Long journey of LOVE – meeting, departing and re-meeeting : Part-4

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After few days of silence and inactivity, my parents decided to take the matter on their hands. It was my birthday and my mother, after so many arguments, convinced me to go out with them for some shopping and dinner. I had to fail myself because I did not want to hurt my parents – the life givers, on my birthday. Forcefully I put on flowery printed black skirt and snow white polo neck zipper top, alongwith white wrist watch and white fish shaped hair pins in my long, shampooed hair. When I saw myself in mirror, I automatically grew self confidence and an adorable smile on my parents’ faces, made me look brighter.         

When driver left us at Super mall gate and went for car parking, I kept staring at the mall. This was the little replica of Dubai mall, where Rajat took me for once only. Rajat’s remembrance threw me in past again and I kept re-living those 10 years fast, while walking on Super mall’s floor. When Papa asked me how I liked the mall, I did not hear it for the first time and for the second time; I tried to be happy to show them that I liked the place. I could see male eyes staring at me and again I remembered Rajat and how did he use my body without touching my soul. Again with emphasize from my mom, I had to buy couple of jeans with neon green top. While selecting outfits, unknowingly I asked myself, when was the last time, I put on jeans? And in that tiny trial room, my eyes got teary and mirrors on all four sides reflected the tears clearly. Where I was and what I was trying to do?, my so called practical mind could not reply.

We had a dinner at one of restaurant, inside mall. After dinner, we took round of remaining part of mall. Mom and Papa were tired and asked me to buy ice-cream, while they sat on the bench. I got into elevator to reach to the food area, at third floor. After getting into elevator, I was trying to have a look at my parents from that transparent glass door and strangely I heard – Happy Birthday Anu from my back. After almost 10 years, I did not make a mistake in identifying the voice. He was Aman. I turned around and saw him, my Aman. He was changed so much. That carefree and handsome Aman was looking 10 years older than his real age. His sad face and mismatched jeans and shirt were telling many things about him. Neither I nor he could speak further and we stared at each other while standing in that lonely elevator. Within that one minute, I talked 100s of things with my heart silently and my mind was working fast, more than lightening speed. I turned up to hide my emotions. He came nearer to me and hugged me softly.


 I remember that automatic elevator of the mall, took us up and down for three times and finally when someone else entered in the elevator, we both realized where we were. We got down at third floor and still speechless, walked towards ice-cream shop.  And my cell phone rang. Papa was worried as it took me much more time. I told him that I met an old friend and it could take me another 15-20 minutes to reach to them. He asked me to take my own time.  Unknowingly I followed Aman and we sat on those couple chairs arranged around little table.

In that noisy ice-cream parlour, when everyone was busy while talking and shouting, we both were silent. People started noticing us. As Aman was not ready to take off his eyes from me, I started getting uncomfortable. I tried hard to speak but only my lips moved and no voice came out. Instead I felt a lump in my throat.  And without waiting for brain’s order to control, my eyes started welling up.  Aman took my hand in his and spoke something, something that added a new charm on my face – Anu, I have to live 10 more years than my destined life as you are with me now. I was stagnant.  How this man was? There was no complain, no sadness, no question and still he knew I was going to be with him. After 5 minutes, I asked him about how his wife would react and he smiled. He questioned me back – Anu, who told you I got married? I was dumb founded now.

Did not he marry? Why? Did not he forget me or did not he find anyone suitable?


To be continued … … …