Quick peek and click lick

Click, click, click….

The camera said tick…tick…tick

I was quick…quick…quick

And suddenly, my eyes did not blink…

Without wait I sneak

Could not stop to think

Looking at friend, I wink

As I see magic

Wanted to have a link

To capture that lick

Enough is not the word to drink

Hands were on camera to pick

Knowing what could be the risk

Confidence of mine shrink

I act on the fear to kick

And concentrate on lick

Am I becoming a freak?

Are they kink?

Not sure…. again I peek

And it’s still on…the magic

Would you wish to be alike?

6 signs to understand you still love your ex

No matter how much we hear “I have moved on”, we all know that at some corner of our heart, we always carry those soft and happy memories of past, which our heart denies to forget. By moving on, we just move with another person. But it really takes time (finite or infinite) to live life while keeping past as past.

Memories of first love, as they say,

Some hate,

some love,

some remember,

some try to forget,

some want to re-live,

some want to neglect,

some think as past,

some live as present,

some feel proud,

some sense guilty,

some wish to re-try,

some wish to bury… … …


As I said, by moving on, we just move with another person. Presenting general signs to know that your heart still desire to have him/her back in your life :

  1. Your mind instantly compares :


The new partner does not know cooking but the ex was an awesome cook. Comparison starts and it does not end with small matters. From spending habits to love making mode, your mind instantly starts comparison, without waiting for orders from you.

  1. You want to talk about him/her :

Close-up of a couple discussing at home

While enjoying a good movie with new partner, you start talking about how much fun it was to watch the same movie in theatre while being with your ex. Your new partner can surely differentiate the change of tone when you talk about the fun you had with your ex, enthusiastically.

  1. Every morning your eyes want to see him/her once :


For every new beginning, whether it’s a day or a new venture, you want to see his/her smiling face. In a crowd, unconsciously, your eyes search for him/her.

  1. You constantly remind yourself that you have moved on :

5. jpg

It was past and I am supposed to forget it, this is how you are trying to convince yourself, every moment. Without reason, your eyes get teary and your face reflect a smile sadly.

  1. You silently keep talking with him almost about everything :


Whether it’s a small accident you faced or a promotion at work, you want to share everything with him/her. You keep talking with him/her virtually.

  1. You want to forget those weaknesses of him/her :


Every now and then, a thought crosses your mind – life would have been better if I could forgive him/her for one more time….

And that is why they say – Moving on is easy, survival is difficult.

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