The Rain reminds…

I look out of the window

And my heart started singing

My body is dancing on rhythm

Yes, rain is here…

With lots of memories

And lots of desires

Suddenly I feel like

The plant of dried soul got watered

Why you are here again? I ask

To remind you the love…..the first love

The first monsoon when you both dreamed together

But oh rain, he never came back, I cry

And rain hides my tears…..

I still remember you, my love

Every time when I see poured blessing of sky….

But I have learned to live now

A Book and a cup of tea in rain

Works like a best friend in loneliness

The romance in book excites me

And I remember how rain was used to be

Those paper boats and puddles

Those little feet had spring in it

Everything has changed..

I take deep breathe to consent the change

But the melody of rain prompts another one

That bindaas dance in rain

Without waiting for storm to settle

Those wish to go ahead

Without knowing rules of life

That wish to live it fully

Without knowing what being alone means

Those wish to fly in the sky

Another sip of coffee

And I still gaze at surrounding

Those mirrored roads bathed in rain

Reminds me, life is short

And I run fast, holding the keys…

Driving on those coal black roads

The fresh air and smell of wet sand

Unmatching honesty of Mother Nature

My heart is singing again

And I have worn a real smile….


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Plan for vacation at dream destination – how did I nail it down

Vacation….vacation….My brain was cursing me for using it for 16 hours daily and not giving even single holiday. I am badly in need of vacation. The vacation which can rejuvenate me, which can calm my hyper active mind, which can fill me with refreshing energy, which can allow me to not think about routine, which can……My list of expectation from this vacation is endless as I have not taken any vacation since last one year.


With a decision to take a vacation in near future, I am sitting on my couch, brainstorming for possible destinations and surfing internet hastily. I am sure about one thing only – I want to travel to a beach because sitting on the beach sand for hours gives me serene pleasure and my mind automatically thinks about positive sides of life.


I was looking for cheap air tickets but as I was not sure where to go, I ended up re-setting destinations for numerous times, just to check which can be right destination for me. And suddenly, I found The website, I was searching for. This travel search site fulfills all the needs of an ordinary traveler, i.e.

  1. It gives you instant online comparison for numbers of flights, car hire and hotels
  2. It gives you flexible search options where you can search for cheap air tickets across a whole month or even a year.

But rather than those couple of main features of this free, multi lingual website, what I found most impressive is its Search Smart feature of its. If you are not sure where to go and when to go but just want to search and based upon tickets price and availability, if you want to plan, this feature is your lifeline. You just need to enter EVERWHERE in destination textbox and need to provide tentative dates of travelling and within seconds; you will be provided with list of destinations all around the world and with cheapest travelling cost destination at top. How easy it is !!!

With the help of, I was able to finalize my vacation destination as Maldives.





Maldives is  a dream destination since years but due to one or the other reason, I have never been able to travel to.’s flexible features allowed me to search the cheap flights for entire year and I found that around month of September, I would be able to get travel tickets to Maldives at cheapest prize and so I have just booked it. YAY !!! And with this easy travel booking, my mind started day dreaming about enjoying white sand beach.


I will travel to Maldives with hubby and our toddler. It’s going to be a most relaxing vacation as the place itself is mind blowing. We would fly to MACL airport from Delhi and from MACL, we will take a sea plane to our resort – Shangri-La’S Villingili Resort And Spa.



Again this was a help from It allowed us to browse different options available and showed us most discounted rates for this 5 star resort. After talking with the resort admin on phone, I thanked silently to How easy it was to plan this travel to my dream destination with help of Our 7 nights / 8 days time at Maldives is going to be the most memorable time and we surely are going to create lifetime memories over there.

Thank you You rock !!!


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Daily Prompt: Four Stars

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.


After thinking so much about whose life I should review, my mind denied the idea. Looking at bigger picture, LIFE of everyone is same. Unexpected statement? Let me explain.

LIFE is like a super hit movie or a best seller book. Everyone in the world will not like it completely but most of the time, people would like to give it a try J. Yes, life is super hit because its an only chance to experience the world, by being a superior – a human.

Every LIFE on the earth, experiences a loop of happiness and sadness, joy and stress,  beauty and ugliness. Just like a bestselling book, author (GOD) is always happy with his creation and the book (human) is happy because it has been written by that famous author. And as a bestselling book, every LIFE has good and bad chapters. Whether you want to read (live) them or not, there is no other option to move ahead without them.


Life as a human being in itself is a big achievement and when it comes to review of it ……


One day I asked you

How should I see you

How should I make a story out of you

How should I be happy with you

How should I make you meaningful

How should I evaluate you

How should I…..

To my long list,

you smiled and replied

Just LIVE me fully and everything will be fulfilled

So dear readers, LIFE can not be reviewed like a movie or book because it does not end. LIFE does not end even after death because the character is always live in our minds and live things can not be reviewed. They can be just lived.

So live happily and make most out of it.