Weekends, I look forward to….

Every day comes with a different feeling – Monday with blues, Tuesday with Ohhhs, Wednesday with middles, Thursday with waits and Friday with Finally :-)………… Yes, finally its Friday and weekend starts…After a tired and stressful week, Friday presents an incredible feeling of relaxation.

Here is a visual presentation of how my weekends are…remember, I am not LUCKY (because I am married, unfortunately happily), I am a mother (of one only, hoooh), I have limited friends (as I am not a “group”person), I love naps (because I am sleep deprived), and books and coffee are my first non-living love :-)….


A relaxed lonely weekend morning when I will not have to run around and can read my favorite book with coffee.

Little afternoon nap that energizes me for those best evenings of weekend.

Being a kid again with kids is something, my weekends are filled off.

Being in kitchen with hubby….yes, we cook together while gossiping, laughing, chopping, discussing and drinking coffee (ohh, too much coffee? Never mind, its weekend).

Friday night is a family Maggie and Movie night, we have been celebrating since long…wearing Pajama, laying down on couch, eating Maggie and watching Movie is an incomparable fun.

Meeting friends and chit-chatting on every possible subject is one of the best relaxation time for me.

Saturday night is all about a long drive on lonely roads at mid-night, while romantic numbers are played in background and kiddo is happily sleeping in back seat.

Cleaning is the last, most ignored but “have to” task for the weekend and people at home feels safe outside home, while I am on cleaning mission 🙂

Dinner date with family is a “must” follow rule and it’s the best time of weekend.

And after all fun, saddening Sunday evening, which reminds to get back to the routine again 🙁

So, that’s how Friday feelings are….. How about you? How do you spend weekends?


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Silence : The language of LOVE – Part 2

The first part of story can be read at Part-1.

Hi, I am Shivya, I said in almost not hear able voice as I felt so inferior while standing in front of him.

Gaurav Saxena, the name was enough to miss the heart beats of any college girl in Dehradun, my home town. He was a choreographer by profession and extra handsome by physique. He came from Mumbai to choreograph a show at our college.

(Photo : www.vectorstock.com)

Every girl had a dream to dance with him and every guy was jealous of him. The way he used to create the dance moves for a couple or group for a specific song, it was like song was lyricised from the dance moves and not the vice-a-versa. At the age of 19, I too was highly impressed by him. And after watching him at a live show once, I was used to dance in front of mirror, dreaming, he was holding me. Thanks to Bhavya, my elder sister, who had a disease to reveal everything to parents and they used to scold me about my girlish behavior at the adult age.

Before I move forward with my story with Gaurav, I want you to know about my family. As I said, I was living in Dehradun with my parents and my elder sister Bhavya. Father being a school teacher, was a fan of discipline. In our home, we had to follow a rule of holding a spoon in specific way because it was a question of discipline. My mother being a home maker for whole life, did not have courage to oppose my father for anything but I had seen shades of frustration and irritation in her eyes many times. Bhavya was a carbon copy of my father and that is why my father loved her like anything. She was studious, obedient, reserved, disciplined and most importantly shared everything with my parents. I, being totally opposite to Bhavya, was dreamer, dancer, out spoken and believed in living life. And that is why, to control me, my father had appointed Bhavya as Bhavya was the one, who would never miss any chance to spy on me and report it to parents about when did I reached college, with whom I talked, How many guys’ friends I had and finally how I was doing with my studies. I was feeling like a caged bird but there was no option. Parents were extra conscious due to common gender issues in India and at some point, I could understand them. But I did not want to live that life, where I did not have any freedom. With growing age, when I started reading about outer world, when I came to know how people around the world were following their dreams; I was used to get upset. I too wanted to travel around the world, I too wanted to have a boy friend, I too wanted to learn the foreign language……

And everything seemed possible the day I met him. Yes, I am talking about Gaurav. He was there to choreograph a show for our college. The day I came to know that he was going to be in our college, I connected all the dots of connections I had, to be the participant in the event. But then I came to know that Gaurav was the one who was going to decide the participants. For the first time, I felt nervous. For any exam in my life, I never felt the anxiety, which I felt the day I faced him for the first time. He was just feet away from me and when he shook hands with me as an introductory part, I did not want to leave his hand. He was generous, down-to-earth, smiling and again extra handsome. He asked all of us (we were almost 75, among whom he was supposed to select only 3), to be in a queue and perform for a minute so that he could judge our capabilities. I had butterflies in my stomach. Being a trained classical dancer, I knew I could do better but I was not sure how much he would like it. And when I heard my name, I headed towards the center stage. Gaurav was sitting in front of me and after looking into his eyes, I felt more nervous. I closed my eyes and once again he shouted

Shivya, START ……

(Photo : www.angelfire.com)

Who knew it was a beginning of the new phase of my life…

To be continued …..

Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-IV

First, Second and Third part of story can be read here, here and here respectively.

Aastha just wiped off tears and came to the spacious and luxurious bedroom.

Its been 8 years and that man is not ready to leave me, she smiled to herself sadly and laid down on the soft white bed. Tanay was snoring beside her and in that dim blue light from night lamp, she could see the tiredness on his face. She sighed and decided to sleep as Aashay, hers and Tanay’s four years old son, had to attend morning school. After convincing her mind to not think about past and especially Aayam, her heart took over and started denying orders from mind. Her emotional started talking

How strange it is!!! I talked with him only once and saw him for not more than 5 times and still at the age of 26, after being married and being a mother, I am still dreaming and missing him. Why? Tanay has been good as a husband and he never did anything that hurt me and still I continuously feel that desolation. I just want to meet Aayam once. Just want to tell him how someone almost unknown to him, fell for him and how she has been living and dying to meet him, to tell him how much she loved him.

Aastha closed her eyes tightly and allowed that single fall of tears from face to neck. Suddenly she felt her heart was heavy and felt trouble in breathing. She went to balcony again and saw the beautiful dawn was just pouring. The cool air was kissing her and that helped her to recover herself before the world knew how she spent the night, although that was not the first night. Its been hundreds of nights she kept missing Aayam and felt a sudden need to talk with him.

We are going Swden, Tanay declared, while still busy looking into his laptop and smiling simultaneously.

Why? Aastha mechanically asked.

Oh Aastha, its for business only but then I would get some hours to spend with you and Aashay and we will be able to explore Sweden. Now please no more questions and start preparation, he ordered in a soft voice and Aastha nodded.

But Aashay will miss his school, she announced her concern.

Not very much as we will be back within 7 days so he will be able to recover and after all he is a genius boy, Tanay was beaming with pride.

Flying to Sweden was in a way good for the family as they could spend really good time as a family which was not the case back at home. Days flew by and after visiting almost all the known places in Stockholm, they were tired and exhausted. On the day of departure, Aastha decided to buy something for her mother and so she went to Kosta Boda, famous for its designer crystal and glasses. Kosta Boda is situated between Stockholm and Malmo and so she took a train from Stockholm. As Tanay had promised to look after Aashay, she was quite relaxed and was enjoying beauty of Sweden from the train.


(photo : turkeytravelblog.com)

When the train stopped at next station – Ystad, she casually looked at train doorway and she was almost fainted when she saw someone.

Oh My God !!! That’s what she could speak and held the handle of seat tightly.


To be continued ….

Insolation after dark tunnel – cycle of life

Idea of this story was born when I saw A to Z challenge. Although I was not sure, I will be able to continue with challenge and still not sure about it. What I am sure about is – the story of Trisha is moving ahead. You can read previous parts of story here – Part-1, Part-2, Part-3, part-4, part-5, Part-6, Part-7 and Part-8.

Trisha got emotional again while remembering that advice of Maa.

Maa, I will not be able to live without you, I said with wetness in my voice. My company prompted me as a senior sales manager and transferred me to company’s Malayasia’s office where sales were decreased. It was a huge responsibility. I was not sure, how was I going to accept the challenge of being alone, without any support, in an unknown country like Malayasia. Above all, I was so used of being with Maa that I never thought about life without her.

She kept her hand on my shoulder and gave me a life-time advice –

My dear, this is how life is. When you get habituated with something or someone, it always throws you another challenge of discovering yourself while being with different culture, different people and different environment. In any case, you have to live and move ahead and so accepting the challenge with wide smile and open arms is the only way to celebrate your existence. Be strong and have trust in yourself. Other things will surely be taken care by someone called the great almighty.


(photo : mirror.co.uk)

I was moved in tears. What a great understanding about life, she possessed. I was really grateful today that she was in my life and I had a chance of being with her for a duration of my life span. She helped me for everything during that transition.

I still remember that last family dinner we had, at one of the best restaurant in the city. I and Tanuj were sitting beside each other and were talking normally. Frequency of thoughts about past and gratefulness for present life were on high. How life had changed? Tanuj was the one due to whom I got to know Maa and Maa was the one due to whom I got to know myself. When I said Thank you to her, she almost cried. And her I will miss you dear reply made me cry. Tanuj and his father asked me to take care and contact them for any problem. I was again thankful. When my real parents did not know what I was doing at the opposite end of world, this family was ready to help me in any situation. With heavy heart and little confidence plus more dilemma, I left US.

