Weekends, I look forward to….

Every day comes with a different feeling – Monday with blues, Tuesday with Ohhhs, Wednesday with middles, Thursday with waits and Friday with Finally :-)………… Yes, finally its Friday and weekend starts…After a tired and stressful week, Friday presents an incredible feeling of relaxation.

Here is a visual presentation of how my weekends are…remember, I am not LUCKY (because I am married, unfortunately happily), I am a mother (of one only, hoooh), I have limited friends (as I am not a “group”person), I love naps (because I am sleep deprived), and books and coffee are my first non-living love :-)….


A relaxed lonely weekend morning when I will not have to run around and can read my favorite book with coffee.

Little afternoon nap that energizes me for those best evenings of weekend.

Being a kid again with kids is something, my weekends are filled off.

Being in kitchen with hubby….yes, we cook together while gossiping, laughing, chopping, discussing and drinking coffee (ohh, too much coffee? Never mind, its weekend).

Friday night is a family Maggie and Movie night, we have been celebrating since long…wearing Pajama, laying down on couch, eating Maggie and watching Movie is an incomparable fun.

Meeting friends and chit-chatting on every possible subject is one of the best relaxation time for me.

Saturday night is all about a long drive on lonely roads at mid-night, while romantic numbers are played in background and kiddo is happily sleeping in back seat.

Cleaning is the last, most ignored but “have to” task for the weekend and people at home feels safe outside home, while I am on cleaning mission 🙂

Dinner date with family is a “must” follow rule and it’s the best time of weekend.

And after all fun, saddening Sunday evening, which reminds to get back to the routine again 🙁

So, that’s how Friday feelings are….. How about you? How do you spend weekends?


Pictures source : Google.com



Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Why to draft the plan? I have everything ready in mind and here is how my dream home will look


(photo : future-dreamhome.blogspot.com)

Oh!! Didn’t you find me there?

I am sitting on that black chair with my hubby and my grand children are enjoying the toddler pool.

And suddenly we hear some noise and we all look at the sky. That helicopter is taking round around my dream home. And suddenly a rain of flower petals starts. Oh yes, its our wedding anniversary today and my son and his beautiful wife are showering us with their love. We are so happy…

And again I hear some noise. Oh, its my two years old son who was not comfortable and started crying. I had to wake up. Oh dear dream, I miss you so much….

My NEXT Experience with nature | Daily Prompt : The Natural World

Describe your first memorable experience exploring and spending time in nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?

When it comes to exploring nature, I am always an adventurous and not experienced.  So, rather than describing my first memorable experience with nature, I would like to describe my NEXT experience with nature.


(photo : www.sonrays.org)

Yes, I would like to sit there with my hubby and son, one evening. I would like to drink every bit of that beauty via my eyes. I would like to feel that cold breeze on my face. I would like to close my eyes and would like to go into that dream world. That blue and reddish roof called sky, that silence around and those chirpiness from birds around…….I would like to rest my head on the shoulder of my hubby and would like to tell him, how much I love him. I would like to kiss my son and would tell him about my dreams for him.

Yes, when you are surrounded by nature, you are always in good spirit and mood. Positivity always flows from every vain of your body. And so while being there, I would be grateful for whatever I am, whatever I have and whatever I am able to do. That would be the best evening for us, while being with each other in silence. We will express love and gratitude to each other. We will pray and we will talk with the universe. That grand feeling of being with original and being away from concrete forests will be an unforgettable experience, for sure.

Looking forward to live that experience. Wanna join me? 🙂