Rainy Wish

Those droplets of water

When started pouring

My wishes got wings

Eyes got uninvited dreams

And heart went on perpetual journey

How perfect it would have been

To be on beach at this time

To talk with you silently

To make castle of wet sand

To look at never ending water

To walk with you infinitely

And allowing rain to make us miserable

Suddenly, you remember

“we should have it, rightnow”

You say mischievously

I try to read your eyes

But fail to understand

You hold my hand and start walking

I get shiver in spine

Anticipation of next few moments

Excitement of being with you


Happiness of being in rain, finally

And you suddenly wake me up from my rain dream

“Here is your garam chai ki pyaali”, you say

And I still see same smile on your face

Not sure to smile on my daydream

Or to be angry with your stupidity,

I sip tea while looking at you,

Thinking what kind of coaching you need

I smile silently and wink at you….

My love, I finally utter

But before I could speak,

You jumped in….

ĂŹ know you want second cup of tea

And I laughed….

My idiot, I want to dance with you in rain,

I speak silently with a wide smile


Silence : The language of LOVE – Part 4

First, second and third part of story can be read at Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3.

When I and Bhavya reached home, Papa was reading newspaper and was enjoying his evening tea and Ma was preparing dinner. Bhavya went running to Papa and gave him hug. Papa smiled and asked her about day at college. And to this Bhavya dropped bomb saying her day was worse than ever and when Papa asked Why, she said something which I could not believe,

Papa, today Shivya has done something which is so shameful for us, as a family that I do not want to go to college again. A choreographer from Mumbai has come for show in college. When he did not select Shivya, she went in again and tried to seduce him and then danced with him shamelessly. Papa, I will not be able to face my friends again.

To this, Papa looked at me with edgy eyes. I got furious. How can Bhavya make a story like that. I walked to her and stood in front of her and do not know what happened to me, I slapped her. I never in my worst dream imagined that my blood sister will speak those words for me. Until now, I used to get irritated with Bhavya but today she had crossed all limits. I started shouting,

Bhavya, you cannot be my sister. Do you know what chasing dream means? Do you know what sibling means? Do you know what helping other means? You, at your heart know that whatever you are doing or saying is not true. Why do you want to ruin my life?

And before I could proceed further, a hard slap made me fall down. he was still looking at me angrily. I stood up and went to Bhavya again and told her

I will never mourn in case if you leave this world. I hate you like anything

And left for my room. After locking myself in the room, I cried hysterically.

What was going on? My own sister was not happy about my happiness. How can she use those kind of words for me? What I did wrong if I danced with Gaurav?

And with those questions in mind and tear in eyes, don’t know when I fell asleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, new set of rules was ready for me. I was banned to leave the house and Bhavya was appointed as my guard. I left my breakfast as it is and went into my room. For whole day, I did not eat anything and kept lying on the bed. A continuous loop of thought kept my occupied – what Gaurav might be doing….he might have noticed my absence or he might not have….he might have asked someone about me or he might not have….he might have forgotten me or he might not have…..No one in the house cared about me and I was not in mood of grieving about it. The most pity thing was, due to Bhavya, I missed a lifetime chance to dance with Gaurav and that was making me furious. With anger, grief and sadness in mind, I slept for another night.

When my eyes were still sleepy, I heard a male voice. For a moment, I thought I was dreaming and closed my eyes but that voice was still calling me,

Shivya, Shivya……

Finally, I got up and after setting my eyes in the dark around when I concentrated, I saw someone at window. He was Gaurav, I knew it. With a happy quiver, I ran towards window and opened it. He came inside and a smile spread on my face. So, my dream man was missing me……I was happy. Gaurav was smiling and I did not know what to do. Hesitantly I asked him to sit on my bed and his answer sent a chill in my body,

Shivya, instead I will dance with you.

