10 romantically intelligent WA Status while on HONEYMOON

  1. In each other, we found each other….Away from the world. Biology learning needs serenity. and focus.
  2. The beach, the beauty and the beer…..honeymoon is going awesome.
  3. Eating breakfast on bed…naked with a companion of life….Thats what is called HONEYMOON (love)
  4. The love is growing and glowing in mountains….while valley is getting constant rain 🙂
  5. The GPS is set to “LOST” while we are “LOST” into each other….
  6. Exploring together is an experience…talking about world, not sure what you thought (laugh)
  7. Testing strength of mattress, every night….oops, every day too (smile)
  8. Creating memories to make our kids proud, hard work always creates productivity 🙂
  9. Honey is feeling on moon and I see moon in honey (love)
  10. Zero cloth is a dress code here….in freezing cold, wearing other body is more preferable…


Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-VIII

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With an unknown fear and guilt mixed happiness when Aastha entered into Aayam’s house. She could feel the luxury around. Rarely seen half oval shaped swimming pool was inviting and those marigolds around the main door of house were just adding aesthetic value. The garden was full of foreigner flowers and for a moment Aastha wanted to run to that garden to enjoy the beauty of that colourful sight she had seen recently in Sweden. At main door, she could see Aayam providing his fingertip on locking system and the door unlocked. Aastha was amazed. Inside the house, the huge living room was decorated with brown leather sofa, again a half circled glass centre table, half circled shaped mini bar in one corner and a showcase full of awards Aayam must have received within those years. She was impressed with glass art and soothing colour combination of the house. Without speaking anything, Aayam led her to a room on first floor. Aastha was so busy in observing everything that she did not find it necessary to speak. Slowly Aayam opened door of a room and held Aastha’s hand to lead her to the room.

Aashu, welcome to my world!!! With moist voice he spoke.

Aastha loved that Aashu address from Aayam. He was the first person who addressed her like that and Aastha loved it. With a smile when she entered into the room, she could not believe herself. The room was full of pencil paintings and all the paintings were of one person only. They were all of hers, neatly arranged. She could not trust her eyes.

How in the world someone can love me like this? Her heart started beating fast.

Aayam……..she could speak slowly with efforts.

Yes Aashu, I have been waiting for you since years. I could not find a photo of you and actually I did not need it. After seeing you for the first time, my mind printed you on my heart and I have been copying that image on paper since years in a hope that I would be able to meet you someday. Thank God, that biggest wish of life has been fulfilled. I am ready to die at any moment now.

Aastha interrupted him by putting her right hand on his lips.

He held Aastha’s hand and took off it from his lips. He held her hand tight and they stood there like that for couple of minutes.

Where were you Aashu? Why did it take you so long to come back? Aayam asked slowly while pampering her hand.

Aayam, I too have been living and dying every moment since we met for the first time. In one sentence I would say, destiny had different plans for us, Aastha summarized.

Whatever it could be, I want to celebrate today when we are together, Aayam replied with a smile.

He led her to the kitchen with silk white marbled floor and opened the refrigerator. A chilled Champagne bottle in his hands and a lovely smile on his face was the proof of happiness he was feeling at the moment. He filled two glasses and gave one to Aastha. Aastha, without hesitation, took that glass and cheered with Aayam. The celebration was started.

They talked and talked and talked for hours till they both realized that they did not eat since last 10 hours. Aayam asked Aastha to get fresh and told her the plan about the evening. Aastha went to the guest room, took shower and changed into Cadbury brown knee length skirt and full sleeve polo neck white t-shirt. Those brown diamond ear rings and brown leathered shoes were adding beauty to that already beautiful lady. For the first time since years, she felt beautiful. For the first time since years, she wanted to forget that she was a wife and mother. For the first time since years, she kept staring herself in mirror and smiled. When Aayam saw her he could not keep his eyes off. Aastha felt that Aayam’s eyes were drinking her beauty and she blushed. Those reddish shads on her cheeks made her more beautiful and Aayam held her hand tightly. Aastha felt secured.

