10 romantically intelligent WA Status while on HONEYMOON

  1. In each other, we found each other….Away from the world. Biology learning needs serenity. and focus.
  2. The beach, the beauty and the beer…..honeymoon is going awesome.
  3. Eating breakfast on bed…naked with a companion of life….Thats what is called HONEYMOON (love)
  4. The love is growing and glowing in mountains….while valley is getting constant rain 🙂
  5. The GPS is set to “LOST” while we are “LOST” into each other….
  6. Exploring together is an experience…talking about world, not sure what you thought (laugh)
  7. Testing strength of mattress, every night….oops, every day too (smile)
  8. Creating memories to make our kids proud, hard work always creates productivity 🙂
  9. Honey is feeling on moon and I see moon in honey (love)
  10. Zero cloth is a dress code here….in freezing cold, wearing other body is more preferable…


re-create magical moements

Closed eyes and mind at work, this combination most of the time, leaves the human being with a world called dream. Preyaa too was in the same world today. She closed her eyes and re-lived those days again. Those 12 days, where life was full and beautiful. Those 12 days, when she was treated as princess. Those 12 days, when love bloomed and grew. Her honeymoon with Ravi at ALPS, yes, at Alps. The white bed sheet of snow on mountains and the same white snowy smile on Ravi’s face, she was in love. She was mad. And Ravi too replicated same behavior. He was madly in love with Preyaa. They talked, explored, made love, talked till 4 am in the morning and swallowed life fullest. So much happiness and love was around. She felt so beautiful when Ravi sang a song appreciating her beauty, in those White Mountains.

And suddenly she opened her eyes. Oh my God, the dream had spoiled. She was amidst the demanding office chores. So many things, she was supposed to finish before running to home. HOME – it was no more home now. Its just a house. She had been living with Ravi in same house but now that warmth of relationship had disappeared. After completing two years of marriage, they found themselves busy with work and career. Their ambitions have now overwhelmed them and as far as Preyaa remembered, its been a couple of months, since they both sat together and talked about anything. Most of the time, they were busy and running and talking about requirements and schedules. If schedule clashed, it resulted in a big fight. FIGHT – the word, they decided to hate the most. They decided to not fight and even if it happens, they promised each other to make up within 2 hours. Now a days, fightings used to resulted in silence of more than three days consecutively. Preyaa tried to remember, when it was the last time, she looked at Ravi with love or even gave a look to him. She was very busy and so Ravi was. And that increasing silence never gave them an opportunity to talk about their future, to talk about their family planning and just to talk about anything. They were just like room mates rather than a married couple.

And today, while searching for something, Preyaa navigated to a blog where a female described how she was enjoying her marriage life even after 25 years of marriage. She gave it a thought. What was the missing thing in her marriage, which made it the most unbearable thing on the earth? And she decided something. She locked her computer and went to her manager and asked for a half day sick leave as she was feeling feverish. Her manager was shocked as since last one year, Preyaa did not ask for sick leave even while she was burning with 104 temperatures. Although he granter her sick leave and she ran out of office like anything.

The mission is started. She went to the nearest gift shop and bought the peppermint flavored candles and flowers. Then bought some groceries for today’s dinner. After almost 6 months, she was going to prepare dinner on her own. She had a song in her walk and a charm on her face. By evening, she prepared those favorite dishes of Ravi – Spinach curry with paneer, garlic naan, vegetable pulao and spaghetti. She decorated the dining table with all the dishes along with flowers and candles. Now, it was her turn. She took a bath and wore that red sari, Ravi gifted her while on honeymoon, with golden sleeveless blouse.  She did a light makeup and got ready with basic hair style. When she looked herself in the mirror, she realized that she was seeking this moment since long. Today, she was confident because she found herself beautiful.


And the doorbell rang and her heart started racing. What will happen now? What if Ravi will not respond? How will he react? So many thoughts in her mind. She just switched off all the lights in her HOME, and the only light available was from those candles, on dining table. She opened the door slowly and Ravi came in. For first few moments, he did not even notice Preyaa and went to his bedroom (yes, since last few days, they were not sharing the bedroom) and put his laptop bag. When he went to refrigerator for water, he realized that light from candles and saw that decorated dining table. Now his eyes were searching for Preyaa. He almost ran to her bedroom but she was not there. He looked into kitchen and drawing room too. He shouted her name in anxiety. And suddenly a sweet voice singing the song “I am with you and only with you, always” came nearer to him. The magical moment from their honeymoon time was successfully re-created by Preyaa. He could not speak anything. He just carried her. Both of them were speechless and a lump in their throat. How much they needed this private time with each other, during their busy life? Today, everything was heaven and everything was beautiful. Ravi kissed Preyaa on her forehead and said “Thank you”. In response to that, Preyaa smiled and started helping him for dinner.

So, sometimes in our routine life, its really necessary to re-create those magical moments of past. These little efforts and initiatives can save our lives and relationships by becoming trust less and worthless. We are here to live and we are the only persons, who can make your life, a LIFE.

So start re-creating those magical moments of your past and lighten up your present J.