Just close your eyes and feel the music

He held my hand and we started….yes, in front of that mirror, where I danced alone for countless number of times while dreaming to dance with Gaurav. I do not know for how much time we kept dancing but when I felt that flame when our breaths crossed, I knew, I had to stop. Unlike Bhavya said, I always knew my limits and followed too. I stopped too and Gaurav too, while his head still stuck with mine and his breath still crossing mine.


(photo: gettyimages.dk)

At the age of 19, it is really impossible to avoid all those physical temptations and that too when you know you are with your dream man. Before I could think of anything, I felt the fire on my lips and it took me to another world. Really, it was magnetic. Without hesitation and thought, I responded and that response was rewarded with deep, sensual, breath stopping kiss from Gaurav. When we both were out of breath, we stopped and even though there was dark around, I could see a pure smile on his face and he too must have seen the same on my face too. He was still holding my hand and I was still looking into his eyes, which was drawing me to the different world.

Shivya, I came to know about your orthodox family from your friends in college. I kept waiting for you today and when you did not come, I could match the cards that how our dance story could have conveyed to your family. I could not hold myself and you too now must know why. I don’t know what extra ordinary you have but I have not think anything else since last 24 hours and it feels like I have finally met the soul mate. Shivya, we meet everyone in our life for a reason and by the time, we come to know about that reason, that person leaves our life. I do not want to lose you like that.

I looked into those eyes again and could recognize the truth of his words there.


Who knew that night was going to be the critical night of my life where I had to decide upon something, which I never wanted to. And when Gaurav verbalized that question, I did not know what to say.

To be continued ….

Silence : The language of Love – Part 3

First and second part of story can be read at Part-1 and Part-2.

I opened my eyes and tried to move my body but somehow my mind was blank and was not giving any order to the body. It was Gaurav effect. I tried to move my legs and it felt like they were stuck. After failed efforts in moving my body in rhythm with the song being played, when I heard NEXT, I was shocked. I had lost the most precious chance of dancing with my dream man. Generally very strong, I could not control tears. Those who knew about my talents of dance, felt sad for me.

Friends came around and started asking WHY. I did not have answer, really. After getting out of auditorium, I cried like anything. Friends tried to console me and helped me in settling. Bhavya too was there with me. Although she was not at all sad and I could see that squinted smile on her face. I felt poorer. At that moment, I wanted to try for one more time, the last time, to not lose my dream. Avoiding friends around, I went inside auditorium, where Gaurav was busy observing another girl’s movement. I stood beside him but he did not notice. I kept standing there. Once the girl completed, he shouted “YES” smilingly and that gave another crack to my delicate heart. He looked at me with questioned eyes. I started freezing again. Those eyes, where I could see depth of world, were successful in making me dumb again. Although this time, I gained my consciousness back immediately and started,

Can I have another chance?

No, he said simply with blank expressions

Why?, I could not believe him

Whether its stage or life, you always get one opportunity. If you lose it, you lost it, he explained philosophically.

It would be your loss rather my, I said with confidence.

Really? A smile spread on his face.

You are going to lose best dancer in the crew, I advocated myself.

And what makes you think you are the best?, a question from him



And after matching eyes with him again, I felt nervous.

What’s going on? Don’t get anxious, don’t lose chance, trust yourself, my mind and heart spoke together to me.

I can prove it, I said.

Prove, he said.

I went on centre stage again and this time I avoided matching eyes with him. Those eyes were really magical. Anyone who will look into them will forget the world for a moment. I heard,


Again I closed my eyes, ordered my heart to be in control, concentrated my ears to listen to the music bits and ordered my body to MOVE.

And I started.

With every bit of music, my body was moving naturally in the best way. I was enjoying. I forgot for a moment that who was around. I danced like I used to dance in front of mirror at home. I don’t know for how much time I kept dancing but I came back to real world when I heard a round of applause. Friends were cheering me up from one corner and Gaurav was standing beside me. His hands were still clapping for me.

