The Rain reminds…

I look out of the window

And my heart started singing

My body is dancing on rhythm

Yes, rain is here…

With lots of memories

And lots of desires

Suddenly I feel like

The plant of dried soul got watered

Why you are here again? I ask

To remind you the love…..the first love

The first monsoon when you both dreamed together

But oh rain, he never came back, I cry

And rain hides my tears…..

I still remember you, my love

Every time when I see poured blessing of sky….

But I have learned to live now

A Book and a cup of tea in rain

Works like a best friend in loneliness

The romance in book excites me

And I remember how rain was used to be

Those paper boats and puddles

Those little feet had spring in it

Everything has changed..

I take deep breathe to consent the change

But the melody of rain prompts another one

That bindaas dance in rain

Without waiting for storm to settle

Those wish to go ahead

Without knowing rules of life

That wish to live it fully

Without knowing what being alone means

Those wish to fly in the sky

Another sip of coffee

And I still gaze at surrounding

Those mirrored roads bathed in rain

Reminds me, life is short

And I run fast, holding the keys…

Driving on those coal black roads

The fresh air and smell of wet sand

Unmatching honesty of Mother Nature

My heart is singing again

And I have worn a real smile….


(pictures :

Rainy Wish

Those droplets of water

When started pouring

My wishes got wings

Eyes got uninvited dreams

And heart went on perpetual journey

How perfect it would have been

To be on beach at this time

To talk with you silently

To make castle of wet sand

To look at never ending water

To walk with you infinitely

And allowing rain to make us miserable

Suddenly, you remember

“we should have it, rightnow”

You say mischievously

I try to read your eyes

But fail to understand

You hold my hand and start walking

I get shiver in spine

Anticipation of next few moments

Excitement of being with you


Happiness of being in rain, finally

And you suddenly wake me up from my rain dream

“Here is your garam chai ki pyaali”, you say

And I still see same smile on your face

Not sure to smile on my daydream

Or to be angry with your stupidity,

I sip tea while looking at you,

Thinking what kind of coaching you need

I smile silently and wink at you….

My love, I finally utter

But before I could speak,

You jumped in….

Ï know you want second cup of tea

And I laughed….

My idiot, I want to dance with you in rain,

I speak silently with a wide smile


The day I STOPPED … … … Realization of untold facts about life in 200 words

The day I stopped worrying, my life became an enjoyable event


The day I stopped saying FAST, I understood what it means to live


The day I stopped being conscious, I realized what it means to be myself


The day I stopped calculating my wealth in terms of money, I started appreciating everything else


The day I stopped considering myself in a competition, I enjoyed my work the most


The day I stopped caring about people, I substantiated myself with new confidence


The day I stopped to look at that blossoming purple flower in the corner of garden, I started thanking every bit of nature


The day I stopped to look into my toddler’s eyes, I started recognizing how much I was being missed


The day I stopped to feel that raindrop on my face, I started gratifying nature and its abilities


The day I stopped to enjoy the mess my toddler created, I could understand what I wanted from life actually


The day I stopped to watch sun going home, I was mesmerized


And finally,
The day I started loving myself, I came to know how beautiful this world is how lucky I am for being part of it.


Photos :

The NIGHT I will never forget …

It was July 23, monsoon in India. Thunderstorm and heavy rain were forecasted today and for next two days. Power cut is a companion of heavy rain in this part of India. It was 1:47 am. I know the time because the moment I heard my 2 years old son crying, I checked my cell phone for time. The new day was started and my son was crying for water. I dragged myself out of bed. It was chilling cold when I forced my self to walk on the floor barefoot. How can I forget to have a water bottle beside the bed, I cursed myself. I tried to switch on the lamp but thanks to heavy rain, power was cut. I started walking towards kitchen and suddenly something touched to my feet. I walked back but then realized that it was a toy car, my son was playing with before going to bed. I continued walking towards kitchen and while passing through living room, I saw that ray of light coming inside our house and faded away within few seconds. For the first time, I ignored it and started filling water bottle in the kitchen. Again I saw that ray of light circulating from one to other corner of living room and faded away. There must be something, I told to myself. Rain was so heavy that logically no security should be on round of the street, for sure. I tried to focus from where the light was coming. Oh, it was our balcony. I walked few steps towards balcony and from the glass door of balcony I saw him.

