A lonely evening on beach…..A perfect date (250 words)

When I am alone

When that cool breeze touches my face

When that sun goes home after a long day work

When that noise of splashing water creates rhythm

When that wet sand asks me to turn it into art pieces

When that big ship looks small at the other end of sea

When those footmarks on wet sand make me think about importance of life

When there is no connectivity to human

When I can sing, dance, laugh, cry, talk and be quiet

When I am not worried about how other/s will think about me

When I am near to nature

When I feel close to GOD and to myself

When I am grateful for my livelihood

When I am reading my past and correcting my future

When I am getting ready to face new challenges

When I am living a little bit of MYSELF with myself

That’s the perfect date for me.


(photo : k23rf.com)

Yes, you read it right. I do not want to go on date with anyone other than myself. Because that’s the only person, I am missing now a days. Being a mother, daughter, wife, sister, employee, friend…..(endless list), I am able to spend quality time for each of the relation. But my mind and heart are shouting and scolding me to spend some time with me. As I mentioned, the lonely time gives me strength to live the present and future better, my perfect date would be with myself (surely in near future).



This post is my entry to TOUCH Thursday No. 4


The prompt: Describe your idea of a perfect date.

(Who would you date?  You can give a fictional name if you don’t want to use the real name. What would you do? How will you make it special? How would it end?)