Those endless lonely paths terminated abruptly

Those hidden tears wiped out suddenly

Those painful losses turned into marvelous victory

Those darkened days got sunshine from nowhere

Those smelly shirts have changed to fresh fragrance

Those stained coffee mugs are filled with warm coffee again

Those terrible falls have been converted to high fly

Just your presence….

My Companion for life, just your presence

Has converted life to a beautiful dream…

6 things being in love makes you understand …

They say, falling in love is something, no one can control….

well, Being in love and realizing the changes it presents is the best thing, as a result of uncontrolled fall  :-)…

Here are those realizations….

1. Every hardship to keep that feeling alive seems worth.



2. Unknowingly that safe player in you has turned to risk taker.



3. Journey matters much more than destination.



4. What is the most important thing in life and how crazy you can get about it.



5. The difference between casual and sensual touch and how it matters.



6. Everything is possible, every dream is achievable.


Love is never wrong : Part -2

Previous part of the story can be read at Part-1.

And finally today was the day, Sahil got a chance to fulfill the wish of Ishu, which Ishita had almost forgot about. Walking on the white, soft sand on the beach, Sahil looked at her. She was lost in her own thoughts. Sahil moved nearer to her and she did not even realize. He softly held Ishita’s hand and she suddenly came out of the thought chain and pulled her hand back. Sahil was taken aback. For a moment, he felt rejected. After all, Ishu was his first love and even after 4 months of close friendship, he did not find a place in her heart. With deep breath, he looked into Ishu’s eyes and found tears flowing…..without thinking; he pulled her in his arms and hugged her tight. Ishita did not try to release herself and allowed tears to flow. Once settled, both set on the sand, quietly.


Sahil was very sure now that something was hidden in Ishu’s heart and he wanted to know. But her tears had moved him. He did not want Ishu to be in tears again. He decided to talk about it some other time. He looked at Ishu again and she smiled.

Thanks Sahil, Ishu

For what?, Sahil

I wanted to be here since so long, wanted to walk on the soft sand without uttering a word and you made it possible, Ishu

But I thought you would be happy. Really, did not like the tears part, Sahil

Ishita looked into Sahil’s eyes and kept looking. What?, he asked with eyes……she smiled poorly and moved her eyes to ocean.

Now, Sahil could not control himself. After all what was that which was making his Ishu so sad. He thought to ask but again dropped the idea. Ishu was just settled and he did not want to make any mistake again. To his surprise, Ishu started,

Sahil, do you know what this beach reminds me of? Ishu

He shook his head and kept looking in her eyes.

I had a childhood friend, Aman. We grew up together and went to same school. While living those teen years, I am not sure when I started liking him. Although I could never tell him that he was more than a friend to me, I had built up a castle about our lives together and filled up so many dreams in it. Aman was very brilliant and got scholarship for Melbourne university and left for Australia, last year. I and Aman were used to be on this beach, just to walk and talk. Since he left, we have almost lost contact. I am not sure whether Aman could never understand my feelings for him but I miss him every moment. I wanted to be here, on this beach, to walk with him, to be with him, to refresh those beautiful memories. Thanks, you made it possible ended Ishu with smile.

Sahil felt a crack in his heart. The one, whom he loved hiddenly, was already loving someone and was waiting for that someone. How can it be possible………he felt to cry out. At the age of 18, when you know that your first love cannot replicate your feelings because someone was already there in her life, it surely hurts……He looked at Ishita again, smiled poorly, got up and started walking towards car……

Again, 623 words L….have to stop here.

Stay tuned to know about next chapter of Sahil and Ishita’s love loop, including Aman’s. Love is so complex and still everyone of us wants to experience and live it for once in life…..strange!!!

7 things LOVE is about …when its LDR

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Long Distance Relationships… they say…

Difficult to live up

Hard to work out

Easy to end up


Illogical to be part of

But again, as they say….

Love is not about distance, It’s about how much the person means to you

Love is not about being together, It’s about creating memories together

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Loving someone who is at the other corner of world and what that feeling means…..a brief summary here (I know a book can be written :-)). Being in LDR, love means,

  1. Having fun in each other’s virtual company : You both are away from each other but together virtually. For every moment, you feel the other person around, whether its cafeteria or kitchen or meeting room…..and thinking about what you both would have done at the very moment, if together, makes your face blush and radiant at the same time. Yes, Love is all about FUN in the company of each other.


  1. Missing but smiling : Yes, you read it right. Missing that someone special brings back so many beautiful memories to you and makes you smiling rather than being sad. That is the power of LOVE.

Cute-Distance-Quotes-Tumblr-4 - Copy

  1. Finding new techniques and technologies to communicate : Yes, for most part of life you are away from each other but you are constantly in touch, sharing thoughts, laughs and feelings. While most couples love to stick to single media of communication, trying different apps to chat and talk and play games and sharing interests helps in adding playfulness to the relationship.