He was at the other end of glass door, looking at me. His silver long hair and total black dress were scary. I tried to look into his eyes. But there were only two red spots, I found. I was shivering with cold and fear. Meanwhile my son started walking out of bed and when he saw me near to the balcony door, he started walking towards me. I screamed for my husband. He must be asleep, I thought to myself. I shouted again but he was too tired to wake up. My son was almost about to reach to me and I shouted to him to go back. He nodded but continued walking towards me. Now, I was really afraid. I again looked at that unknown personality and found that the locked glass door of balcony was automatically opened and now nothing else than clear space was there in between us. I swear, I have never been so afraid like it. I tried to run away but I was not able to move. I started crying and screaming but why in the world no one was listening? And my smart son when saw that balcony door was opened, he started walking towards balcony. I was horrified and shouted him to stop. What if he will take away my son or if he will do something to my son? The thought itself killed me. I screamed at my highest volume.

And my husband was woke up. He was holding my hand and was asking me “what was wrong?”, while I was sleeping in my bed and crying. What was the dream, he asked and hooh, I realized, it was a dream. I checked on my son and he was asleep beside me. Oh!!! Everything was OK.

Thanks to my risk taking abilities. For the first time in my life, I saw the horror movie before going to bed and thanks to my creative mind who created sequence of the drama inside it and sent it to me, while I was asleep.

So, lesson learned. I am never going to see horror movie again, specifically just before going to bed.

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline

Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.


During the weekend, GOD kept all the taps of heaven running and so…

 you can see the impact of it.


After experiencing temperature till 450C, when the city was almost burning, without any expectation, monsoon started. People loved it and welcomed it. No one wanted to visit club for Rain dance and water sports because it was handy in the streets.


Love birds enjoyed the first rain while being together or being away.


Animals and birds were also happy and enjoyed the rain by talking in their language.


As it was a weekend, no one was rushing for office and there was no worry to accomplish task list. Most of the homes had TV on and people sat together, watched movies and enjoyed that ginger, mint tea.



Steamed corn with cheese was the main attraction after rain and people stood in queue for hours for that.


Overall, people enjoyed the weekend and RAIN added an extra joy to it.


Love is not changeable


4:15 pm in the watch. Kartik was almost drinking that beauty via his eyes. While Shachi was busy in enjoying sight of London from London eye capsule, Kartik almost forgot about the world after seeing her. That transparent white shirt coupled with dark violet jeans, little butterfly shaped hairpins, white oval wrist watch and that light pink lipstick. Everything was just adding beauty to someone already beautiful. Kartik was almost fallen. Shachi was busy with taking photographs of London and Themes river and Kartik was busy with taking photographs of Shachi. Shachi was totally unaware about it. Suddenly she felt someone constantly staring to her. Yes, females have that hidden talent. She turned around and found Kartik taking her photographs. She was angry and Kartik loved it. He loved that little nose getting red and those rosy lips speaking. He smiled. And to this, Shachi got more angry. She wanted him to delete all her photographs from the digital camera, he was using. To this Kartik said something, which moved Shachi “I can delete those photographs but what about the photograph I have on my heart. How will you be able to delete it? And believe me, its not me, who did the mistake. Its you only. You are so beautiful, I can not see anything else. I am really fallen for you”. Shachi could not do anything but smiled and love started blooming. In addition to that, rain outside was also adding romantic flavor to the conversation.