Life is going to be different and good, probably – I told to myself and smiled when the plane landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

To be continued …

What 2013 taught me?

While the world is busy welcoming new year and ending 2013 with memories, I want to share what the year 2013 taught me. The year was fruitful in many ways, where I fall, I got up, I ran, I fall again and got up again. The year brought frightening moments, happiness, family time,  awkward moments, tough decisions and overall huge smile :-). In short, 2013 rocked.


(photo : dreamstime.com)

Sharing what I learned from the great year which is going to be past within hours.

January 2013 :

  • Be grateful for having parents around. Call them, laugh with them and take time for them. Those moments will be treasure when they will not be around.
  • A moment can change a perfect life picture to totally broken one.
  • Be prepared for worst and enjoy the best.
  • Facing tougher situation as family makes the tougher situation manageable.

February 2013 :

  • Sometimes it does not matter what good you do for people, they do not change. Change yourself and move ahead.
  • Whatever happens is always for good only.
  • Having a life partner who can support your wild ideas, who can encourage when you are totally low, who can make you laugh when you are crying, who can make you understand what life is in simple words? you are the luckiest person. Hug him/her and say “I Love You” to those whom you really love because it really makes difference.

March 2013 :

  • If you want to survive, you need to learn management.
  • Start today. That better time will never be there.

April 2013 :

  • Follow your passion because life is for once only.
  • Time is always in hurry. You have to hold it and utilize it for what you want to.

May 2013 :

  • Be happy that you had food to eat, fresh air to breath, healthy body to move around and a shelter to sleep under. Half of the world is unfortunate in those terms.

June 2013 :

  • Accept changes and life can be better.
  • Self respect is the major aspect to live for. Never sell it for any cost.
  • When you are not feeling well, go to someone who knows you and does not judge you. When you are feeling good, go to someone who does not know you and share your happiness.

July 2013 :

  • Motherhood is a blessing.
  • Stealing time for family will never make you regret.
  • Create memories and treasure them in different forms. They are going to be lifeline.

August 2013 :

  • Celebrate without cause and see the difference.

September 2013 :

  • Be grateful for being part of human community.
  • Sometimes you have to forget and forgive. Do it for your good.
  • Never think too much. Everything has a solution.

October 2013 :

  • People always love to see you in trouble. Are you included in people? Ask this question every morning to yourself. Help, appreciate and support people rather than discouraging them.
  • Learn lessons from the mistakes you did. Do not regret,  just move.

November 2013 :

  • Creativity does not know boundaries.  Create something everyday and be thankful that you were able to.
  • Read, read and read.
  • Playing with a child makes you understand importance of childhood.

December 2013 :

  • Success is not about talking big or showing off. It’s about working hard, working smart and working consistently.
  • Love yourself and the world will follow.
  • Don’t count time in terms of months and years. Look at it as treasure, which you will never be able to get back at any cost.

Will you like to add your learning from 2013? I am waiting.

Happy New Year to all you, dear readers.

Counting my Blessings | Daily Prompt: Exhale

Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright. 

This is a daily situation for me. Every day, I have same goals about our routine in my target list to achieve. But due to one or the other reason, the time-table (yes, I call my mind time-table maker, where every next task is planned in advance with details) does not work the way I expect it. Sometimes I am struggling, sometimes I am shouting and sometimes I am crying.


(photo : horizonoman.com)

 While holding so many feathers in my hat, it’s obvious that frustration releases in one or the other way.

It seems like nothing is right for me ever (socialization + looking after home + hubby working at lead position + my full time work + ….)


Why does this happen to me only (especially when I come to know that the maid will not be available, just before leaving for work)?


When will I be able to complete the entire task on time (when my little one creates mess faster than I clean)?


When my customer will understand that I am a mother too (when he asks me to reproduce the issue when I am about to leave for home)


When will I have an extra hour of sleep (when for days, I have not slept for more than 4-5 hours)

And the list is endless.

Most of the time, the situation ends with tears in my eyes.

And then those angels get to work.

When they see tears in my eyes, they understand that I need some word and cuddle help.

First of all, the little one comes and hugs me without saying anything. He is just two years old but he understands very well that his mumma is stressed and needs a Jadoo ki Jappi (magical hug). Most of the stress disappears with that hug.


