Phi Phi Island : The beauty crown of Thailand

Thailand was never on my list as I always believed it was overrated (yes, I assume things), but when it happened the first thing I wanted to visit was Phi Phi Island. Had read and heard many things about this vehicle free tiny island where culture is great, parties are great and weather is romantic. Let me show you the whole episode of journey from Phuket to Phi Phi (the second Boracay?), via pictures…

Flight from Bangkok to Phuket was sleepy…..It took too much time to reach Phuket (or that’s what I think).

But surprise was waiting on Phuket airport. The jetty to get a boat to Phi Phi was an hour travel from airport. Hooh, I said silently but with no option, got into car. And soon, my disappointment vanished. Traveling to Phuket roads was beautiful. Finally, reached jetty almost on time to catch the boat but managed to get that thirst killer and got into boat.

And the journey started…..everywhere you see, its water, beautiful islands and blue sky. The beauty was wordless….

Finally, after almost 1.5 hours of comfortable boat ride, saw first sight of Phi Phi island.

Got down to pier and waited for next boat to reach to hotel, while drinking beauty of nature around…

And yay, there is the hotel….the beach looked awesome from that long tail boat

BTW, I did notice that NoRegrets tag and its so right….No regrets, if you get to travel 🙂

Evening at Phi Phi was one of the most memorable evening in Thailand.

Walking through the beach street bare foot, next morning and boozing with sunlight was something, I would do again and again. That little street, where you do not see any vehicle but only aromatic food, candle lit dinner tables, fire shows, pool parties, rock dances, happy faces and beautiful structures…..

Saying bye to Phi Phi was the most difficult task but knowing the next destination was soothing. Want to know, what was my next destination? But before that, you will have to tolerate photo story of island hopping around Phi Phi

Stay tuned :-)….I promise, I will use less words and more pictures for it 🙂

Why Boracay is the Paradise? #PhilippinesDiary

Located in central Philippines, this little jewel has received many awards from travel publications and agencies. It has made to list of “Top 10 destinations to visit in 2016”. And if I have to award it, I will address it as “Best place for honeymooners”:-).

Dancing on white bed of sand while listening to those wild waves of ocean is not a dream of yours? Treat your eyes here, rather than just imagining how it would feel.

The picturesque beach offers some of the best spots for pictures and I too did not miss the opportunity…

Sunset here is never to be missed. Those unnamed colors seen in the sky would be the lifetime memories.

Also, you will see the sand artist at their best, almost at every half kilometer….Keep clicking, I told to myself.

The happening beach is full of palm trees, bars and restaurants. Boracay is the best place for relaxation and nightlife and once visited, you will agree to that.  The night life here is all about exploring, walking barefoot, enjoying different cuisines, trying karaoke, relaxing while enjoying massage, observing and sinking in the ambience around and finally, sleeping on towels on beach, while looking at those shining stars…..

The blue water and white sand are not allowing me to go back to my real life, although I am already back and believe me, you too will not….

And with this, if you think, Boracay story is over here…..Sorry, my friend. Stay tuned to drink the beauty of islands around….

Photo Story : Taiwan – Part 4

After the visit of Sun Moon Lake on previous day, you are not ready for any ordinary sight and you love the day when your expectations are fulfilled or I should say, exceeded. To read about last three parts of photo story of Taiwan, please refer Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3.

Fo Guang Shan (Chinese: 佛光山) is around 50 years old, an international Chinese Buddhist monastic order and new religious movement based in Taiwan. The headquarters of Fo Guang Shan, located in Dashu District, Kaohsiung, is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. The organization is also one of the largest charity organizations in Taiwan.

Founded by  Hsing Yun, the order promotes Humanistic Buddhism and is known for its efforts in the modernization of Chinese Buddhism. And availability of Star Bucks inside monastery premises is the best proof of it. Number of restaurants, cafes and shops inside monastery never makes you feel that you are in religions premises.