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  1. Dreaming and anticipating next meet : The next date of meeting is the only thing that makes distance survivable. Planning and anticipating minute details about the special day and re-planning and re-imagining and re-planning is the continuous loop until the actual meet happens. When the reality of being away for most part of life is bitter than being next to each other for sometime, building castles in air helps :-).

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  1. Giving space to each other : Yes, you love each other but you are an independent personalities. Mature love understands that everyone needs space and giving each other that most required space surely helps in strengthening the bond.


  1. Realizing what “Love” actually means : Being away from love of life results in either being more demanding, cranky, irritating and frustrating or being more mature, understanding and tolerant. You realize what is most important for you, value of time being together and how to make it work in different situations.


  1. Getting lost in each other’s arms for those few real moments : Finally when lovebirds see each other, forgetting world seems better option. You feel like that tight hug was the only thing you were longing for and that smile on his/her face was the only thing you were dying for. Life suddenly seems blissful and the mirror suddenly shows the “complete” YOU :-).

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Your thoughts??? 🙂



To be Born for You

Streets were empty as my heart

Roads were noiseless as my mind

Home was dark as my future

Walls were daunting as my own shadow

A river of emotion, flowing inside my heart

A mountain of judgements, overtaking my sentiments

A desert of loneliness, scaring my spirits

A sky of hopelessness, making my eyes teary

Meeting and departing

Trying and failing

Fighting and making up

Is a way of living life, they say


I wonder,

God ever considered

My desire, to be with you

My prayer, to live with you

My wish, to explore with you

And finally…..

My dream, to be born for you

(photo :

Love Isn’t something you find but ….

Beautiful Pondicherry… of the union territory of India, which has been blessed with culture, beaches, Sri Aurobindo and Autovile. When the beach road gets vehicle less in the evening, the real Pondicherry can be seen. Those playing little buddies, people walking around and enjoying beach, parents allowing kids to run and roam freely and a sense of fulfilled day makes the visit of Pondi more delightful. Anyone, who visits this place once, will never be able to forget it easily.


La Café, the 24 hours café on the beach road of Pondi, an evening and Shanaya ….

A female in her twenties with long, open hair, whitish skin and innocent face……….With blank eyes, she was looking at the roaring Bay of Bengal.

What Patrick must be doing at this moment, she thought. Patrick, the man of her dreams, denied her numerous calls within past few days, without reason and that made Shanaya anxious. She wanted to run away from here and wanted to meet Patrick but it was a kind of struggle between heart and mind. After getting rejected for visa for couple of times, finally she had got tourist visa for India for six months and she did not want to miss the opportunity to explore the country where her parents were born and brought up. Since childhood, she had heard so many stories about India. With every story, her desire to visit India got stronger. Although her parents were not in favour of her vising India alone, she was able to convince them. After all, parents learn getting convinced once kids turn to adults. Her parents had love marriage and after marriage, when none of their parents agreed upon, they had to leave India. After relocating to Perth, Australia, they struggled like anything but finally settled well and once Shanaya was there in their lives, it was almost perfect. Although they never felt the need to re-visit India, they kept telling stories about India to Shanaya. After imagining India in her own ways, when Shanaya really got chance to visit the country of culture, she did not want to miss it and that is how she convinced Patrick too, her boyfriend, her love and her man of dreams.

Suddenly drizzle began and people started to run here and there. Shanaya had a smile on her face, while looking at them. Why do we run away when god bless us? She thought and put off her sweat shirt, got out to the garden of café and closed her eyes while those soft rain drops touched her heart. She was missing Patrick badly.

It was just like this evening when she found her love – Patrick. In a college, where everyone had boyfriend, she was still in search. Her thoughts and may be the values her parents had built in were never in favour of temporary relationship. She wanted to love someone rather than getting into bed with the one. From her parents’ example, she could understood very well, what love means. Her parents too, tried their best in terms of explaining her the difference between love and crush, at the right age. But still, at the age of 19, when each of her friend had someone special, she was still in search. And that fine day, her search was over when she met Patrick. One of the common friend mentioned about the local band in the university and said Patrick, especially was very good. And Shanaya, with her friend, visited the band, who was playing in downtown area, on that day. Her eyes could not move when she saw Patrick. Typical Australian physique, blue eyes and golden curls……he is my dream man, her heart said. After introducing each other, when she observed the same spark in Patrick’s eyes, she knew, she had found someone….some one for lifetime and her happiness was boundless.

Two years of perfect relationship, where she had enjoyed each and every moment with Patrick, and suddenly Patrick was not answering her calls. Being at the other end of world, when you do not hear from your love, heart gets out of control and that’s how she was feeling at the moment, while enjoying rain in Pondi. And suddenly, her phone beeped. She ran to her table and saw a message from Patrick.

Without knowing, the message was going to change her life, she clicked to read the message.

To be continued ….