Aastha’s mind was on the tour of thoughts. Unintentionally she started comparing Tanay with Aayam. Though she never had any problem with Tanay, she never liked the way Tanay always threw himself on her and never cared to know her desires. On the other hand, even after seeing a lifelong love after years, Aayam was in control and did not take any liberty with her. How the mind and heart speaks same language when you are with the most loved person of the life!!!

Aayam had booked a candle light dinner in the boat shaped restaurant. The table was decorated with a heart of red roses and a candle. After settling in the respective chairs, again there was a silence. Although this silence was not about discomfort. This was about being with each other, watching each other after years and talking with eyes.


Dinner was eaten in between those continuous stares and rare talks. When they finished, waiter served wine and left them in loneliness. Aayam raised his hands and Aastha put hers in them. Again silence and tears ….what a destiny it was. The true lovers were celebrating togetherness of a day with silence without complain. It was only when Aastha’s cell phone ringed, the loop of thoughts and stares broke. When Aastha saw Tanay’s name on screen, she put her phone in “I am in a meeting” mode and slid it in her purse. Aayam held her hand and both left to explore Delhi’s nightly roads. For three hours continuously, Aayam and Aastha drove on Delhi’s roads. In between, they enjoyed road side tea for three times. And Aayam kept staring at her when she happily declared how much she loved to enjoy road side tea and since how long she was waiting for it.

So innocent she is !!! Aayam thought to himself.

At 2:30 a.m. in the morning, without a shade of tiredness they returned to Aayam’s house. After changing into night dress, when Aastha came down stairs to wish Good Night to Aayam, he was preparing for another celebration. He had arranged a table with flowers and wine bottle. Hesitantly when Aastha came nearer, out of nowhere, she kept her hands on his eyes.

Aashu, please do not play that with me. I am not good at that, Aayam spoke excitedly.

Aastha rapidly rounded Aayam and hid herself behind a pillar. Aayam opened his eyes and while he could smell her nearby him, he walked towards her with soundless footage. Aastha was excitedly looking ahead where Aayam was, when he put his hands around her waist and rounder her towards him. He looked in her eyes directly and the flame of togetherness, loneliness, nearness and love was present in her eyes too.

Without knowing, both of them were matching each others’ dance moves while listening to the romantic number flowing from the music system. Without rehearsal or telling each other the next move, they were perfectly dancing like a professional dancer couple. When hearts replace tongue the most beautiful conversations in the world happens and those unsaid dance moves and follow-ups, those stares and blushes, those ignorance and acceptance, everything was looking beautiful. They danced till they felt breathless and in their hearts they both knew, this was the most memorable dance for them.

Aayam held her tight at her waist and with other hand he carefully held her head and after waiting for a moment if she was comfortable, when he saw she had closed her eyes tightly, he moved near and a lovely smile spreaded on both of their faces. This was the moment, they had burned themselves for years. There was no bad intension, there was nothing to hurt anyone, there was nothing to show off, there was pure love and a desire to sail through the beautiful reality of today and dream of yesterday.

When Aayam kept his lips on hers, she felt a chill in her spine. Aayam held her more tightly and slowly when Aastha started responding his madly moves, love was at its best. Without worrying for tomorrow, two hearts and were crossing each other at 3 a.m. in the morning. Love, love, love was around.

Isn’t it every female’s dream to be loved like that?

To be continued …

Love on Facebook

Why don’t you go alone? I need to study for the exams, Said Neetu

You are not going to complete your study within two hours. Now, don’t argue and get ready – Shraddha

I am getting bored at those office parties. I don’t know anyone. What am I going to do there? – Neetu

I asked you to not argue and get ready. If I am the company, you will not get bored – Shraddha

Dialogue between Neetu and Shraddha continued in the taxi also. Neetu was not at all in mood to accompany the elder sister, Shraddha at her office party. Shraddha on the other side, thought it would be a good opportunity for Neetu to explore the corporate culture.  Neetu was visiting recently married sister, Shraddha in Mumbai. Shraddha’s husband was on business trip for 10 days so Neetu and Shraddha thought to catch up with each other. Neetu was doing her post graduation from SMU (Singapore Management University) and she was visiting India for the second time within last six months. She felt homesick when she returned to Singapore, after attending Shraddha’s marriage. And so, when she learned that there was a mini reading vacation planned from the college itself, she was more than happy. And Shraddha too was happier when she knew about Neetu’s next visit and her husband being away. We will have sister’s time, she told to her husband.

