Love is an Adventure : Part 4

Earlier episodes of this story are here : Part-1, part-2 and Part-3.

With so many questions and lots of confusion, Keya lay on floor and slept there. In the morning, when she woke up, whole body was in pain but routine duties were waiting. After saying bye to Vihan at school, she got busy in kitchen. NImit woke up and briefly hugged her. This routine process felt odd to her today but at the same time thoughts started flowing…..

After all, he cares for me so much…

How can I think of my happy marriage as cage?

Not everyone is lucky like me to have a husband like Nimit….

It’s me who is not able to do anything….I cannot blame Nimit for that….

On breakfast table, while sipping coffee, Nimit stared at her. This lady in low bun had changed his life completely, he thought to himself. Any man feels contented and be successful only when he feels peace at home…..I am lucky, he talked to himself.

Why are you looking so tired? Did not you sleep well last night? Nimit asked.

Keya came out from thought chain suddenly.

Just overworked, she made it short.

Please take rest and take care of yourself, Nimit continued.

Why does he cares for me so much?

How could I think of going away from this guy? He has given me life, again thoughts took over.

I am not suffering. I am happy where I am, she silently convinced herself.

But the creator of life knows about your happiness better than you. In the afternoon, when she reached school to pick Vihan, she saw Ankur. She literally started walking in opposite direction. She had decided to not face Ankur again.

I do not want to make myself realize what leaders do and how I should take out time to follow my passion, she said to herself sarcastically.

But…….Better plans, as I said 🙂

Hi Keya, how are you doing today? Ankur was standing in front of him when she reached the second gate of school.

With no option, she smiled briefly and nodded. She did not care to ask him his or Revati’s well being.

Ankur stared at her for 10 seconds….

Keya, you look drained….Are you OK? Can I help you? With genuine concern, he asked.

I am OK and my lovely husband cares for me so much. He showed same concern today morning and if anything, I have to do, I will do it, Keya replied rudely.

Ankur was taken aback.

He just smiled and shrugged. Not able to understand, what went wrong, Ankur decided to move away. Keya breathed deep and went to pick Vihan. But her mind was on work.

I was not supposed to be that rude.

He did not do anything wrong to me. He just showed concern. Her left mind processed.

But why should he? What difference does it make to him? The right mind was ready with argument.

Well, he might be just like this, with everyone. I am taking it too personally….the left  mind resigned.

But she could not forgive herself. In the afternoon, when Vihan went for a nap, she accessed the Parents’ section in his Almanac. School was used to publish both parents’ phone numbers in almanac for the particular class so that parents can be in touch with each other. She searched for Ankur and found his phone number.

On dial pad, she entered the number but could not press Dial.

What will he think if I call him? Left mind started

Well, you just want to say sorry…there is no wrong signal. Right mind defended.

But he might be busy. I should not disturb him….left mind started finding excuses to not follow right mind.

Then leave message atleast, the right mind had instant solution.

Finally, she was convinced to say sorry via message. And this is how, the never ending message chain started.

[3:05:30 pm] keya : Hi Ankur, Keya here. Just wanted to say sorry about whatever happened at school gate today. I did not mean to hurt you.

[3:05:42 pm] Ankur : Hey keya, don’t be sorry. I was just concerned. Don’t think so much. Mood swings happen with everyone. I tolerate it everyday by being with Revati :-).

The prompt response and that “mood swing” word instantly spread smile on Keya’s face.

[3:06:22 pm] Keya : Thanks for the understanding. Revati is really lucky 🙂.

Keya was amazed at her own response but before she could think much, she realized the message was already delivered.

[3:06:40 pm] Ankur : Yeah, I too feel same way. Revati is lucky and Nimit is very lucky :-):-).

The statement violated her heart beats rate but she did not wanted to be over sentimental again.

[3:08:00 pm] Keya : Grass is always greener on other side :-):-).

[3:08:30 pm] Ankur : its only because we are habituated to see the greenery far away from us and have accepted that it cannot be ours.

Keya was dumbfounded. She did not expect one more life truth coming in flow of chat.

Do not want to start it again, let me cut it short, she told herself.

[3:12:00 pm[ Keya : So right. That’s how we have been nurtured and society has been formed.

[3:12:02 pm] Keya : Need to rush…..Thanks for your time Ankur.

Keya made it simple and short, without emotions and stared at phone screen.

[3:13:00 pm] Ankur : Sure Keya, please carry on. I will wait for your next message.

And again thought flow started at other end.

Why would he wait for my message?  She kept thinking while preparing dinner, while evening walk, while talking with neighbors. Ankur was ruling her mind today. She kept looking at notifications but there was no more messages from Ankur.

On dinner table, when Nimit asked about her day, she was irritated.

