The NIGHT I will never forget …

It was July 23, monsoon in India. Thunderstorm and heavy rain were forecasted today and for next two days. Power cut is a companion of heavy rain in this part of India. It was 1:47 am. I know the time because the moment I heard my 2 years old son crying, I checked my cell phone for time. The new day was started and my son was crying for water. I dragged myself out of bed. It was chilling cold when I forced my self to walk on the floor barefoot. How can I forget to have a water bottle beside the bed, I cursed myself. I tried to switch on the lamp but thanks to heavy rain, power was cut. I started walking towards kitchen and suddenly something touched to my feet. I walked back but then realized that it was a toy car, my son was playing with before going to bed. I continued walking towards kitchen and while passing through living room, I saw that ray of light coming inside our house and faded away within few seconds. For the first time, I ignored it and started filling water bottle in the kitchen. Again I saw that ray of light circulating from one to other corner of living room and faded away. There must be something, I told to myself. Rain was so heavy that logically no security should be on round of the street, for sure. I tried to focus from where the light was coming. Oh, it was our balcony. I walked few steps towards balcony and from the glass door of balcony I saw him.

He was at the other end of glass door, looking at me. His silver long hair and total black dress were scary. I tried to look into his eyes. But there were only two red spots, I found. I was shivering with cold and fear. Meanwhile my son started walking out of bed and when he saw me near to the balcony door, he started walking towards me. I screamed for my husband. He must be asleep, I thought to myself. I shouted again but he was too tired to wake up. My son was almost about to reach to me and I shouted to him to go back. He nodded but continued walking towards me. Now, I was really afraid. I again looked at that unknown personality and found that the locked glass door of balcony was automatically opened and now nothing else than clear space was there in between us. I swear, I have never been so afraid like it. I tried to run away but I was not able to move. I started crying and screaming but why in the world no one was listening? And my smart son when saw that balcony door was opened, he started walking towards balcony. I was horrified and shouted him to stop. What if he will take away my son or if he will do something to my son? The thought itself killed me. I screamed at my highest volume.

And my husband was woke up. He was holding my hand and was asking me “what was wrong?”, while I was sleeping in my bed and crying. What was the dream, he asked and hooh, I realized, it was a dream. I checked on my son and he was asleep beside me. Oh!!! Everything was OK.

Thanks to my risk taking abilities. For the first time in my life, I saw the horror movie before going to bed and thanks to my creative mind who created sequence of the drama inside it and sent it to me, while I was asleep.

So, lesson learned. I am never going to see horror movie again, specifically just before going to bed.