Password of my …

The secret key, as they say

To access something special

Something nearer to my heart

Something I will never let go

Something I want to rejoice forever

And that is why I had encrypted it

With password, no one can assume…

But would like to reveal it today

To you…the special person in my life

All those joys, all those memories,

All those laughter and all those tears,

I have stored for years in my heart

Password to access them is YOU

Yes, it’s you my love

Who can access any corner of my heart…



Love, I miss you….

it was you, who took away my sleep
it was you, who left me with pain
it was you, who made me feel out of world
it was you, who taught me to be tough

I want to see you
I want to feel you
I want to hear you

it was you only, who made my soul wander again and again
it was you only, who made me to trip down memory lane frequently
it was you only, who made my heart beats faster recurrently

I wish you were here to hold my hand again
while I am alone
I wish you were here to cheer me up
while I am confused
I wish you were here to wipe my tears
while I am sad
I wish you were here to hold me tight
while I try to balance
I so wish you were here to make me alive again

No matter how far we are
nothing can ever change us
the moments we’ve shared
the time we’ve spent together
the feelings we’ve nurtured in our hearts

I will not tread it for anything in the world…..

I will just keep missing you, until we meet
once again…..


Monsoon, memories, moments….miserable

Monsoon is here again

Rain is here again

That red umbrella is here again

People shouting about water logging are here again

In the corner,

Under the tree,

Shivering and waiting eagerly,

I forgot ….

I forgot for a moment

That you have moved on

That you have found another way to be happy

That you have never came back


My head argues with heart

But that poor heart

Is not able to forget


The proximity under red umbrella

The drench under rain soulfully

The dark under the lightning sky


You and me

And those moments ….


And suddenly I have to come back to present

hey, wanna life?”, asked that handsome guy in the car

I wondered and shocked

But got into car immediately


As you have moved on

So should I… … …

Miserable I was,

He actually asked, “hey, wanna lift?”

Art of Love

Whats for the dinner, babe? Trisha threw her purse on the table and threw herself on the couch.

Aayan came out with smile and replied, your favorite Maggie, prepared by Trisha.

Trisha looked at Aayan and made a face. This was something, Aayan was mad about. He loved when Trisha made a face like that. He stared at her snow white colored semi transparent tank top for a minute and could not resist himself. He jumped on the couch and sat ahead of Trisha and started stamping his lips on her cheeks and neck. Although very used to with this response from Aayan, Trisha tried to push him aside and suddenly felt a tight hand around her waist. She closed her eyes tightly as she knew what was going to come. After some moments, when there was no movement, she opened her eyes slowly and saw him staring. He was smiling and so Trisha smiled back. He came nearer to her and suddenly Trisha felt her lips wet. Both of them were in their own world again, exploring each other.


(photo :

This was almost a routine for this young couple – Trisha and Aayan. In a country like Malayasia, when you are alone and spend most of your time in office, unknowingly you start loving your colleagues. That was what happened to both of them. Initially colleagues, then friends, then close friends and then in live-in relation, both of them were comfortable with the situation where they were sharing the apartment and bed but not anything else. Everything else was a distributed duty for both of them. At the age of 27, a handsome guy like Aayan, was not ready to commit himself and Trisha, 29, despite of her parents’ pressure, was not convinced about marriage. They found this live-in relationship comfortable because they were independent and still together, free and still committed. Trisha called this situation “Art of Love” as love was articulated between them and was not natural.

I love this, Aayan whispered in her ear after their love session and she smiled back.

I love this too, but not you, she said teasingly and tried to get her self free from Aayan’s strong hands.

One day you will, Aayan winked.

No chance dumbo, Trisha replied.

We will see, Aayan freed her.

We will eat first as I am hungry after enjoying you, Trisha made a poor face.

Ok, let’s cook Maggie together darling, Aayan teased her again.

Its your turn today and you need to cook. I am going to rest here; she bounced back and started putting on her clothes.

All of a sudden she felt a bite on her left ear and before she could respond, Aayan ran into kitchen. She smiled to herself and lay down again. Those closed eyes brought her woeful memories back, again …


To be continued …