The Secrets of Life….

You are an atom in the universe. No matter how big your problems look, remember it cannot be bigger than life…

Being human is the luckiest thing happened to you….Let’s celebrate :-).

Parenthood is the life changing and most exciting phase of life.

Life purpose for everyone is different here. Comparing yourself to someone else is like trying to copy an athlete’s speed when you know you are good at fast reading and not fast running.

Success is not how world sees you…its about how satisfied you are :-).

Finding true love is the most fortunate feeling, you can experience as a human.

You and I…..Unstoppable :-)

That first “Hi” and persistent smile

That soundless walk and uninterrupted silence

That starry night and unsaid spirit of love

That lonely bench on the beach and continuous laughter

That lazy day and silly chit-o-chat

That last “Bye” and endless hopes

That show-up after days and inseparable hug

That what..if moment and dreamful air castles

That fun-filled teasing and our unmatched friendship

That unshared secret and our infinite love

My mind keeps replaying the moments…..Which my heart could never forget….


You and I…..

An unfinished business always…

The Unstoppables 🙂

10 most missed secret pleasures of 20’s

Disclaimer : The post can be read with only condition that you need to write down the one, you are missing the most, in the comment area…….Go ahead 🙂


  1. Winking at someone randomly while walking down the street
  1. Dialling random number at 2 am in the morning and asking the person at the other end if he/she knows someone XXX and continue talking until you hear the “cut”
  1. Fighting for TV remote with sibling and with frustration when he/she leave the room, watching the same program he/she was watching
  1. Humming duet love song while the professor is asking about your continuous absence in class
  1. Hacking the newly engaged friend’s FB account and changing the status as “Just separated”
  1. Mixing chili powder in ice-cream for random bowls and serving them to guests at function
  1. Watching movie in theatre and shouting randomly in between
  1. Sending porn MMS from friend’s mobile to whom he/she hates the most
  1. Messing up kitchen while trying to cook something and making sibling to clean it up
  1. Daydreaming about anything and every thing

Did I miss something? 🙂



Loving someone secretly #guiltypleasures

Always being ideal

In every role, life had to offer

No one would ever believe

I could do what I was doing


Loving someone else

From depth of my heart

And smiling with tears

To get rid of my guilty


One day I realized

I was special as not everyone is given a chance

To have those guilts

And turn them into pleasure

Since then

Those guilty pleasures

Have been life lines ….


This post has been written in response of Daily Prompt No Applologies