The way you …. (250 words from a mother)

The way you entered in our life, like an angel

The way you changed every minute thing about us, like magic

The way you cried for the first time on this earth

The way you grew up

The way you smiled

The way you created mess

The way you held my hand and walked

The way you played with me

The way you demanded my attention

The way you denied eating

The way you loved me

The way you taught me

The way you talked with me

The way you showed the new track of life

The way you explore

The way you destruct

The way you complain

The way you want to help

The way you are attached to me

The way you respond to my anger

The way you reject my stories

The way you refuse to eat my appreciated recipes

The way you think and explore

The way you sit for hours and watch that wheel of your car

The way you try to repeat each word we spoke

The way you sweetly say “Love you Mumma”

I am ready to pay any money in the world to re-live those moments


Seasons changed

Wheel of time is on the move

Its been 2.5 years of togetherness

and a million years of going to be

We are growing together

And I really hope, wish, pray

Our togetherness for ever

That tear drop at the corner of my eye

Asks me to be practical

But was any mother in the world ever able to?

lonesome togetherness and time resolves everything positively …

A peaceful dawn arrival, rhythmic sound of waves in Arabian Sea, shivering cold breeze, fearful calm surrounding, four tearful eyes and absence of words….


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Goa, 19th March 2013

The day brought that forgotten happiness in Aman and Shreya’s lives. Flying from US to attend a friend’s marriage proved worth. That decided LAST joint tour turned into new and fresh beginning. Both fell in love with each other again. Those tears in their eyes were the proof of the pain both went through within last 8 months. Aman and Shreya got up from that wet beach sand floor and held each others’ hand. That whole night talk without any interruption and phone call ended in reunion. Everything around was happy with this couple. The couple, known as the most creative, most enthusiastic, most perfect couple.

Kansas, 17th May, 2011

Shreya entered into her home, to be specific, Aman’s and her home, for the first time. The newly married couple flew to US immediately after marriage as work was waiting for them. Shreya and Aman were working with very reputed fortune 500 MNC in US. Meeting once via a common friend ended into love at first sight and the freedom of US air fuelled that love. After 6 months of courtship, when they announced marriage, everyone was sure that the couple is going to be the perfect couple.  Days of their courtship earned them understanding the meaning of togetherness. And marriage was definitely going to add fuel on daily basis to keep the fire ignited. Having roots in India, they both came to India and got married in presence of family and friends. Both families were happy and satisfied with their respective child’s choice.

Once in US, they returned to work instantly. That needed lonely time after marriage was not on cards for this couple. They thought they are going to enjoy “Honeymoon” every moment as they were together. First year of marriage flew by and the anniversary of togetherness was celebrated. Although people in party noticed that spark was missing from Shreya’s eyes. Those talkative eyes were calm and tired. Some close friends tried to get into matter but Shreya avoided them. She was not sure, how she is going to live this marriage. Yes, only one year of togetherness demonstrated them the level of adjustment and patience required. Most of the time, they failed. Working in fully stressed environment for more than 10 hours per day and guilt of not giving / taking up time to / for personal life made both of them frustrated. Aman tried for zillion times to convince Shreya about leaving her work for sometime. Most of the time, when Aman tried to take some time out with the lovely wife, Shreya was always busy. Those dreams of living life together with happiness were disappearing in daily fighting.

Chicago, 11th December, 2012

Shreya was walking in the corridor of the hotel. In the freezing cold of December, she was sweating. She was visiting client site for 4 days. While being away from Aman, she realized that she wanted to live alone. She did not want to force herself being together when nothing was working. She knew that she loved Aman only during her whole life and there was no one who could replace him. But she did not want LOVE to take over everything else of life. With trembling hands, she took out her cell phone and dialled the name saved as “My Life”. Aman picked up the call on second ring. He was hopeful that the loneliness might make Shreya understand the meaning of togetherness. But instead of that, he heard something which he never thought in his worst dream. Shreya wanted to part away.  He could not speak for a moment but regained his mental balance and asked Shreya to be at home first.

Kansas, 14th December, 2012

Almost all the houses were lit up with celebration lights. People were busy while preparing for Christmas but Aman and Shreya were busy fighting. Shreya blamed Aman about not giving enough time to her. To this, Aman reminded him atleast 20 incidents when he wanted to enjoy some time with her but she was busy. This argument from Aman made Shreya fiery and she put blame that Aman was not happy with her successful career. Aman dumbfounded. He could not digest the thing and angrily left the house. For the whole night, he roamed around the city in his car, driving unintentionally. Shreya on the other hand, was tired and slept on couch with tears in her eyes. The relationship cracked.

For next 2 months, none of both initiated topic about parting away. Neither they talked with each other nor did they ignore each other. A confused and clumsy phase of relationship was being lived.

Kansas, 1st March, 2013

Shreya was happy today. She was paid off for her hard work. She was promoted as VP of the company and she was supposed to shift to Massachusetts immediately. She decided to take up the final call on relationship and broke the news to Aman. She asked him to join her in MA but Aman was not ready. He had well set job in Kansas and he did not want to leave it. Aman requested Shreya to rethink about the decision as long distance relationship could be difficult to handle. To this, Shreya finally announced that she wanted divorce. Aman was not shocked this time but for sure, he was heartbroken.