Neetu and Shraddha were north and south poles. Totally different in personality, behavior and everything. Still that sibling bond was really working well. Neetu was a charming beauty but reserved and used to be in her own small world. Sending her to international studies can make a difference to her viewpoint and she can grow up emotionally, was the thought of her parents. Although Singapore and the freedom over there did not make any difference to Neetu. She still had only 4 friends in life, was still reading romantic novels, was still avoiding going out and meeting people and was still very emotional. On the other end, Shraddha, from childhood was very social, had a huge group of friends and was a complete party animal. Today’s dialogue was also about it. Shraddha wanted Neetu to join her for her office annual party and Neetu did not want to. But finally Shraddha succeeded in dragging her to the party. Party was really wild in all terms. Neetu felt irritated but did not want to have another word fight with Shraddha so kept her face smiling. Shraddha was introducing Neetu to her colleagues. And finally they reached to the CTO of her company. He is the youngest CTO of our company and most admired person in our office, Abhi Saxena, Shraddha introduced Neetu to Abhi. Neetu shacked hands with Abhi and felt something different for the first time in life. There was some magic in his eyes, in his smile, in his hands and in his body language. Neetu was almost stumped off. She kept staring at Abhi. On the other end, Abhi too was almost bowled by Neetu’s beauty. Although he did manage and wrap up himself fast and moved away but his experience about human nature told him that fire was ignited on both ends. He had seen same feelings in Neetu’s eyes also.

Next day Neetu left for Singapore but her mind and heart were in Mumbai. She did not ask Shraddha, anything about Abhi. Shraddha might not understand the feeling, she thought to herself.  She kept thinking about Abhi, his personality and the magnetism in his eyes. She searched through Shraddha’s facebook profile and found him. That smiling photo of him made Neetu more restless. Finally after some hesitation, she sent friend request. And within half minute, she got a notification on her phone, that her friend request was accepted.  She felt thrilled. And the phone buzzed again. Abhi was on chat on facebook.

Hi !!! – Abhi, he was moving slowly

Hey, I thought it would be a good idea to be a friend with the CTO of an MNC (smile) – Neetu, she justified something to herself.

Thanks for considering and thinking of me as friend. I am honored – Abhi.

(pause for a minute)

So where are you? I thought to hire you (smile) – Abhi

Oh !!! I am not a suitable match for your company. I am in Singapore and studying science – Neetu

Great!!! – Abhi

(another pause)

OK, I will have to attend a meeting. Just wanted to catch up with the most beautiful lady, I have ever seen – Abhi, he did not want to let her know that he had fallen for her but at the same time, he wanted her to think about him and wanted to chat with her again.

Thanks for the compliment and bye – Neetu, she did not know what to say. She had thousands things in mind. She did not want this chat session to be over ever.

Abhi got offline and Neetu got more restless. I should concentrate on study, she kept telling to herself for next two days. Within last couple of days, she explored Abhi’s profile for more than 100 times. She went through each and every picture of him. She wanted to LIKE each of them but controlled her emotions. He must not be more than 30. So handsome and successful and still down to earth. Matches with my dream man, she smiled to herself. For two days, when she did not see any initiative from Abhi, she could not control herself. She commented on his profile picture about he was looking good and was wondering reaction of Shraddha, if she will ever notice that comment. And at 12:30 am, her phone notified her about facebook chat update.

Hey beautiful – Abhi

Oh, hi !!! – Neetu, she tried to hide her excitement.