My days are no different. I am not doing anything different. Just taking care of your home and kid, she said loudly.

Nimit was shocked by her reaction.

Is she the same keya? He thought to himself but decided to not argue and got busy with his phone.

Keya wrapped up kitchen, helped Vihan for his homework, tucked him in bed and got into shower. But thoughts were overwhelming.

Why he did not send any message if he was so eager to wait for it? Left mind.

The latest technology and instant messengers have made us so impatient. We want everything instant because wait is always difficult.

Finally on bed, while Nimit was still busy with his phone, she took her phone and checked messages and felt shiver. Ankur’s message was there, almost 15 minutes ago.

[10:15:03 pm] Ankur : Waited for your message for whole evening. Seems you are busy. Hope you are enjoying evening.

[10:32:14 pm] Keya : Yup, had a busy evening. Hope you are enjoying evening too.

Almost 10 minutes and there was no response. She kept checking phone. And now impatient, she started cursing herself.

I was not supposed to respond. Why did I do it? Left mind….

Oh come on, don’t be silly. The way you were busy, he might be busy too….Right mind.

But why should I think about him? Left mind….

But before right mind could respond, she heard one more notification tone and checked phone again. It was most awaited message this time.

[10:46:55 pm] Ankur : Oh yeah, had a good evening.

[10:46:58 pm] Ankur : Planning to sleep?

For a moment, keya felt jealous and weird. How come he can have good evening while I kept thinking about him for whole evening? She could not control the sarcasm…

[10:47:03 pm] Keya : Yeah, I thought so…you must have  been enjoying evening because I did not see any message earlier.

[10:47:10 pm] Ankur : Wow, so you thought about me? Lucky I am J

[10:47:14 pm] Ankur : Would love to talk if you are not sleepy.

Keya was taken aback with this straight flirt statement.

[10:47:49 pm] Keya : Actually I am very sleepy. Good night.

And she saw one more prompt response.

[10:48:00 pm] Ankur : OK…Good night. Wake up happy. Talk to you soon.

Not sure where this chat was leading, Keya tried to sleep but one more consecutive night was waiting for her….to introspect, to silently blame, to decide something and to lay down on floor.

What do you think? Where this story should/would lead?



My First Novelette : Second Part

To read first part of the Novelette, please click here.

Part -2

And both the homes were on fire. The parents in the BIG home were not able to accept their only son’s love affair with any ordinary girl. Almost all the political parties were waiting for Vikram to join. His first step to take up a job was still not digestible and the other news about his so called love made his father – the ex-chief minister, totally out of control. He had a big fight with his son and tried to convince him all the ways to not continue with Tana. But Vikram – the son, was a synonym of determination. He knew what he wanted in life and how it should be. He maintained silence but parents knew meaning of that silence.

On the other hand, Tana’s parents were not ready to accept the fact that their only child was in love with a politician’s son. Even after hundreds of efforts from Tana to convince them that Vikram was totally different from his politician father, Tana’s parents were not ready to support her. And finally that determined virgo girl decided to move on and declared that she is going to marry Vikram only and no one will be able to stop them. Parents were wide eyed and open mouths by the reaction of their only daughter but that’s all they could do. They had to accept and bless Tana. Which parents in the world would want their only daughter to move to another phase of life without their blessings? Also, at their heart they knew that Tana will never make mistake in knowing someone. And when she was confident that Vikram was a good match for her, they should not bother about it, they thought.

22nd May, anniversary of their first meeting in Shimla, Vikram and Tana decided to take another step forward. They registered for court marriage and exactly after one year of their meeting, the love birds signed each others’ heart to be together for the whole life. The dream about life ahead was containing all the rainbow colors. They were not able to hide their excitement for the togetherness and were constantly smiling. Vikram’s parents did not attend the marriage ceremony but Tana’s parents came with huge smile on their faces. They gave valuables and other memorable gifts to their only daughter. Tana and her mom were very emotional when Vikram lead her to the car and she had to leave her parents back. But that’s what life is all about. You have to move forward and to move forward and to create new memories, you will have to forget or leave back the past. Almost all the medias took note of this marriage and the status on the TV was continuously blinking –

Vikram, the only son of ex-chief minister Mr. Haridas got married to an ordinary girl in a very simple ceremony today. Haridas and his wife were not present to bless the couple and this questions their relationship with only son and his wife in future….

This made Haridas and his wife angrier.

At home, Tana and Vikram did not find warm welcome and they did not even expect it. They touched feet of Haridas but Haridas did not react. This was enough for both of them to understand what was coming in future. Vikram had given many instructions to sensitive Tana about what she will have to face and what kind of reactions are expected. Tana was mentally prepared and was confident that she will be able to flip the other side of coin soon. The young girl, at the age of 22, unaware about destiny and plans from the people around, took up a challenge to walk with someone whom she loved more than herself.

