Island Hopping from Phi Phi #ThailandDiaries

As promised in last post, presenting the visual treat about Island Hopping from Phi Phi Island and yes, as promised, I will not use many words.

BTW, don’t forget to scroll down to the end of the post…..I have added magic there 🙂

So, that was the island hopping morning from Phi Phi Island. Believe me, the beauty I could capture is not even 20% of what you will experience being there.

And yeah, I know, I promised to show some magic…..look at the below image….Don’t they look like two lovers far apart from each other in ocean?

How would you feel if you see them hugging suddenly? Yes, you start believing in love…..:-)

Photo Story : Taiwan – Part 3

And here is the third part of photo story of Taiwan…First and second part can be read here, respectively – Part-1 and Part-2

Sun Moon lake is the most attractive tourist place in Taiwan and the largest water body in Taiwan too. Located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, east side of the lake resembles the Sun and west side resembles the Moon and hence the name.

Located approx. 2500 ft above sea level, the lake offers many trails for hiking in surrounding area. The lake and surrounding countryside is one of the most scenic area in Taiwan.

Wan Wu temple is the proof of art of its kind. And even after dedicating a whole post to it here, I still feel I could not cover up it completely.

Ci-En Pagoda is another landmark around the lake. Built in 1971, in memories of late president’s mother, the Pagoda is an Octagonal building.

And when you see art in right weather, you appreciate it more.


The hiking trail of 700 m, to Pagoda and the magnificent sight of Sun Moon Lake through trail is a treat to eyes.


And when you are too busy spotting beauty of lake, you find the rope way station and your happiness doubles.


The Sun Moon Lake Rope way is a scenic gondola cable car service that connects the lake to theme park.

Running on Solar and Hydro-electric power, the rope way’s cars are painted red, yellow, and blue to symbolize the red sun, yellow moon, and blue lake.


And again, the lake from the cable car…..unforgettable sight.


And btw, did I tell you? The Sun Moon Lake offers a beautiful biking track around the lake and if you want to believe me, it would be one of the most memorable experience of your life to bike around the lake….


Do you think that’s it about Taiwan? Well, I want to say…stay tuned. Most exciting part is on the way.

Photo Story : Mussoorie – Queen of Hills

Reading the welcoming board from the bus, around 8:00 p.m., when outside temperature was around 7-8 C, I wondered silently – what can be so special about this one more kind of hill station? Tired due to those steep turns since last half an hour, irritated and not expecting anything special, we got down at the most beautiful place in Mussoorie, at least. Within 5 seconds of entering into the properties, I was developing new mood – mood to hum a romantic duet, mood to close my eyes and experience that chill, mood to observe each and every show piece in the property……why? See the glimpses on your own and decide, whether I was right or not 🙂

 DSCN2724 DSCN2669 DSCN2977 DSCN2719 DSCN2721 DSCN2944 DSCN3094 DSCN3005

From the roof bar of open restaurant at 6th floor, when I saw those twinkling lights in the valley, I wanted to jump, really. It was like the valley became a necklace around the mountain and believe me, it was the most quixotic experience with nature or I would say, with the night. Due to lack of time, we could visit only couple of places around Mussoorie –

Kempty falls – I think words will never be able to justify the beauty and so I am not trying :-). Glimpses again,

 DSCN2780 DSCN2816

Dhanaulti – 48 kms from Mussoorie, this was really a tough point to travel as the road was hilly and full of turns. On the way, we stopped for lunch, at the only cottage resort in the area. The Himalaya range was clear from the cottage resort and enjoying lunch with music while cooling our eyes with beauty of Himalaya was amazing. No one wanted to leave the place, see how it was –

DSCN2736 DSCN2871 DSCN2765 DSCN2873 DSCN2870 DSCN2738

And finally we reached Eeco park at Dhanaulti. It’s a heaven for photographers and children. After spending almost one and half hours over there, when a sparkling sun was not able to warm us, we left for Mussoorie. Glimpses again,


I know, I have not written proper words to describe how beautiful Mussoorie is but don’t you think a photo story always take over the word story?

Do tell me, how did you like it. I am waiting.

Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Why to draft the plan? I have everything ready in mind and here is how my dream home will look


(photo :

Oh!! Didn’t you find me there?

I am sitting on that black chair with my hubby and my grand children are enjoying the toddler pool.

