Weekends, I look forward to….

Every day comes with a different feeling – Monday with blues, Tuesday with Ohhhs, Wednesday with middles, Thursday with waits and Friday with Finally :-)………… Yes, finally its Friday and weekend starts…After a tired and stressful week, Friday presents an incredible feeling of relaxation.

Here is a visual presentation of how my weekends are…remember, I am not LUCKY (because I am married, unfortunately happily), I am a mother (of one only, hoooh), I have limited friends (as I am not a “group”person), I love naps (because I am sleep deprived), and books and coffee are my first non-living love :-)….


A relaxed lonely weekend morning when I will not have to run around and can read my favorite book with coffee.

Little afternoon nap that energizes me for those best evenings of weekend.

Being a kid again with kids is something, my weekends are filled off.

Being in kitchen with hubby….yes, we cook together while gossiping, laughing, chopping, discussing and drinking coffee (ohh, too much coffee? Never mind, its weekend).

Friday night is a family Maggie and Movie night, we have been celebrating since long…wearing Pajama, laying down on couch, eating Maggie and watching Movie is an incomparable fun.

Meeting friends and chit-chatting on every possible subject is one of the best relaxation time for me.

Saturday night is all about a long drive on lonely roads at mid-night, while romantic numbers are played in background and kiddo is happily sleeping in back seat.

Cleaning is the last, most ignored but “have to” task for the weekend and people at home feels safe outside home, while I am on cleaning mission 🙂

Dinner date with family is a “must” follow rule and it’s the best time of weekend.

And after all fun, saddening Sunday evening, which reminds to get back to the routine again 🙁

So, that’s how Friday feelings are….. How about you? How do you spend weekends?


Pictures source : Google.com



10 signs depicts you are a Working MOTHER …

The first thing you think in the morning is “how I am going to entertain him/her

The first word came to your mind is “Noooooooo”(loud)

The first thought passes through the brain is “When will I get enough sleep?

The first point you want to mention about motherhood is “haaah…..tough

The first response of yours when your husband comes nearer is “stay away….I am tired today

The first ambition for most of the day is “getting some time for myself

The first reward for slightest anger due to highest frustration is “slap

The first guilt you ever feel is “I am not able to give him/her enough time

The first reaction when the servant is on leave is “(tears)….I have to do all these alone…no one is helping..(tears)

The first idea you want to follow is “Undo kids + Marriage

And finally,

The first and last expertise you want to achieve is “juggling



(photo : www.practicingparents.com)

You are married when …(female part)

  1. You have someone always available to pay your bills (no matter he never wants to spend single dime on you, he will have to)
  2. You have someone who will always walk behind you, carrying your shopping bags (no matter he wants to kick you, he will have to walk silently)
  3. You have someone who will respect your mother as much as you (no matter if just acts so, he will have to act)
  4. You have someone who will eat the burned part of the recipe and still will wow you for the efforts (no matter he would curse you silently, he will have to smile)
  5. You have someone whom you can always blame even if your sandal heal broken (no matter he would want to run away, he will have to say sorry)

The list is long and probably longest in human history :-).

So, get married girls and enjoy the married state. And those married women out – if you are not enjoying even one of the points above, please work on it. It’s our birth right.

P.S. You are married when … (male part)………….Do I need to write it? 🙂

The way you …. (250 words from a mother)

The way you entered in our life, like an angel

The way you changed every minute thing about us, like magic

The way you cried for the first time on this earth

The way you grew up

The way you smiled

The way you created mess

The way you held my hand and walked

The way you played with me

The way you demanded my attention

The way you denied eating

The way you loved me

The way you taught me

The way you talked with me

The way you showed the new track of life

The way you explore

The way you destruct

The way you complain

The way you want to help

The way you are attached to me

The way you respond to my anger

The way you reject my stories

The way you refuse to eat my appreciated recipes

The way you think and explore

The way you sit for hours and watch that wheel of your car

The way you try to repeat each word we spoke

The way you sweetly say “Love you Mumma”

I am ready to pay any money in the world to re-live those moments


Seasons changed

Wheel of time is on the move

Its been 2.5 years of togetherness

and a million years of going to be

We are growing together

And I really hope, wish, pray

Our togetherness for ever

That tear drop at the corner of my eye

Asks me to be practical

But was any mother in the world ever able to?

First Day @ PlayGroup


When I left my son at Play Group for the first time, that thought factory (yes, I address my mind like that J) started producing thoughts

Playgroup means you will be away from me for 2 hours daily

Playgroup means you will learn to adjust in new environment

Playgroup means you will make new friends

Playgroup means you will get chance to play with same age group

Playgroup means you will come out of that protected shelter and will enter in the new world

Yes, it means a lot and I know how important it is for you


I still don’t understand, why my eyes got teary, when I said BYE to you at the gate

I still don’t understand, the emptiness my heart felt that day

I still don’t understand, that fear of you going away from me

I still don’t understand, that concern of being part of your world now and not the whole world of yours

I still don’t know, what was that…………..might be MOTHERHOOD.

I will always like you to be with me and will never like you to go away


I know, I am a guardian of yours and not an owner


My dear son, enjoy the new life and remember we will be always with you (physically or virtually)