. Riddhish asked Reeva for a ride to her home as it was still raining but Reeva was hesitant and said NO. Riddhish assured her that it’s a kind of help to colleague, for him and he did not have anything wrong in his mind. Finally, Reeva agreed but with a doubt in her mind. Riddhish was on ninth cloud. He knew Reeva very well. He respected her personality and somewhere in his heart, he was attracted to her beauty too. Although flirting was not his nature and that’s not someone could expect from him.  On the way to Reeva’s home, Riddhish asked Reeva, if he can stop for a cup of tea as it was chilling cool now and both of them were completely wet. Reeva too, needed that tonic – tea and promptly said yes. They both stood by one road-side cart and had a cup of tea. It ended with total 20 cups of tea consumption. While tea, they talked a lot and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and forgot about time.

Somewhere in their hearts, both realized that this was the beginning of some thing, the world hates the most – LOVE STORY. And that was true. The love story started and bloomed like anything.

Every first rain and the evening rewind the same scene in Reeva’s mind. After 15 years, almost everything has changed. Reeva and Riddhish have moved on and got married and people recognized them as happy couple. But now a days, Reeva was continuously missing something. Riddhish is too busy and probably not even aware about which season was it and what Reeva was thinking and how she was running the house, while he was traveling. After so many years, Reeva was feeling that same feminine feeling, she felt after sitting behind Riddhish on his bike and the way she held him. She is dying to recreate that past scene in his present. But where was Riddhish? Always busy with office, calls and meetings. Reeva tried to  talk with him many times but then the answer was – I am doing all these for you only, made her silent. Most of the time, she was able to make her mind that Riddhish was really busy but today, that first rain has started again and Reeva’s heart reached to Riddhish. She wanted to have his company like anything. She decided to give him a surprise by reaching to his office. She even thought of restaurant they would go for dinner after that beautiful rainy evening experience. She wore pink saree with little white flowers and high heels. She looked herself in mirror and felt proud that she had maintained her beauty so well.  Her thoughts were faster than her. She thought about how she will remind Riddhish about the old time and how she will convey about her long last wish and many more things….She took Rickshow and asked the person to ride her to Riddhish’s office address.  On the way, she decided to take the same route they took on that rainy evening and started showing directions to the driver. She was very close to that tea cart place and her heartbeats fastened, without reason. She felt like Riddhish was around. She just looked out of Rickshow and what she found? Riddhish was really there. Yes, her dream was true. But, BUT there was a girl with Riddhish and Riddhish was almost hugging her and kissing her as no one was there to see them on the rainy evening.

And the other rain started from Reeva’s eyes.  What an end? How it can be so? What was wrong?

Questions without answers.

Relationships face these kind of situations and questions for many times.

Why we human forget our life long partner so easily? What encourages us to follow the path, that is not supposed to be taken? What joy do we find when we hurt someone, who is really near to our heart?


Again questions unanswered and so I am – Speechless.

Reeva is sitting in front of me and I am just consoling her, knowing nothing else I will be able to do.


Be loyal and respect love.

Tomorrow, you might cry for someone but you will not able to find him/her. So live in today and live with love.




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