Shachi and Kartik were in London for training. Shachi was working with a well-known IT company and Kartik was working as a lead with a mid-level IT company. London is really a dream place for lovers and so for Kartik and Shachi. They held each others’ hand, roamed around, visited places, went to movies and enjoyed each others’ company the most, while their stay in London. London nurtured their love. But then that day came. Shachi had to leave for India as her training was complete and her company wanted her to move back to India office. They did not know what they are going to do. On the day of her flight, Kartik took a leave from the training and decided to be with her for whole day. Both of them were silent. They never thought about this parting. Kartik bought two tickets to London eye and both of them were in the capsule again. The place, where they met for the first time. Those moments re-lived. Shachi was almost in tears and Kartik could not speak. When the capsule was at top, Kartik bent on his knees and proposed Shachi to be his life partner. Shachi cried and hugged Kartik and finally they found the way. The way to be with each other for life time. They celebrated, danced and cried their happiness. So strange it is. Happiness does not always come with happy emotions. It always has mixed feelings. Kartik said “Bye” to Shachi on Heathrow Airport.

Time flew and converted into years. Happily married couple – Kartik and Shachi were blessed with a baby boy and they named him Charit. They were moving ahead with life, with career and with their son. Strangely since last 15 days, Kartik was upset. His behavior towards Shachi and Charit was changed. He was getting angry for little matters. This was not his nature. He was known as calm and cool guy but nowadays, everyone was seeing a change in him. Shachi thought, it was work load and stress at work, which changed him. She decided to talk with him but Kartik denied to talk about anything. This was a kind of shock for Shachi. Kartik never denied to talk about anything. What can be the matter? Shachi’s mind was always busy to find out the answer. Behavior of Kartik was getting worst day by day. Now a days, he started crying. In the middle of the night, Shachi found him crying and when asked he got angry. Shachi was really worried now. Something was terribly wrong but what it could be.

And the day came. Shachi was busy while preparing for celebration of their 10th Marriage Anniversary.  She asked Kartik to help shopping for Charit. And while both of them were out, she started looking for matching tie of the suite for Kartik. She wanted Kartik to wear the same suite, he wore on the day of marriage. She was looking for the tie in his wardrobe, where she found a file. A file with patient name as Kartik. The file from Doctor Anand Mishra, the well known neuron surgeon. Her heartbeats rose. She opened the file and started reading the reports and analysis. The reports were saying, Kartik had a brain tumor and it was identified so late that surgery was risky. He had few days left. Shachi was almost faint. Now, she resolved that puzzle of odd behavior. She cried loud. She was angry. Why did Kartik hide this from her? Being his wife, wasn’t she worth to know about this? She kept crying. After an hour or so, she got up and drank a glass of water. She tried to be normal. She thought about Kartik and again her eyes were teary. She could understand that Kartik loved her so much that he could not have speak about his illness to her. She decided something.

Shachi took appointment of Dr. Mishra and met him. Dr. Mishra explained case of Kartik and its complexity. He conveyed the risk of surgery but also mentioned that it was the only possible way to save Kartik’s life. Shachi asked him to give date for surgery and left. Kartik was shocked when he saw Shachi at home so early. Generally Shachi was used to work till late due to her demanding job and as Kartik was not going to office since last few days, he was looking after Charit. Shachi changed to white shirt and navy blue jeans. She slowly walked to Kartik, held his hands and looked into his eyes straight. Her words – “I am the same Shachi who met you before 11 years in London. I promised you to live together and be with you for all the time. We have been together for all the time. I am so much in love with you even after so many years of our marriage. Lets face the reality and I am sure we will sail”. She did not mention about his illness or her visit to doctor. But her words made Kartik cry. He understood the situation and said sorry to her. To this, Shachi kissed her on his forehead and said “I love you”. Those words created magic. Kartik prepared himself mentally ready for surgery. They both took care the most that Charit should never know about it. On the day of surgery, before going to hospital, kartik gave a hug to Charit and said he was going abroad and Shachi will take care of him for sometime. Charit was OK with that. Kartik and Shachi cried silently but held each other’s hand and left for hospital.

I am not going to mention what happened to them. I leave it upto you readers to imagine what good or bad could have happened to this couple. But the story till now, conveys an important message. Love is not changeable. Circumstances always examine your feelings and when it comes to husband and wife, love is the only feeling, which can make them move forward together.