(photo : 7glitz.com)

 And then comes the better half. He comes to me, wipes off my tears (nothing filmi about it), holds my hand and speaks his known quote –

Everything will be fine. Just a matter of time it is. Give it TIME and give time to yourself. Don’t stretch. Look at joys and happiness you have in your life. Our life is full and important thing is we are enjoying together. Tasks and pending work will always be there and will be taken care but don’t miss little moments. Now, smile.

And he has been always successful to make me smile with those words.


(photo :girltomom.com)

 I am happy, grateful and settled with the fact that

  • I have a family around
  • I have work to do
  • I have the most wonderful kid in my lap
  • I have supportive friends and family
  • I do not have to face any health issues
  • I can walk, sing, dance, work, see, observe, analyze and speak

And today, while counting my blessings, I have decided to be calm and mature when stress is around. I do not want to give it a chance to overwhelm me.

Thanks to the presence of those two holy men in my life :-). I am secure.

Those little moments and realization

Most of us are very very busy. Busy to accomplish routine chaos, busy to get promoted, busy to fulfil family’s wishes, busy to satisfy boss at office, busy to maintain social status and blah blah blah…..

I have been busy like that since last few days. I was almost running to one and the other to accomplish / fulfill. And in between those running, that spark was always flashing in mind for a moment – Am I really living?

After listening to that question for 1000 times silently, I decided to answer. We planned a family trip for couple of days (trip without laptops and internet and rare use of cell phone). That trip helped me in realizing so many things. I am trying to list down them before I forget any of them

  • Life is short. There is no time to complain. Living each and every moment is more important than complaining about each and every thing.
  • Family is the highest priority in any situation. Love and support from family members can change your life like anything. Time spent with family is the most valuable treasure of life. Grow it time by time and keep it locked.
  • No one ever mentioned “He lived for 100 years” but everyone talks about “He lived wonderful life”. So, how is more important than how long.
  • World is beautiful and being a human enjoying the beauty is the luckiest thing, anyone can have.
  • Breaks are required to achieve goals.
  • Gone moments never come back and regret for the same will not make any change. So why to waste that biggest treasure – TIME?
  • Having humorous people around makes life differently meaningful and delightful. Be the one or find the one.
  • Playing with a kid is a great stress buster.
  • As a human, you can not be always right and that’s perfectly fine.
  • Planning is helpful but randomness has its own beauty and worth to enjoy it. You can not plan each and everything about life.
  • Taking it easy is the best way to come out of any situation. As a human, you are bound to face good/bad/worst/embarrassing situations. Take it easy and give it some time. Time is the best healer.
  • Good food can change direction of thoughts J
  • Exploring the new places rather than doing sight scene makes you aware about so many extra things about the place.
  • Don’t carry baggage of worry/tension/revenge/sad feelings, all the time. Have a time slot for them and then forget and live life. At any point of time, all these will be always there with you, in one or the other form so why to sweat for them. They will be always there 🙂
  • You have two choices always – low or high, big or small, wide or narrow, fight or give up, face or run away, live or leave. Choice is yours. No advice here 🙂
  • Be grateful to see each sun rise and sun set. There are numbers of people who will never be able to do so.
  • Some people, whom we take for granted carry much more importance in our life, then we think. Respect, love and honor is required for these bunch of people. Never ignore them.

And finally, something which encouraged me to write this post


(photo : lifesdessers.wordpress.com)


Lately I understood …

I understood importance of childhood when I grew adult

I understood importance of study when I completed studying

I understood importance of happiness when I passed through that sad phase of life

I understood importance of love when I lost people who loved me

I understood importance of family when no one was around

I understood importance of colleagues when I had to work alone in a field

I understood importance of parents when I became parent

I understood importance of health when I had to be on hospital bed

I understood importance of self respect when I saw the woman fighting for the same

I understood importance of friends when a friend moved away

I understood importance of time when I saw a patient diagnosed with cancer

I understood importance of LIFE when I faced last moments of it


I understood everything so lately.

But isn’t it the way of human being?
Why are we so late learners?

We have reached to far starts of universe but we have forgotten to learn importance of some basic things in life.

So, lets not commit the mistake again. Lets understand importance of love, family, time and life.

Understand the fact that “YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THIS MOMENT AGAIN”. Whatever you will do with this moment, will help to shape-up your future. So do it today. Jump start. Pump yourself with energy and courage.


Fortune comes to them, who know how to be fortunate.

Keep smiling and don’t forget to provide feedback J