He stood beside me and smiled.

I raised my eye brow and asked him for decision.

He smiled.

I would like to dance with you, Shivya, he murmured in my right ear and believe me those were the most beautiful words of my life.

He signed to start music and immediately after that he held my hand and started dancing. Without problem, I could match with his moves. He was smiling continuously and I was happy while dancing with my dream man.It felt like we were alone in the whole world under the starry sky.


(photo : venesueca.com)

That dance would have never end, if Bhavya would have not been there.

Shivya, stop it. Lets go home. I need to talk with papa about you, she said in ordered tone.

We stopped immediately and Gaurav was shocked by her reaction. I did not want to create scene so I started leaving the stage. Gaurav too started walking beside me.

A tear rail started flowing from my eyes. I did not know why I was crying. Was it about happiness of dancing with Gaurav or was it due to Bhavya? I kept staring the floor and suddenly I heard him

I would like to dance with you, Shivya, he was smiling again.

I looked at him with smile on my lips and tears in my eyes and left for home with Bhavya.

Who knew that different story was shaping up in Bhavya’s mind while I was enjoying my dance moments with Gaurav?

To be continued …

Pleasure of love is for a moment but pain of it is for ……LIFETIME : Part-VIII

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With an unknown fear and guilt mixed happiness when Aastha entered into Aayam’s house. She could feel the luxury around. Rarely seen half oval shaped swimming pool was inviting and those marigolds around the main door of house were just adding aesthetic value. The garden was full of foreigner flowers and for a moment Aastha wanted to run to that garden to enjoy the beauty of that colourful sight she had seen recently in Sweden. At main door, she could see Aayam providing his fingertip on locking system and the door unlocked. Aastha was amazed. Inside the house, the huge living room was decorated with brown leather sofa, again a half circled glass centre table, half circled shaped mini bar in one corner and a showcase full of awards Aayam must have received within those years. She was impressed with glass art and soothing colour combination of the house. Without speaking anything, Aayam led her to a room on first floor. Aastha was so busy in observing everything that she did not find it necessary to speak. Slowly Aayam opened door of a room and held Aastha’s hand to lead her to the room.

Aashu, welcome to my world!!! With moist voice he spoke.

Aastha loved that Aashu address from Aayam. He was the first person who addressed her like that and Aastha loved it. With a smile when she entered into the room, she could not believe herself. The room was full of pencil paintings and all the paintings were of one person only. They were all of hers, neatly arranged. She could not trust her eyes.

How in the world someone can love me like this? Her heart started beating fast.

Aayam……..she could speak slowly with efforts.

Yes Aashu, I have been waiting for you since years. I could not find a photo of you and actually I did not need it. After seeing you for the first time, my mind printed you on my heart and I have been copying that image on paper since years in a hope that I would be able to meet you someday. Thank God, that biggest wish of life has been fulfilled. I am ready to die at any moment now.

Aastha interrupted him by putting her right hand on his lips.

He held Aastha’s hand and took off it from his lips. He held her hand tight and they stood there like that for couple of minutes.

Where were you Aashu? Why did it take you so long to come back? Aayam asked slowly while pampering her hand.

Aayam, I too have been living and dying every moment since we met for the first time. In one sentence I would say, destiny had different plans for us, Aastha summarized.

Whatever it could be, I want to celebrate today when we are together, Aayam replied with a smile.

He led her to the kitchen with silk white marbled floor and opened the refrigerator. A chilled Champagne bottle in his hands and a lovely smile on his face was the proof of happiness he was feeling at the moment. He filled two glasses and gave one to Aastha. Aastha, without hesitation, took that glass and cheered with Aayam. The celebration was started.