And suddenly we hear some noise and we all look at the sky. That helicopter is taking round around my dream home. And suddenly a rain of flower petals starts. Oh yes, its our wedding anniversary today and my son and his beautiful wife are showering us with their love. We are so happy…

And again I hear some noise. Oh, its my two years old son who was not comfortable and started crying. I had to wake up. Oh dear dream, I miss you so much….

Love is not about being together, its about bonding together

Shalini got ready and saw herself in the mirror. She continued staring herself. That black jacket was perfectly suitable with the strawberry pink skirt. Those pink and black bangles and the square RADO wrist watch. Those designer high heels and expensive clutch. Everything was so perfect. And a thought passed in her mind……May Ajay would have been here. He would have got mad. She smiled at herself. Ajay was really mad for Shalini and for her dressing sense, which was a big talk in their friend circle. Shalini badly wanted Ajay to be with her today, on her big day. Although Ajay called up in the midnight and wished her and sent flowers too but that was not enough for Shalini.


Ajay and Shalini had arranged marriage. But during that first meeting, they both realized that they were made for each other. Ajay appreciated her dressing style and beauty and Shalini was impressed with his sense of humor and easy nature. Love bloomed and every custom and ceremony followed were just a formality for both of them. They were so much in love that everything else was of no importance. Their honeymoon to GOA in the rainy season of July added a fuel to that fire of love. They talked, played, laughed, swam, made love and ate like crazy. Even today, each and every moment of that phase was so fresh in Shalini’s mind. They became shadow of each other. And when came back from honeymoon, friends and relatives started calling them “Made of each other”, rather than “Made for each other”. They were always in sync. If Ajay started some conversation, Shalini’s response was automatically so positive and most of the time Ajay will know Shalini’s secret wish before she spoke about it.


With time their relationship grew well and they understood more about respect and space for each other. Ajay got promotion and his company decided to send him to Australia for 2 years. But there was a condition. Ajay was not allowed to take his family with him till 1 year. There was a heart break. Ajay decided to leave the job but Shalini explained him, how important this opportunity was. She made him understand about the future and growth he was going to have after taking up this challenge. But she could not answer his question “will you be able to live without me? I won’t be able to”. Shalini felt a lump in her throat but strongly replied that she will manage and its compulsory for both of them to face that situation. To this, Ajay got ready to depart for Australia before 3 months.


Yes, its been 3 months and only Shalini knew how she had been living. The days were never longer like this and nights were sleepless. Whether alone at home or with friends or family, she always missed Ajay. She thought she had made a mistake by preparing Ajay for Australia. Although at heart, she knew what she had done was true. Nothing was able to change her mood. That singing parrot in balcony, that 52” LCD TV, that shopping to brand factory and that drive around. She felt totally incomplete without Ajay. At every moment, her heart wanted to run away and reach to Ajay. This loneliness was unbearable and unexplainable. She tried out many options but her mind was not ready to accept absence of Ajay and her heart was with Ajay. Most of the time she felt helpless and cried. Although she tried to attend those family functions and friend’s party and tried to be strong but inside she was broken and wanted to avoid people asking about Ajay.


On the other side, after reaching Australia, Ajay got very much busy with new work and culture. He hardly got time to call Shalini. He assumed that Shalini would be able to understand his situation and was dreaming of Shalini being with him after a year. Here, Shalini started thinking that Ajay had changed and was not responding.


I met Shalini just yesterday. She has changed totally. I talked with her for long duration and tried to understand her situation. I could feel her emotions as I have already passed through the same situation of loneliness. I tried to explain her that missing your love like mad and crying will hurt your love. In life, everyone faces this kind of loneliness in one or the other way. But you have to be strong. You need to understand priorities of life. And finally true love is not about being together, its about bonding together no matter how far you are from your love. Trust your love if its your love and make it strong. Yes, sometimes we cannot control our emotions but it should not be for longer. Remember good time you spent with the person, call him/her, say “I Love You” and move ahead. Wait for being together but don’t stop growth of yourself.


And I am seeing that spark in Shalini’s eyes. She is almost ready to forget about pain of loneliness. She has decided to pursue her long lost hobby and move ahead. Ajay is still with her at every moment but Shalini is still the same. She misses Ajay but she has decided to be strong. I am so happy for you Shalini. Keep it up !!!Image