Quick peek and click lick

Click, click, click….

The camera said tick…tick…tick

I was quick…quick…quick

And suddenly, my eyes did not blink…

Without wait I sneak

Could not stop to think

Looking at friend, I wink

As I see magic

Wanted to have a link

To capture that lick

Enough is not the word to drink

Hands were on camera to pick

Knowing what could be the risk

Confidence of mine shrink

I act on the fear to kick

And concentrate on lick

Am I becoming a freak?

Are they kink?

Not sure…. again I peek

And it’s still on…the magic

Would you wish to be alike?

Say NO to marriage before accomplishing 22 Things …

Marriage – the word is not limited to marrying a dream man/woman but also marrying his/her life adjustments and still being you. After seeing couple of marriages (at the age of 22) in recent past, I had to write this post. Although marriage comes with unity, happiness, love and responsibilities, most of the married persons miss their bachelorhood and regret of not enjoying it at its best. Today, I am presenting a list of bullet points, every person should / must accomplish before getting married.

1. Explore the world. And exploration here means, literally back pack and leave with friends. Enjoy the beauty of world before getting into beauty of relationship.


(photo : the-beauty-of-lif3.com)

2. Cook on your own, again cook, throw the burned part and enjoy the eatable part.


(photo : parsingnonsense.com)

3. Complete study and get into your dream job or business.


4. Try to find the purpose of LIFE.


(photo : happiness-after-midlife.com)

5. Create something new everyday.


(photo : 123rf.com)

6. Learn dancing.


(photo : clubasu.asu.edu)

7. Take a break from diet schedule and eat those favourite French fires like a hungry dog.


(photo : wyblog.us.com)

8. Cry on failures, hit walls, wipe off tears and move on.


(photo : dreamstime.com)

9. Start writing journal.


(photo : heartofthematteronline.com)

10. Help someone totally unknown.


(Photo : kurtkoontz.com)

11. Make new friends.


(photo : stenonerd.blogspot.com)

12. Kiss your bf/gf passionately.


(photo : inspiredwednesdays.blogspot.com)

13. Enjoy crazy hair styles and change it every month.


(photo : hairstylesof2011.org)

14. Spend on nail painting and pedicure (this is only for females).


(photo : prettyfulz.blogspot.com)

15. Look into someone’s eye and wink (while you are in public) and laugh.


(photo : prettyfulz.blogspot.com)

16. Call a friend and talk with him/her for whole night.


(photo : facebook.com)

17. Update status of your facebook profile everyday.


(photo : blog.nskinc.com)

18. Get your leg fractured, have bandages and then enjoy every luxury of life while sitting in that silky couch, do nothing and watch TV for the whole day.


(photo : colourbox.com)

19. Learn people and time management.


(photo : infowit.com)

20. Write your mother’s life story in your words and read it to her.


(photo : createyourlifestory.com)

21. Do something unexpected and surprise your parents (this can be positive or negative)


(photo : shutterstock.com)

22. Analyze other relationships in your life and prepare yourself for MARRIAGE :).

After all, there is no rush. Marriage is a life time relationship and before getting into someone else’s life, live your own life on your own way.