My little success….

They say, success is not about counting, its about feeling. I agree but sometimes counts matters and so…..

One BLOG (, 7 months, 2000+ hits, 90+ followers, 175+ comments

To celebrate this first step of little success, I am planning to present something to my readers and supporters….

Am I excited?

Yes, I am.

Am I nervous?

Yes, I am damn nervous

Am I scared?

No, I am not scared because my intuitions are telling me that you will like it

Am I happy?

Who won’t be?

OK, long story short, I am writing my first novelette and I am excited to announce that first part of it has already been written.  

For today, I would like to introduce the manuscript of my Novelette to you. Remember, this is just a manuscript. But trailer is enough to judge how the movie would be.

Wish me the luck and provide support, as usual.



Tana, not interested in politics but in college years fell in love with son of a politician and got married at young age with him

While being a constant part of politician family and after seeing the dirt created inside house as nearly, she got irritated with life. Constant war between two parties and continuous conversation about how to win votes made her sick.

One day her husband got murdered while he was driving. She was devastated. They both were in love each other deeply and she felt great loss of life.

Her in-laws took it very easy but made it a point of public sympathy to win the votes. This hurt her the most.

Tana decided to find the truth and mystery about his beloved husband’s murder

But is it so easy while being a part of politician family?

Is it a common man task to get deep into the rivalry of two biggest politician parties in the state and resolve the mystery?

Probably NO.

Tana joined the opposite party (it was easy for her to join as the late X’s wife) and this created big thunderstorm in her life.

Will Tana be able to resolve the mystery or will she become mystery herself?

Will GOD help this weapon less woman’s bravery or politics will take over?

Stay tuned for details ….