Fate always supports true Love …

 In single week, I cried for two times, for same reason.


When I watched this video on Monday, I was holding cup of brewing coffee during early hours of day and not sure for how long I sat in the same position and cried and cried and cried. How good the wife must have felt when she came to know his husband went out of way to feel her good and to get closer with her. Just astonishing !!!

On Thursday, I was talking with an old friend. We were talking after almost 5 years. Sometimes, you just do not talk, no matter how dear the person is. The talk was going on and on and we were not feeling enough of each other.  Suddenly our topic switched to love and how much we have changed our understanding about the same as we grown mature. To this, she told me life story of her friend, Maana, and believe me, I was sobbing after those 20 minutes. The same reason, for which I cried on Monday – love and strength of love which forces one to swim the oceans and trek the peaks, to meet and to get united. I am not sure what feeling or what emotion can drive someone to go so far, just to get closer with someone.  The story of Maana’s life is really heart touching but let me remind you, it’s not just her story. There is another life connected with same story and he is Pratik.

In the small town of Chandigarh, Maana and Pratik were childhood friends. They were besties when they did not know even the gender difference. Pratik will eat at Maana’s house and Maana will study at Pratik’s house. Both families were so associated with each other only due to their respective only child. Maana and Pratik’s parents were also getting closed due to that little age friendship blossoming between their children. While growing together, they played one game forever where Pratik will become husband and Maana will become wife and both will take care of their babies (the teddy bears). This game was their favorite and while watching them playing this game, their parents laughed sometimes on their innocence. But Maana always insisted that she will marry Pratik once she will get adult and on that point, Pratik used to hug her.  People say, children grow fast. Same happened to this little couple who grew up as teenage. The friendship was still there but now they were understanding many things – how people were talking about their friendship, how their parents warned them to not get very much closer, how same gender friends were commenting on this divine friendship and many more. Now way of talking was changed from endless talk to a little, hidden smile while crossing each other’s paths. Now most of the talks were in dreams. Pratik grew up as handsome boy with 4.8” height at the age of 13, where as Maana was being mentioned as most beautiful girl of the street. Both were still in love with each other deeply but now way of expressing it was changed. Twinkles in Maana’s wide eyes were enough to make Pratik awake for whole night. Pratik’s victorious smile during after football match was enough for Maana to nurture a new dream. Days were passing and dreams were braiding.

Although destiny surely had different plans as one day Pratik’s mother came in with sweets and announced her husband’s transfer to Cape Town, South Africa. It was like a non-livable shock for Maana.  Pratik’s family moved fast as his father did not want to miss the best opportunity in Africa. Maana and Pratik watched in each other’s eye with pain in their hearts but no one could speak. Pratik left, left Maana alone.

6 years passed with no contacts and no information about each other. Maana was still dreaming about Pratik and was used to stare the only photograph she kept hidden in her wardrobe. On the other hand, Pratik never forgot Maana. He used to close his eyes and make Maana live in front of her. Silently he used to talk with her.

Maana’s parents started searching about best match for her and the process beginning itself was killing Maana. She was not in a state to accept anyone else as husband. For two nights, she thought and thought about what to do and finally she talked with her parents. Her parents felt the feelings for Pratik were impractical as he or his family never tried to contact within last 6 years. They asked Maana to move on and marry with someone suitable. Maana could not convince her parents. Now only one option was there. At the age of 19, the girl who never went to market alone, ran away from her house, just in hope to meet love of her life. And that too, she was not sure about replication of her feeling. She went to Mumbai and contacted one of the school friend, Vinni. Vinni was a model and she promised Maana to help. She permitted Maana to live in her one room rented flat. After few days, Vinni convinced Maana to work with her till the time they do not find any clue about Pratik. Maana too was almost at the edge of no money so accepted the offer.

The first meeting with that ad-maker producer was successful as the producer was wide mouthed after seeing Maana. He was almost bowled down. He immediately offered her couple of ads and Maana accepted. The innocent girl was getting into something, which was never leading to her dream man. While shooting of ad, the producer used to present and never left any chance to touch her body parts. And one fine day, he called her in his van to discuss next assignment and did what he wanted do. Maana could not oppose because before she could understand what was going on, she was in trap. She was broken. At home, when she talked with Vinni about this, Vinni mentioned that it was a common scenario in modeling world. Maana was shocked and she was able to understand what could be her future. She decided to leave. But where? Only one place came in her mind – Cape Town.

Now Maana had enough money to travel. She completed visa process and caught flight to Cape Town, her heart was beating fast. She had a hope in her heart, to meet Pratik. She was not sure whether Praik would accept her or even Pratik would remember her. But she wanted to meet him. Her inner strength was at peak and not sure what force encouraged her to fly miles away just to meet love of her life for once.

After landing, she booked a hotel room for a week. She had given herself a week to find out Pratik otherwise she had decided to move on with life and fate. Within that week she worked hard to just have an indication about Pratik’s whereabouts.  She visited Indian community in Cape Town, contacted local communities and met number of people. No one was aware about Pratik and his family and every one advised her to give up on this kind of unrealistic efforts. Finally the week was over and she checked out from hotel. She was convinced that her fate was just like that. She was not supposed to meet Pratik and she accepted it with tears in her eyes.

At airport, she was waiting after checking in. Her gloomed face and poor body language along with frequent tears in her eyes, were questions for people around her. Everyone was staring at her but she did not care. Today she had to accept the bitter truth about fate. Today she had to decide to forget Pratik, the most painful decision of her life. Again tears rolled down on her cheeks. She hid herself in her palms and suddenly she heard

Maana? You are Maana, right?

She turned around and found a 6’ heighted handsome guy, in black tee and light blue jeans. She looked at him questionably. Her eyebrows raised and to this the guy laughed and came nearer to her and whispered in her ear –

I am Pratik, if you remember me.

She almost fall down. Pratik gave her his strong hand and both walked to airport restaurant. After settling on the table, Pratik’s first comment made her blushing –

Maana, you are still as beautiful as you used to. In fact, the beauty of yours is shining now.

He asked her, if she remembered her any time and to this Maana could not control. She told him about her life in last 6 years, about her run away from home, about her modeling assignments, about the rape produced did, about leaving from Mumbai, about searching for him like mad since last 7 days.

After listening her story, Pratik was in tears. He could not believe he was lucky enough to have someone to love, who went so far just to meet him once. He squeezed her hands and hugged her tightly. Today, two broken hearts were re-meeting and silently promised each other to not depart.


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Disclaimer : This post has been written as part of “Go further to get closer (http://bit.ly/1epU8Uj)” contest by British Airways.