Quick peek and click lick

Click, click, click….

The camera said tick…tick…tick

I was quick…quick…quick

And suddenly, my eyes did not blink…

Without wait I sneak

Could not stop to think

Looking at friend, I wink

As I see magic

Wanted to have a link

To capture that lick

Enough is not the word to drink

Hands were on camera to pick

Knowing what could be the risk

Confidence of mine shrink

I act on the fear to kick

And concentrate on lick

Am I becoming a freak?

Are they kink?

Not sure…. again I peek

And it’s still on…the magic

Would you wish to be alike?

Lets celebrate humanhood

Lets celebrate humanhood

While browsing the internet world, I came across this picture and could not help but to download and present to you, dear readers, with special comments from my thought factory 🙂
Whats the first thought passed through after seeing this picture?

For me –
we all have been landed on this earth with different personality, religion, community, needs, gender and many more different things. But so true it is that still we all are on this earth only. Base for all of us is same always, whether you are an American, Asian, African or Australian. Can we relate this wisdom to our real life?
Lets consider ourselves as human first and lets consider our self lucky to be blessed while sharing the life with others on this beautiful earth. No matter, how you are, what you are and where you are….you are part of human community and thats the biggest achievement to celebrate.
So lets forget about personal success, rivalry, happiness, depression and failures.
Lets celebrate humanhood together. The best role, life could have ever achieved while being on earth.
Keep blessed.
And yes, do not forget to share your thoughts. I am waiting…..