Jab We Met : 7 incredible life lessons

Its been almost 10 years now but memories of that movie is still as fresh as it was yesterday. And as if it was planned, got a chance to watch that movie again, as a part of family movie night. I know, lots of articles have been written about this movie but could not resist the urge to contribute mine :-)….Happy reading…


Love does not know right or wrong

Take Risks, play hard, don’t blame others…

Love yourself and everyone else will

Life is all about little moments….Live it

People management is a skill

Burn and flush the past…Start new

Love is an extension of invisible friendship

Letter from a mother….10 life lessons

  • This world is really beautiful and we are lucky that we are here as human being.
  • Being a human, you always have power but remember, power comes with responsibilities. Always be sympathetic to other habitants on this earth.
  • Try to ignore negative side of others, look positives in them and move ahead.
  • When an elephant passes from the road, dogs always bark but rather than barking they can not do anything to elephant. This is the exact philosophy of life. If you waste time to fight with barking dogs, you will never be able to move ahead. Concentrate on goal of your life and ignore obstacles.
  • Money is mandatory for living life but its not life, remember.
  • When you love someone, trust them blindly and never doubt them. When someone breaks your heart, cry out in a corner and forgive and forget. Move ahead.
  • Always remember – there are some people in this world, who love you unconditionally (the list permanently contains mine and papa’s name)
  • When something is not going on right or the way you expected, be calm. Do not decide in hurry. Give everything sometime. And after sometime, if you do not see things changing positively, decide and stick to the decision.
  • You are the fractionate part of this universe so most of the time (remember, most of the time and not always) try to forget your ego and behave as human.
  • If someone shows smartness to you, show them that you are equally smart, but in a positive way J.