That night, while Vikram was still busy in responding well wishers and phone calls, she wrote in her diary – Today is the beginning of new life. Life has moved to another station. I am not aware, what will be there for me but I want to get down to this station. I am afraid of non expected reactions but I know they are expected at this moment. Although my intuition tells me that one day, I will be able to turn these bad reactions into warmth and love. Time is the best healer and my roots and maturity will always give me strength. When you are in love, you should be ready to accept some unexpected things because everything comes as package and so love too. If you love your soul mate, you cannot ignore his parents and so I am going to do my best to convince them. I will always try to make them happy; I will always give my best to follow them. I love Vikram like anything. I will do anything to be with him and I know our love is not about demanding; it’s about respecting and giving up. I love this phase of life, love the way Vikram holds my hand and tells that I am his wife now. WIFE – the most dreamt role for me, I am going to live it fully.

That diary was her companion for the life till now. His father imbibed this habit into her at very young age. Knowing his daughter was very reserved and shy while expressing feelings, he thought encouraging her to write her thoughts will grow maturity in his princess. And that habit of writing her thoughts really worked magically. Almost every night Tana penned her day and relevant learning/thoughts/feelings into it. Referring earlier pages of the diary was her favorite hobby. Initially, she was hesitant to share this secret of hers with Vikram but she could not keep it upto her for long.  One day she told him about her diary and gave it to him. Vikram was mesmerized.  He never thought Tana was so thoughtful. For the whole night he was up while reading that diary. He had tears in his eyes on some pages and he laughed hard for other pages. He was so proud today. His wife, love of his life, was much more than he thought. Today, he grew more respect for Tana. Today he understood Tana better and his love for her broke all boundaries today. He kissed Tana’s hand and said “I love you” for the first time probably. Tana was in tears of happiness. The couple celebrated other line of togetherness.

And the journey started. The journey of being together while struggling with circumstances and people. Haridas turned stubborn and was not in a mood to accept Vikram’s marriage with Tana. While living in same house, both couples felt long farness. Everyday Tana was giving a hope to her broken heart that today will be the day; her father-in-law will smile at her or bless her. Every night was ending with tears by feeling unaccepted. Although Vikram was always around to wipe those tears and to make her smile, she was feeling emptiness or to be specific, absence of warmth and support. She wanted time to move fast and to give her a day when she was totally acceptable.

Time, that indefinable emotion had surely another plans though …


(To be continued….)


My First Novelette : First Part

I am publishing first part of my first Novelette. Hope all of you would like it (or atleast will suggest improvements).

For those, who are not aware about the history of this Novelette, I started writing this first Novelette to celebrate little success of my blog (no I haven’t won any blogger’s award yet :-)). To read the manuscript and details about  the novelette, please click here.

And here goes the first part of the so called long story, I have ever written (crossing my fingers)

Part – 1

Her eyes were dry and red, lacking sleep since so many nights. She wanted to cry once again but tears did not come out. She cried inside. In the worst dream, she never thought about life without Vikram. Vikram was his life, so far. But destiny did not allow that joy more.

Vikaram, Vikram, please come back or take me with you, she muttered on her own.

Unaware about destiny’s secret plans for her own life, she slept on the floor. Its been three days now. VIkram, her love, soulmate, companion of life, husband and a good friend was no more. He was murdered. This was the point made Tana more upset.

Why would anyone kill Vikram? She asked to herself and all the relatives for thousands of times till now. She was still not able to swallow the truth. Loss of life came to her like a dying factor. Although her eyes were closed and body was sleeping, her mind already left for the memorable journey of past.

Those two years came alive to her eyes. How happy they both were…Life with Vikram was like a dream, she wanted to re-live every time. They were more than happy. Despite of coming from politician family, he did not inherit any political tactics and that was the biggest relief for Tana.

It was just yesterday, when she met Vikram on college trip. The final year students wanted to celebrate their final togetherness before flying into different directions. Leads from  different streams of engineering college had a meeting and they decided to go to Shimla. And that turned out as the biggest happening for both of them – Vikram and Tana. It was not that they did not know each other. She loved to have glimpse of Vikram – a 6ft tall and handsome guy, who was down-to-earth and was academically successful. Although she was wondering why Vikram was not showing any leading skills, after she came to know his originals. Vikram was the son of ex-chief minister of state. Vikram never showed off his power and always maintained his status as ordinary engineering student.