SO what was the dream girl doing? – Abhi

(Neetu felt like ray of light passed through her body)

I was trying to sleep (as its 12:30 am here) and btw, whose dream girl am I? – Neetu, wanted to hear more

Yes, I know the time difference. But thought you must be enjoying Singapore night life – Abhi

Nope, I am neither a night person nor I am a party animal – Neetu

But I think night is always romantic – Abhi, cleverly diverted the formal conversation

Yes, I too think so, after reading so many romantic novels (smile) – Neetu

Btw, thanks for comment on profile pic. It felt great to have a comment from you. It felt like I was proposed for date from Miss India(smile) – Abhi

Its nothing like that. I thought you were looking great and so wanted to let you know – Neetu


I am not sure whether this is a right time or place for the thing, I am going to tell you. I just wanted to confess one thing – Abhi

(another excitement passed through her body)

???? – Neetu

The day, I met you, I have fallen for you. I have almost lost my consciousness after seeing you. I know, it does not suit my personality to confess like this but can not help it. You are on my mind for all the time and after numbers of efforts, I failed to think anything else than you – Abhi, smiled at his smartness and communication power.

(blushing) – Neetu


I thought you wanted to say something – Abhi

Did not the expression above said the thing, I wanted to convey? – Neetu

So should I consider my self as the luckiest person on the earth? – Abhi

(blushing) – Neetu, she thought her life was turning to a romantic novel

Then the chat was going on for another 3 hours. Yes, the love confession and acceptance made both of them awoke for the whole night and they did not feel they missed anything.


(photo : campus.ie)

Neetu was on twelfth cloud. Finally she found her dream man. The man who she thought present in books only, was in her life and he confessed to her that he was in love with her. Abhi took priority for all the time. She just wanted to connect with him. She desperately wanted to go to India and meet him. But it was not easy. Her final exams were around and she had to be in Singapore.

On the other end, Abhi too wanted to see Neetu again. His mind could not think anything else than her. He tried to talk about Neetu to Shraddha but she just cut it off. Then he decided to not initiate topic of Neetu while Shraddha was around. Meanwhile, the lovebirds were continuously connected via facebook chat and skype video calls. Most of the time, it was Neetu, who was adjusting timing. Afterall, Abhi was a CTO and he was supposed to have responsibilities. She was used to awake till late night just to chat with Abhi. And today, while chat Abhi mentioned something, which made her happier.

I will be on foreign trip for next 3 days – Abhi

Great !!! – Neetu

Where are you going? – Neetu

To the land where my dream girl is living – Abhi

(smile) – Abhi

WHAT??? – Neetu

Are you visiting Singapore? – Neetu

(Smile) – Abhi

Abhi, please say yes. Are you visiting Singapore? – Neetu

YES, beautiful. I will be with you for next 3 days. I am about to reach to airport and will catch my flight then – Abhi

OMG!! – Neetu

What happened? – Abhi

I have an exam tomorrow – Neetu

OOOH – Abhi

But still we have couple of days – Abhi

We can meet once your exam will be over and can explore Singapore and each other, together – Abhi, he introduced his final intimacy in the chat

Neetu did not reply to that. They planned to meet at Singapore Flyer next evening. Neetu was very excited and could not sleep for the rest of the night. She kept dreaming about talking and sharing life with Abhi.

Next day, when she left from college, she was happy. Happy for two reasons. Her exam went well and she was going to meet his dream man. She looked at herself in the restroom and applied light makeup. Beauty was shining now. While on the way to Singapore Flyer, she received a call from Shraddha. She was excited. She talked about her exam but hid things related to Abhi. Shraddha then said something, which shattered her world –

Neetu, I am not sure whether you remember Abhi (our company’s CTO) or not. We thought he was a nice person but just yesterday we learned that he has many extra marital affairs. He loves his 4 years old daughter but wants to have beautiful females in her life. His constant possession for this has ruined his image in the company. He is visiting Singapore for 3 days. In case, if he meets you somewhere, pretend like you don’t know him.

Sure di, Said Neetu and cut off the phone. Her eyes were watery. Is Abhi married? He has daughter too. He never told that to me. And then she was able to understand each and every chat where most of the time Abhi talked about physical intimacy and her beauty. She could now understand his purpose and excitement to meet her.

Thanks god, she said silently. Shraddha called up on time. What if she wouldn’t have call up or she wouldn’t have mention about Abhi?

GOD always save you from crisis but allows you to pass through the small accidents so that you can learn to live life – her heart replied.

And thus the facebook love ended. Although I am not in favor of addressing it as love.

Lesson for us? Yes, virtual love does not long last or does not exist (most of the time).

Your thoughts?