5 interesting and thoughtful observations from marriages I have witnessed

I know, I know…..Marriage is the most popular and doubtlessly most written topic but you know what?

Everyone, every time, every where finds it interesting, even if they are reading same post about marriage :-)….May be, they find something new every time, they read it.

With the same hope of the well-received post, when too many observations were dancing in mind, I decided to pen them down. Over to you poor (Oops, I meant dear) readers. Sorry can’t help 🙂

1. The FEMALE of the relationship is always right. Now you need to decide, who is the female in the relationship.
I have seen a guy wearing flower in hair, while accompanying his GF 🙂

2. The ANNOYER always maintains the same designation. The one who gets annoyed will never get chance to annoy the other one. Its like first come first.
I have observed one deep breathing while being annoyed by the other, publicly 🙂

3. With time, DRIVER in the relationship changes. So, never be happy, if you started first.
I have heard husbands driving kitchen and wives driving in bed, after 10 years of marriage 🙂

4. CHANGE of interest and increase in waist circumference (for one only) are the consistent factors of any marriage life.
I have seen couples look like mother-son or father-daughter, after few years of marriage. Interest in cricket changes to exhibition visits 🙂

5. SEPARATION is the permanent fear, one can offer to other, in relationship. Its like if you can fake to be brave, you are in.
I have seen husband getting out of drunk state, in a second, when they see the flashing screen on phone shows name of wife. Afterall, its a question of marriage life yaar 🙂

9 quotes every female want to hear, even though they are not truth …

I know, there are countless quotes to please a female untruthfully :-), I have tried to present the most popular one… You can definitely add to the list:-).

  1. You are slim and beautiful
  2. That dress suits you very much
  3. You work so hard
  4. You indeed won the crowd in that party
  5. Your recipes are unique and tasty
  6. You should take some rest
  7. Your driving skills are excellent
  8. Your taste for music is amazing

And finally the shot

9.  I Love You

And I hope I do not need to explain anyone of them…..:-). After all,



Those little moments and realization

Most of us are very very busy. Busy to accomplish routine chaos, busy to get promoted, busy to fulfil family’s wishes, busy to satisfy boss at office, busy to maintain social status and blah blah blah…..

I have been busy like that since last few days. I was almost running to one and the other to accomplish / fulfill. And in between those running, that spark was always flashing in mind for a moment – Am I really living?

After listening to that question for 1000 times silently, I decided to answer. We planned a family trip for couple of days (trip without laptops and internet and rare use of cell phone). That trip helped me in realizing so many things. I am trying to list down them before I forget any of them

  • Life is short. There is no time to complain. Living each and every moment is more important than complaining about each and every thing.
  • Family is the highest priority in any situation. Love and support from family members can change your life like anything. Time spent with family is the most valuable treasure of life. Grow it time by time and keep it locked.
  • No one ever mentioned “He lived for 100 years” but everyone talks about “He lived wonderful life”. So, how is more important than how long.
  • World is beautiful and being a human enjoying the beauty is the luckiest thing, anyone can have.
  • Breaks are required to achieve goals.
  • Gone moments never come back and regret for the same will not make any change. So why to waste that biggest treasure – TIME?
  • Having humorous people around makes life differently meaningful and delightful. Be the one or find the one.
  • Playing with a kid is a great stress buster.
  • As a human, you can not be always right and that’s perfectly fine.
  • Planning is helpful but randomness has its own beauty and worth to enjoy it. You can not plan each and everything about life.
  • Taking it easy is the best way to come out of any situation. As a human, you are bound to face good/bad/worst/embarrassing situations. Take it easy and give it some time. Time is the best healer.
  • Good food can change direction of thoughts J
  • Exploring the new places rather than doing sight scene makes you aware about so many extra things about the place.
  • Don’t carry baggage of worry/tension/revenge/sad feelings, all the time. Have a time slot for them and then forget and live life. At any point of time, all these will be always there with you, in one or the other form so why to sweat for them. They will be always there 🙂
  • You have two choices always – low or high, big or small, wide or narrow, fight or give up, face or run away, live or leave. Choice is yours. No advice here 🙂
  • Be grateful to see each sun rise and sun set. There are numbers of people who will never be able to do so.
  • Some people, whom we take for granted carry much more importance in our life, then we think. Respect, love and honor is required for these bunch of people. Never ignore them.

And finally, something which encouraged me to write this post


(photo : lifesdessers.wordpress.com)