Shimla – heaven for tracking came alive when a crowd of 300 college students reached there. They were excited about last trip together, about life ahead, about Shimla and about everything; anyone would feel at the age of 21. That night, while playing group Antakshari, when Tana started singing, those hills too were present with eager ears. –

Mere khwabon mein jo aaye

Aake mujhe chhe jaaye

Us se kaho kabhi samne to aaye

Reply from Vikram was –

Tum paas aaye, yun muskuraye

Tumne Na Jaane Kya Sapne Dikhaye Ab To Mera Dil Jaage Na Sota Hai
Kya Karoon Haye Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai

Tana was taken aback and that loop of songs from Tana and Vikram was enough to let the others feel that something had begun between them. After Antakshari, everyone decided to go to sleep as the next day was going to be more exciting. While Tana and Vikram were parting Good Night to their respective group, their eyes were continuously checking on each other. It was like they wanted to talk. And finally, while Tana was about to walk out of that auditorium, Vikram came running to her.

Hi !! I wanted to talk to you, he said.

Hi !!, she could not speak more than that.

I am Vikram, from Electronics, he moved his hand ahead.

I know and I have been dying for you since last 2 years, she told to herself

I am Tana from Environmental, she shook her hand with his and felt that warmth of life.

Can we talk for some time, Tana? He asked

Why not? I am ready to talk with you for lifetime, again a talk with herself.

Umm….we are suppose to wake up early tomorrow. We have to go for tracking; she tried to be not interested

Just for 10-15 mins, he said, not requested

Ok, she said.

And those 15 minutes turned into talks and sharing of life for 4.5 hours.  And when they saw dawn tearing up, they smiled to each other. Ultimately hearts won over minds and that beautiful feeling called LOVE was around.

 Next 3 days were the most memorable days of their lives. Togetherness in Shimla bloomed the love and dreams. Dreams to share the life with each other, dreams to be partner forever and dreams for everything. Everything seems beautiful when you are in love and that too when you are at a place like Shimla. Promises were made and life was definitely turning to be good for both of them.

Once came back from trip, all the students were busy with final semester’s exam preparation. Vikram and Tana used to meet at university library for sometime, just to see each other. Both of them were reserved, words were not their language. Most of the time, during their meeting, both of them were silent. But those emotional eyes were conveying everything from heart and that was enough.

Once exam completed, placement started and on the basis of successful academics, Vikram got selected by country’s number 1 telecom company, who opened their 1st office in the state. Although Vikram believed it was his academics, which gave him the opportunity, the so called friends gossiped about his political background and his father’s so called connection. People never understood his step about taking up the job. Even political parties were waiting for him to join. Who will not want the handsome young man, whose father served as Chief Minister for the state in past. People had different opinions but no one could understand about Vikram’s step forward in life.

Actually Vikram was always forced to join politics since his college days. His father dreamt about his son to be his best support in the politics and while elections. But as Vikram had witnessed the dirt of politics during his young age, he was determined that he will not participate or support in activity related to politics.  Almost everyday there was a word fight between father and son and finally Vikram had learnt to be silent. Although he was silent, he was sure what he wanted in life. Completely different from his politician father, he always wanted peace of mind and love in his life.

Tana supported Vikram’s point of view and encouraged him to create his own world. She too knew the politics, being an avid reader. She never wanted her love to be in politics. As she too had got good opportunity with a local environmental consultant, they decided to move ahead in life. They decided to break the news at home. 


(To be continued….)

My little success….

They say, success is not about counting, its about feeling. I agree but sometimes counts matters and so…..

One BLOG (, 7 months, 2000+ hits, 90+ followers, 175+ comments

To celebrate this first step of little success, I am planning to present something to my readers and supporters….

Am I excited?

Yes, I am.

Am I nervous?

Yes, I am damn nervous

Am I scared?

No, I am not scared because my intuitions are telling me that you will like it

Am I happy?

Who won’t be?

OK, long story short, I am writing my first novelette and I am excited to announce that first part of it has already been written.  

For today, I would like to introduce the manuscript of my Novelette to you. Remember, this is just a manuscript. But trailer is enough to judge how the movie would be.

Wish me the luck and provide support, as usual.



Tana, not interested in politics but in college years fell in love with son of a politician and got married at young age with him

While being a constant part of politician family and after seeing the dirt created inside house as nearly, she got irritated with life. Constant war between two parties and continuous conversation about how to win votes made her sick.

One day her husband got murdered while he was driving. She was devastated. They both were in love each other deeply and she felt great loss of life.

Her in-laws took it very easy but made it a point of public sympathy to win the votes. This hurt her the most.

Tana decided to find the truth and mystery about his beloved husband’s murder

But is it so easy while being a part of politician family?

Is it a common man task to get deep into the rivalry of two biggest politician parties in the state and resolve the mystery?

Probably NO.

Tana joined the opposite party (it was easy for her to join as the late X’s wife) and this created big thunderstorm in her life.

Will Tana be able to resolve the mystery or will she become mystery herself?

Will GOD help this weapon less woman’s bravery or politics will take over?

Stay tuned for details ….