The next morning arose with a marriage invitation card from a closest common friend. The marriage was in Goa, India. Shreya and Aman decided to travel together for the last time, to attend last function together.

Goa, 16th March, 2013

Shreya and Aman arrived to the resort in Goa and tried to behave as normal couple. They danced in the ceremony, gave poses to photographers and smiled to each other whenever required. Those little forceful acts ignited the fire again. Aman took the last chance and asked Shreya to accompany him for the beach night out. Shreya’s prompt positive response was unbelievable. They headed to the beach and sat on the beach sand quietly. Aman started talking about his wish to be together and to not break the marriage. To this, Shreya blurted out about his weaknesses and Aman listened to them. He covered Shreya’s hand with his hand and stared in her eyes. He could see the same wish as his, in her eyes. Again killing silence for an hour or so and then Aman initiated the conversation again. He said that he was ready to do any kind of adjustments to be with Shreya. That statement made Shreya cry. She cried like a baby. Her heart was waiting to hear this. She accepted her fault and said that she was ready to leave her career for the relationship. And that’s it.

New sun, new ray of light, new morning and new beginning…..

Sometimes or I would say most of the times, we need lonesome time together to decide upon relationship. Sometimes, while being in crowd, we come to know, how much we love the loved ones. Sometimes while blurting out to the dear ones, we realize how important they are in our life.

So, give time to everything and see the bigger picture. God never creates software with bug :-).

Love accepts, does not expect

“Oh Shweta !!! why don’t you go on your own? Why don’t you join interior designer course in any local institute? I want my wife to be impressive and center of attraction” Nirav said in anger.

“But I am your wife and why do you want me to show others? I do not feel joining anything or work for atleast two years. I want to enjoy marriage life” Shweta said calmly.

To this, Nirav got more angry. This was usual and almost routine for both of them. Shweta always tried to convince Nirav that she is enjoying at home but Nirav wanted her wife to be like other girls, as he was working with in his office. Its been six months only, they got married. Nirav did not have any choice but to follow his parents’ selection – Shweta, because he did not find anything wrong in her after meeting her.  Shweta was well educated, moderately beautiful and charming.  Shweta conveyed indirectly in the first meeting itself about her interest in being at home or working from home. But Nirav thought that he will be able to convince her to work, when they both will be alone in US.

She will feel bored and so she will work – he thought silently.

But, nothing like that happened with Shweta. She was happy while being at home for 8-9 hours and while decorating new home and preparing delicious dishes for Nirav. She was able to roam around alone in this unknown country, confidently. She received couple of opportunities for work from Nirav’s friends but she denied. And to this, Nirav was upset. He wanted to show the world that his wife was active. She was not sitting at home because he thought that being at home means you are not doing anything and so you are not worth of anything.  Initially, Shweta kept telling him that she will take up some work after sometime. But the way Nirav was pushing her to be active, she got stubborn about being at home. Although she never preferred fighting, the way Nirav was doing, she never said yes too, to take up any work. And within 6 months of togetherness, they felt like it was merely impossible for both of them to be under one roof.

Today, football world cup’s final match was there and so Nirav took half leave from work and reached home early to enjoy the match.  Totally unaware about this, Shweta got excited when she saw Nirav at home so early. She started talking about her plan to go out as she had not gone out since last couple of days. And as she started speaking, Nirav lost his control. Dialogue fighting started again and as usual Shweta tried to be calm but Nirav was in no mood to cool down. He started speaking anything about her character, about her inactiveness, about her parents, about her growth and so on…..

This was unbearable to Shweta. Tears rolled out from her eyes. She took car keys and left the home.  To this even, Nirav did not react at all and started enjoying football match. After half an hour or so, he received a call from Shweta’s cell. He smiled thinking “call for forgiveness, haan”. But there was some strange voice on call, asking him to reach to Michigan Avenue as his wife had met with an accident. Nirav ran out like anything. On the way, he received another call to reach to hospital and he followed. When he reached to hospital, doctors informed him that Shweta had met with a critical accident and as of now she was in coma. They were not sure, when she will be able to get back to normal life.

Nirav felt darkness in front of him. He felt like falling down. He balanced himself somehow. For the first time in his life, he started crying like anything. He regretted. If he would have not said those words to her, she would have never gone out and this accident would have never occur. At heart, he loved Shweta very much. He was happy the way she was looking after him, the house and herself too. For a small thing, he kept her pushing and today he was seeing the result. Tears were of no use and nothing he could do anymore.

So friends, life is like that. You never know when it will end. Don’t try to control your parents, your partner, your kids or your co-workers. You might right in some or the other way but they too live their own life. We, human being, always wants our loved ones to behave the way we expect. And that is how we lose them. That’s the reality of life. For any relationship, freedom and respect is required at some level. Love is not about expecting, its about accepting the person, as he/she is. Realize the truth on time or you might regret like Nirav. If you are in love with someone, the most important thing is to enjoy togetherness rather than molding each other as we expect them to be. Love does not work that way.

I can remember that famous quote from Leo Tolstoy –

When you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.


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