Life always gives two choices. Either you change your feelings and move ahead or persist with your feeling and take someone with you. Select the later option always. Because moving forward with changed feelings puts you on peak but you will be alone. Whereas with persistent feelings, you might not be on peak but you will have always someone around to celebrate your little success. So, don’t be changeable when it comes to love and relation. Respect them and love them.


That rainy evening and bus-stop.

Pink top with little white flowers and navy blue jeans along with high heels. All these were making Reeva more beautiful than she was. She was a dream girl for many and had won many awards as a reward of her beauty.  Coming from middle – class family, her ambitions were always high. Although her parents had groomed her well and she knew the values she should carry. And that’s the difference, people saw in Reeva and other beautiful girls. Reeva was not proud of her beauty but was conscious about it. She knew value of hardwork and did not believe in short cuts, using the beauty.

A bike suddenly stopped beside her and she came out of her thoughts chain, almost shocked. He was Riddhish – Rids, Reeva’s manager. Reeva gave him respect and was quite impressed with his working style and his academic qualifications. Riddhish asked Reeva for a ride to her home as it was still raining but Reeva was hesitant and said NO. Riddhish assured her that it’s a kind of help to colleague, for him and he did not have anything wrong in his mind. Finally, Reeva agreed but with a doubt in her mind. Riddhish was on ninth cloud. He knew Reeva very well. He respected her personality and somewhere in his heart, he was attracted to her beauty too. Although flirting was not his nature and that’s not someone could expect from him.  On the way to Reeva’s home, Riddhish asked Reeva, if he can stop for a cup of tea as it was chilling cool now and both of them were completely wet. Reeva too, needed that tonic – tea and promptly said yes. They both stood by one road-side cart and had a cup of tea. It ended with total 20 cups of tea consumption. While tea, they talked a lot and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and forgot about time.

Somewhere in their hearts, both realized that this was the beginning of some thing, the world hates the most – LOVE STORY. And that was true. The love story started and bloomed like anything.

Every first rain and the evening rewind the same scene in Reeva’s mind. After 15 years, almost everything has changed. Reeva and Riddhish have moved on and got married and people recognized them as happy couple. But now a days, Reeva was continuously missing something. Riddhish is too busy and probably not even aware about which season was it and what Reeva was thinking and how she was running the house, while he was traveling. After so many years, Reeva was feeling that same feminine feeling, she felt after sitting behind Riddhish on his bike and the way she held him. She is dying to recreate that past scene in his present. But where was Riddhish? Always busy with office, calls and meetings. Reeva tried to  talk with him many times but then the answer was – I am doing all these for you only, made her silent. Most of the time, she was able to make her mind that Riddhish was really busy but today, that first rain has started again and Reeva’s heart reached to Riddhish. She wanted to have his company like anything. She decided to give him a surprise by reaching to his office. She even thought of restaurant they would go for dinner after that beautiful rainy evening experience. She wore pink saree with little white flowers and high heels. She looked herself in mirror and felt proud that she had maintained her beauty so well.  Her thoughts were faster than her. She thought about how she will remind Riddhish about the old time and how she will convey about her long last wish and many more things….She took Rickshow and asked the person to ride her to Riddhish’s office address.  On the way, she decided to take the same route they took on that rainy evening and started showing directions to the driver. She was very close to that tea cart place and her heartbeats fastened, without reason. She felt like Riddhish was around. She just looked out of Rickshow and what she found? Riddhish was really there. Yes, her dream was true. But, BUT there was a girl with Riddhish and Riddhish was almost hugging her and kissing her as no one was there to see them on the rainy evening.

And the other rain started from Reeva’s eyes.  What an end? How it can be so? What was wrong?

Questions without answers.

Relationships face these kind of situations and questions for many times.

Why we human forget our life long partner so easily? What encourages us to follow the path, that is not supposed to be taken? What joy do we find when we hurt someone, who is really near to our heart?


Again questions unanswered and so I am – Speechless.

Reeva is sitting in front of me and I am just consoling her, knowing nothing else I will be able to do.


Be loyal and respect love.

Tomorrow, you might cry for someone but you will not able to find him/her. So live in today and live with love.