I want to …


Resting my head on your shoulder…

I want to forget about the world

I want to tell myself that it’s not a dream

I want to dream for dream life

I want to smile silently on my silly self

I want to curse everyone around

I want to fly above cloud

I want to visit the new beautiful land

I want to scream and announce my happiness

I want to experience tears and smile together

I want to close my eyes forever …

May be the last moments of life…

Did I ever convey that?

Daily Prompt: Island of Misfit Posts

We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.


Actually I want to write about my frustration


(photo : vfxture.com)

Actually I wanted to share my fears


(photo : indeliblewriters.blogspot.com )

Actually I wanted to let you know how pessimistic I can be for time being


(photo : psycologytoday.com)

Actually I tried to convey my struggle while living this life


(photo : writerspenn.blogspot.com)

Actually I wanted to say NO to those negative people around me


(photo : peerlessgolf.ca)

Actually I wanted to show you the hurts and wounds I have received from people I loved the most


(photo : spotonlists.com)

Actually I started writing to express my anger to those dual behaviors


(photo : psycologytoday.com)

Actually I wanted to communicate my real time experiences


(photo : eggdesign.ie)



Oh Blog…..

You went totally opposite to it.

You turned out as joyous and optimistic

You gave me wings to fly free

You brought out that inner positivity hidden since years

So, I am THANKFUL to you

That you turned out as total MISFIT.

I wanted you to be blue and dark and you turned pink and bright…..


(photo : tumblr.com)