They talked and talked and talked for hours till they both realized that they did not eat since last 10 hours. Aayam asked Aastha to get fresh and told her the plan about the evening. Aastha went to the guest room, took shower and changed into Cadbury brown knee length skirt and full sleeve polo neck white t-shirt. Those brown diamond ear rings and brown leathered shoes were adding beauty to that already beautiful lady. For the first time since years, she felt beautiful. For the first time since years, she wanted to forget that she was a wife and mother. For the first time since years, she kept staring herself in mirror and smiled. When Aayam saw her he could not keep his eyes off. Aastha felt that Aayam’s eyes were drinking her beauty and she blushed. Those reddish shads on her cheeks made her more beautiful and Aayam held her hand tightly. Aastha felt secured.

Aastha’s mind was on the tour of thoughts. Unintentionally she started comparing Tanay with Aayam. Though she never had any problem with Tanay, she never liked the way Tanay always threw himself on her and never cared to know her desires. On the other hand, even after seeing a lifelong love after years, Aayam was in control and did not take any liberty with her. How the mind and heart speaks same language when you are with the most loved person of the life!!!

Aayam had booked a candle light dinner in the boat shaped restaurant. The table was decorated with a heart of red roses and a candle. After settling in the respective chairs, again there was a silence. Although this silence was not about discomfort. This was about being with each other, watching each other after years and talking with eyes.


Dinner was eaten in between those continuous stares and rare talks. When they finished, waiter served wine and left them in loneliness. Aayam raised his hands and Aastha put hers in them. Again silence and tears ….what a destiny it was. The true lovers were celebrating togetherness of a day with silence without complain. It was only when Aastha’s cell phone ringed, the loop of thoughts and stares broke. When Aastha saw Tanay’s name on screen, she put her phone in “I am in a meeting” mode and slid it in her purse. Aayam held her hand and both left to explore Delhi’s nightly roads. For three hours continuously, Aayam and Aastha drove on Delhi’s roads. In between, they enjoyed road side tea for three times. And Aayam kept staring at her when she happily declared how much she loved to enjoy road side tea and since how long she was waiting for it.

So innocent she is !!! Aayam thought to himself.

At 2:30 a.m. in the morning, without a shade of tiredness they returned to Aayam’s house. After changing into night dress, when Aastha came down stairs to wish Good Night to Aayam, he was preparing for another celebration. He had arranged a table with flowers and wine bottle. Hesitantly when Aastha came nearer, out of nowhere, she kept her hands on his eyes.

Aashu, please do not play that with me. I am not good at that, Aayam spoke excitedly.

Aastha rapidly rounded Aayam and hid herself behind a pillar. Aayam opened his eyes and while he could smell her nearby him, he walked towards her with soundless footage. Aastha was excitedly looking ahead where Aayam was, when he put his hands around her waist and rounder her towards him. He looked in her eyes directly and the flame of togetherness, loneliness, nearness and love was present in her eyes too.

Without knowing, both of them were matching each others’ dance moves while listening to the romantic number flowing from the music system. Without rehearsal or telling each other the next move, they were perfectly dancing like a professional dancer couple. When hearts replace tongue the most beautiful conversations in the world happens and those unsaid dance moves and follow-ups, those stares and blushes, those ignorance and acceptance, everything was looking beautiful. They danced till they felt breathless and in their hearts they both knew, this was the most memorable dance for them.

Aayam held her tight at her waist and with other hand he carefully held her head and after waiting for a moment if she was comfortable, when he saw she had closed her eyes tightly, he moved near and a lovely smile spreaded on both of their faces. This was the moment, they had burned themselves for years. There was no bad intension, there was nothing to hurt anyone, there was nothing to show off, there was pure love and a desire to sail through the beautiful reality of today and dream of yesterday.

When Aayam kept his lips on hers, she felt a chill in her spine. Aayam held her more tightly and slowly when Aastha started responding his madly moves, love was at its best. Without worrying for tomorrow, two hearts and were crossing each other at 3 a.m. in the morning. Love, love, love was around.

Isn’t it every female’s dream to be loved like that?

To be continued …