And the weekend begins while …

  • Listening: To the melody queen, Lata Mangeshkar….Jaane dil mein kab se hai tu
  • Watching: Charcoal black roads leading to the beautiful destination
  • Hoping: To walk using skates soon…after all, world will be on roll 🙂
  • Marveling: At the beautiful sunrise, which lights up everything on earth, including me
  • Needing: A lifelong vacation…..wait, I think that’s everyone’s need 🙂
  • Questioning: Masks…Yup, asking those masked faces why do they live?
  • Smelling: Delicious Maggie at roadside dhaba with aromatic coffee
  • Wearing: Universal fav red and blue combination
  • Celebrating: Um… those few hours of wait, before the vacation starts
  • Knowing: Vacations are beautiful and mind blowing and awesome and informative….only if taken alone 🙂
  • Trouble-shooting: Mr.  Husband :-)…I hope he is not reading this…
  • Thinking: About how love can change everything about and around life
  • Admiring: Being human, the best blessing any living creature could have
  • Feeling: Happily miserable
  • Dreaming: To be on beach, for lifetime
  • Pretending: I rule the world :-)…..of course, attitude matters


The Secrets of Life….

You are an atom in the universe. No matter how big your problems look, remember it cannot be bigger than life…

Being human is the luckiest thing happened to you….Let’s celebrate :-).

Parenthood is the life changing and most exciting phase of life.

Life purpose for everyone is different here. Comparing yourself to someone else is like trying to copy an athlete’s speed when you know you are good at fast reading and not fast running.

Success is not how world sees you…its about how satisfied you are :-).

Finding true love is the most fortunate feeling, you can experience as a human.

Just when I think I am Done …

Mind wanders and details are being analyzed

Heart denies and conclusions are being made

Thoughts pop up and hopes are being illuminated

Trust is cracked and arguments are being made


Just when I think I am done, I miss you more than ever

Just when I think I am done, I see new horizons to reach out

Just when I think I am done, someone holds hand to help out

Just when I think I am done, I feel unexampled energy to live

Just when I think I am done, I have just begun…..a new phase of life 🙂

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If you leave ….


I will be broken, if you leave

I will cry hard, if you leave

I will be dumb, if you leave

I will be lifeless, if you leave


That is what I thought …

And one fine day

You left….

Without uttering a word

And never looked back

Never responded my countless communication efforts



Was I broken?

Was I crying hard ?

Was I dumb?

Was I lifeless?


Yes, I was …

But I am still alive

Because you have left me alone

But not your memories have…..

They are still with me

Enough to keep this heartbeats active


Still waiting for you… … …

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Loving someone secretly #guiltypleasures

Always being ideal

In every role, life had to offer

No one would ever believe

I could do what I was doing


Loving someone else

From depth of my heart

And smiling with tears

To get rid of my guilty


One day I realized

I was special as not everyone is given a chance

To have those guilts

And turn them into pleasure

Since then

Those guilty pleasures

Have been life lines ….


This post has been written in response of Daily Prompt No Applologies

Love Isn’t something you find but ….part-2

To read the previous moments, please refer Part-1.

Even after reading that 100 characters message for fifth time, Shanaya could not believe herself.

I have moved in with Kristy. Cannot wait for you. Sorry for missing those calls.

Her tears mixed up with rain flow and flew down without efforts. She could not decide what she should do. After taking support of nearby chair, she dropped herself on it and covered her eyes with palms. There was something breaking inside her heart and she was not able to tolerate the pain. After all, her belief about love was violated today. They say it rightly –

Only those who go through heart break, know what slow dying means.


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Shanaya felt like she was losing her life. She tried hard to stop tears but maybe her mind gave different orders and neither heart nor mind was in control. Slowly, she stood up and looked around. The dark sky was clear after that little drizzle and people were moving around. Nothing changed, she thought to herself, rather than my life. She thought to call Patrick but her feminine ego denied to obey the idea. It’s been just 2 months and Patrick had already moved in with another girl. Why should I call him and beg him? Why should I show him that I am dying without him? Her heart argued.

So strange this feeling called LOVE is.

At one moment, you want to forget the whole world for other person and on other moment, you just don’t want to communicate with that person.

May be Love has more to do with head rather heart.

Her thoughts were faster than her sight

Her foot were faster than her mind

Her condolence to herself was slower than the slowest thing in the world.

Nothing was effective.

For her, it was not easy as Patrick. She whole heartedly loved Patrick and never thought of anyone else. Love was a permanent feeling for her. She thought, she will never be able to forget Patrick.

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone whom you never met

She was walking fast towards her hotel while telling herself “everything will be fine”, but tears were not following the words. She saw lights of the church shining and she ran in. After looking at Jesus, she could not control and cried hard. Fortunately, the evening and Shanaya both were lonely inside the church. After lightening her heart, she looked at Jesus again. He was still smiling, kindly. And suddenly, she felt like her Maa was beside her and was telling her the same phrase – everything will be fine. That virtual company of Maa felt like a soothing balm. She closed her eyes and sat there for few minutes in killing silence. And a new Shanaya was born. She had a little smile on her face. She returned to beach road, took charge of her parked bike and started paddling it. For almost one and half hours, she just paddled and roamed around the French colony, while trying to bury every memory of Patrick. Finally tired and hungry, she got into her hotel room and fell down on bed. For the first time, since last few nights, she slept tight, without bad dreams of Patrick going away from him. After all, he had already gone.

When you accept something, life becomes easy.

Shanaya had accepted Patrick’s absence in her life and life was beautiful again. The new day, the new sun and the new Shanaya were ready to explore the world again!!!

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To be continued … … …

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To be Born for You

Streets were empty as my heart

Roads were noiseless as my mind

Home was dark as my future

Walls were daunting as my own shadow

A river of emotion, flowing inside my heart

A mountain of judgements, overtaking my sentiments

A desert of loneliness, scaring my spirits

A sky of hopelessness, making my eyes teary

Meeting and departing

Trying and failing

Fighting and making up

Is a way of living life, they say


I wonder,

God ever considered

My desire, to be with you

My prayer, to live with you

My wish, to explore with you

And finally…..

My dream, to be born for you

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