The entrance is not extra ordinary and at entrance, you can never  imagine, what mixture of art, religion and technology, you are going to witness inside the monastery.

Beyond the Welcoming Hall are eight Chinese-styled pagodas on either side of the main avenue leading up to the Bodhi Square.  And every step towards Bodhi Square reminds you how tiny we are and our problems. A peaceful surrounding, artwork everywhere and Statue of Buddha at the highest point….what else can you think of?


And yes, looking back from different levels, from Bodhi square will never allow you to stop the camera clicks…Proofs 🙂

Above the hall are four stupas that symbolize the Four Noble Truths.

Standing behind, there is an enormous seated metal Shakyamuni Buddha of 108 meters height and believe me, that’s the most beautiful sight.

The Center was opened at an international ceremony on 25 December 2011 and the memorable picture from the opening ceremony is mind blowing.

And with this, if you are thinking, this photo story is ended, you are mistaken. Remember? I said, the dream place was Taipei….So, I am yet to cover the main part – Taipei City….And of course, one more beautiful place from Taiwan…Stay tuned 🙂

Photo Story : Taiwan – Part 2

Driving by pacific coastline in Taiwan is a memorable experience and you would not like to miss any moment of it, for sure. After enjoying the natural beauty at Taroko Gorge along with dark, hot coffee on Sunday morning, I was convinced that Taiwan cannot have anything more beautiful to offer. But as I said in first post, being proven wrong is something I like the most.

Located at the east coast of Taiwan, Qinghsui Cliff is considered as eighth wonder of Taiwan.

Not known about the fact, I was looking forward to reach to Taipei city by evening. When the driver stopped by the parking area and asked to walk by the cliff, I was wondering what could be special about it…

And here I was…..While walking on the black charcoal road and looking at clouds kissing mountain peaks; I could hear that lovely rhythm from Pacific again.

and that moment of AHAAA…..Those color tones from cliff and Pacific along with blue sky made the loveliest combination…

Knowing how Taiwan was formed was interesting…

The observation deck, where I can stand still for hours, looking the ocean blended in sky..

Splendid view of ocean hugging the tall mountains every moment, was magical.

Every step of the walk is picturesque and you don’t want to stop clicking…

Occasionally you hear the train whistling, at the bottom of cliff and I could imagine the joy of passengers enjoying the coastline from train.

And matching with blue and white colors of ocean and sky, I too did not miss out on opportunity of having beautiful picture here…

More about Taiwan……Tune in 🙂

Photo Story : Taiwan – Part 1

If I remember correctly, a beautiful picture of Taroko Gorge was the reason to add Taipei in dream bucket list. Never thought the dream would come true so soon. Taiwan visit was a memorable treat to soul and will always be nearer to my heart..

Taiwan is a small island nation 180km east of China with modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts and dramatic mountainous terrain. Taiwan is the most populous state that is not a member of the United Nations and the largest economy outside the UN.

When the itinerary read temple with famous Sun Moon lake in Taiwan, I was almost sure that I would not be interested in visiting that temple rather would spend time around lake. But being proved wrong always feels good. That bright, serene and picturesque temple is still fresh in my mind and therefore we will start Photo Story of Taiwan with Wan Wu Temple.

I will allow you to enjoy the visual treat rather than me inking words here….

The Wen Wu Temple (日月潭文武廟) is located on the perimeter of Sun Moon Lake in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

Previously, two temples were located on the coast of Sun Moon Lake. After the Japanese handed over Taiwan to the Republic of China in 1945, the government invested in developing tourism around the lake. Wen Wu temple was rebuilt again in 1969, increasing its size and constructing it in the Chinese palace style.

The temple consists of three halls. The first hall, located on the second floor of the front hall, is a shrine devoted to the First Ancestor Kaiji and the God of Literature. The central hall is devoted to Guan Gong, the God of War, and the warrior-God Yue Fei. The rear hall is dedicated to Confucius.



