Mountains calling…Photo story – Gangtok

Recently visited this hill station from Sikkim has got a special place in my mind. Not able to forget it. Just wanted to have your opinion…..whether I am falling for right place :-). Have a look …..

The bridge that welcomes to the beautiful state


River  Teesta, around which whole Sikkim has been formatted


Main Attraction for kids and adults…..Cable car and mesmerizing valley view of Gangtok from it




Tibetan Museum



Stopping on the way for tea/coffee in a cozy cafe…


And what we found under the chair?


Beautiful Monasteries and eye-catching patterns……






Beautiful Gangtok from Tashi view point






Waterfalls….muaaaaah, loved them



Never to miss flower show

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At 10000 ft altitude, got piping hot Momos and Maggi with tea and coffee




Famous Baba Mandir @13000 ft height


Tea again? Well, yes………


View on the way





and finally, the most awaited Tsmogo lake…..the majestic natural beauty






And when its time to come back…..we wrap it up with ice-cream


Stay tuned….Photo story for Mirik and Kalimpong coming 🙂

Tarkarli in photos : the place less travelled

Tarkarli, not so famous but offering beautifully crafted secluded beaches with white sand, serene atmosphere and cool breeze with hammocks…….I think no one can ask for anything else.

Presenting here some magnificent views captured while latest visit to the place of peace, adventure, history, Malwani cuisine and water, of course :-).


The mesmerizing sun-rise.


IMG_20160220_173328 IMG_20160220_173524

Malwan Jetty

IMG_20160220_181947 IMG_20160220_182423 IMG_20160220_181557 IMG_20160220_182614 IMG_20160220_183407 IMG_20160220_181008 IMG_20160220_175956 IMG_20160220_180410

Sindhudurg fort

IMG_20160220_195418 20160222_092747

Malwani cuisine


boating fun

Silence ….. The language of LOVE

When the 20-seater tiny plane took round trip over the Atlantic ocean, I felt a new excitement. This was not new for me. After landing to every new piece of land on the world map, I used to feel same excitement. After selling all my belongings and leaving behind some part of my saving for rainy day, I have left to follow my passion – to explore beautiful places in world, without living steadily at one location. NOMADIC, they call the life I am living. And believe me, so many people are envious to me. Yes, I am living a life of my dreams while hiding my real dream in my heart safely.


(photo :

After landing in Guanaja in Honduras, Central America, when I took first breath of that fresh air, that half rainbow in sky was welcoming and I wanted to jump. After numerous efforts of my family to stop me to visit Honduras, as it is considered as mysterious part of world. But I was determined as usual, to follow my passion. And after experiencing the first beauty of Guanaja, when I came to know that the capital town of Guanaja, Bonaccl was built on stilts on the water, I thanked myself for the decision, I made. After settling into that small boat, I reached to my host, a Caribbean family. The villa built with local pinewood and decorated with local art pieces, I was amazed. After initial brief talk with the host and having coconut rum, I felt to have some rest. The host guided me to the guest room and I thanked them in German and headed inside room. And what did I see in the room?


The room was nicely arranged and decorated with art pieces but one of the wall attracted my attention. The wall had a handmade drawing of a couple, dancing together, breath to breath. I was astonished and the drawing was successful in visiting me, my past life, when I did the same dance, yes that breath to breath dance, with love of my life and dreamt to be with him forever. Who knew I would be a nomadic instead of lovely wife of handsome husband. Tears rolled down automatically from my eyes and still, at the age of 29, I have not learned how to control the emotions of eyes. I sat on the extra rectangular bed and closed my eyes but could not feel any comfort. I went to window and saw that blue water of Atlantic and felt more sad.


(photo :

How beautiful life would have been, if he could have been with me, I thought to myself, just to make myself more sad. I came to the bed again and laid down. And while the natural beauty was around, I dived into the lane of memories …

To be continued …..

Photo Story : Mussoorie – Queen of Hills

Reading the welcoming board from the bus, around 8:00 p.m., when outside temperature was around 7-8 C, I wondered silently – what can be so special about this one more kind of hill station? Tired due to those steep turns since last half an hour, irritated and not expecting anything special, we got down at the most beautiful place in Mussoorie, at least. Within 5 seconds of entering into the properties, I was developing new mood – mood to hum a romantic duet, mood to close my eyes and experience that chill, mood to observe each and every show piece in the property……why? See the glimpses on your own and decide, whether I was right or not 🙂

 DSCN2724 DSCN2669 DSCN2977 DSCN2719 DSCN2721 DSCN2944 DSCN3094 DSCN3005

From the roof bar of open restaurant at 6th floor, when I saw those twinkling lights in the valley, I wanted to jump, really. It was like the valley became a necklace around the mountain and believe me, it was the most quixotic experience with nature or I would say, with the night. Due to lack of time, we could visit only couple of places around Mussoorie –

Kempty falls – I think words will never be able to justify the beauty and so I am not trying :-). Glimpses again,

 DSCN2780 DSCN2816

Dhanaulti – 48 kms from Mussoorie, this was really a tough point to travel as the road was hilly and full of turns. On the way, we stopped for lunch, at the only cottage resort in the area. The Himalaya range was clear from the cottage resort and enjoying lunch with music while cooling our eyes with beauty of Himalaya was amazing. No one wanted to leave the place, see how it was –

DSCN2736 DSCN2871 DSCN2765 DSCN2873 DSCN2870 DSCN2738

And finally we reached Eeco park at Dhanaulti. It’s a heaven for photographers and children. After spending almost one and half hours over there, when a sparkling sun was not able to warm us, we left for Mussoorie. Glimpses again,


I know, I have not written proper words to describe how beautiful Mussoorie is but don’t you think a photo story always take over the word story?

Do tell me, how did you like it. I am waiting.