This layered and intricate temple is major attraction for the tourists.  As soon as you have passed through one temple, you enter another and you do not want to stop.




Every wall and colorful carvings on them are mind blowing proof of art. You will not be able to take off your eyes.




The Wall in the very back of the Temple is like a gate to another palace. I was in awe. Could not stop myself for picture.


Want to watch the whole story in couple of minutes? Here it is….


(picture source : Google and my phone)



Mountains calling…Photo story – Gangtok

Recently visited this hill station from Sikkim has got a special place in my mind. Not able to forget it. Just wanted to have your opinion…..whether I am falling for right place :-). Have a look …..

The bridge that welcomes to the beautiful state


River  Teesta, around which whole Sikkim has been formatted


Main Attraction for kids and adults…..Cable car and mesmerizing valley view of Gangtok from it




Tibetan Museum



Stopping on the way for tea/coffee in a cozy cafe…


And what we found under the chair?


Beautiful Monasteries and eye-catching patterns……






Beautiful Gangtok from Tashi view point






Waterfalls….muaaaaah, loved them



Never to miss flower show

IMG_20160616_135338 IMG_20160616_135318 IMG_20160616_123724 IMG_20160616_124157 IMG_20160616_124258 IMG_20160616_125100 IMG_20160616_125323 IMG_20160616_123436 IMG_20160616_123657 IMG_20160616_123312 IMG_20160616_123220 IMG_20160616_122910 IMG_20160616_122835 IMG_20160616_122706 IMG_20160616_122333 

At 10000 ft altitude, got piping hot Momos and Maggi with tea and coffee




Famous Baba Mandir @13000 ft height


Tea again? Well, yes………


View on the way





and finally, the most awaited Tsmogo lake…..the majestic natural beauty






And when its time to come back…..we wrap it up with ice-cream


Stay tuned….Photo story for Mirik and Kalimpong coming 🙂

Photo Story : Mussoorie – Queen of Hills

Reading the welcoming board from the bus, around 8:00 p.m., when outside temperature was around 7-8 C, I wondered silently – what can be so special about this one more kind of hill station? Tired due to those steep turns since last half an hour, irritated and not expecting anything special, we got down at the most beautiful place in Mussoorie, at least. Within 5 seconds of entering into the properties, I was developing new mood – mood to hum a romantic duet, mood to close my eyes and experience that chill, mood to observe each and every show piece in the property……why? See the glimpses on your own and decide, whether I was right or not 🙂

 DSCN2724 DSCN2669 DSCN2977 DSCN2719 DSCN2721 DSCN2944 DSCN3094 DSCN3005

From the roof bar of open restaurant at 6th floor, when I saw those twinkling lights in the valley, I wanted to jump, really. It was like the valley became a necklace around the mountain and believe me, it was the most quixotic experience with nature or I would say, with the night. Due to lack of time, we could visit only couple of places around Mussoorie –

Kempty falls – I think words will never be able to justify the beauty and so I am not trying :-). Glimpses again,

 DSCN2780 DSCN2816

Dhanaulti – 48 kms from Mussoorie, this was really a tough point to travel as the road was hilly and full of turns. On the way, we stopped for lunch, at the only cottage resort in the area. The Himalaya range was clear from the cottage resort and enjoying lunch with music while cooling our eyes with beauty of Himalaya was amazing. No one wanted to leave the place, see how it was –

DSCN2736 DSCN2871 DSCN2765 DSCN2873 DSCN2870 DSCN2738

And finally we reached Eeco park at Dhanaulti. It’s a heaven for photographers and children. After spending almost one and half hours over there, when a sparkling sun was not able to warm us, we left for Mussoorie. Glimpses again,


I know, I have not written proper words to describe how beautiful Mussoorie is but don’t you think a photo story always take over the word story?

Do tell me, how did you like it. I am waiting.