Those endless lonely paths terminated abruptly

Those hidden tears wiped out suddenly

Those painful losses turned into marvelous victory

Those darkened days got sunshine from nowhere

Those smelly shirts have changed to fresh fragrance

Those stained coffee mugs are filled with warm coffee again

Those terrible falls have been converted to high fly

Just your presence….

My Companion for life, just your presence

Has converted life to a beautiful dream…

Why marriage is unavoidable?

Neeva entered into the room frustrated and threw her purse on couch. She literally pulled her brand new earrings and ripped her beautifully combed silky lengthy hair. She stood helpless and was staring at fan. Within 5 minutes, her eyes got teary and she cried like anything.


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What am I doing? Why am I crying? Why should I? Her inner voice raised.

She could not justify her action to herself. She just wanted to be alone and wanted to hate everyone around. Yes, you read it right. She hates everyone including her family members.


Long story …

Neeva is 27, full of life, beautiful, smart and intelligent. She has been the only daughter to her parents and only sister of her only brother. Her parents love her like anything. Neeva was a bright student and graduated with flying colours in Bio-clinical research.  Her academics pulled her handsome salaried job offers and she picked one of it. Life was full at 23. She was working, was earning a fat cheque at month end, was enjoying with friends, was travelling across world and was loved by everyone. But it did not remain longer.

Soon her parents started looking for suitable match. At 23, Neeva was not sure, whether she wanted to get married or not but somehow she was convinced that one day she will have to get marry and so she affirmatively joined in her parent’s efforts. She talked with her parents about her expectations from her life partner and mentioned about factors, she did not want to compromise at all. Her parents agreed upon their only daughter’s points and a search started. Who knew that this search was never ending?

Neeva’s parents registered her with number of marriage bureaus and spread word about their search for  suitable match for their only daughter.  Everyone was impressed with Neeva and her intelligence. Relatives and friends came in to help and started referring suitable match. Neeva and her parents started meeting perspective candidates. Due to one or the other reason, Neeva rejected around 20 candidates in a row. No one rejected Neeva yet. Her parents too took her side and comforted her with soothing words. Although Neeva was ok with situation. She did not want to compromise for her basic expectations and she till now did not find anyone suitable to her expectations so she rejected everyone.

Time flew and 3 years passed while searching and meeting and holding on and finally saying NO to almost 45 candidates. Almost all Neeva’s friends got married and built up their own nest. Sometimes Neeva felt lonely but that was temporary. Neeva never find it too disturbing that she was not able to find her life partner. She believed in destiny and she was sure that whatever happened to her was for good only. Although people had different views now. Time changed everyone’s perspective. Relatives were not ready to refer any match as they thought Neeva was so proud of her achievements. Even her parents were tired as they had to hear taunts from relatives and friends. Her parents tried to convince her to compromise for some of her expectations. To this, Neeva got depressed and furious.

Neeva was not able to understand why people were so much interested in getting her married? What was wrong if she was not married? She had achieved what one can only dream of. But all her accomplishments were detested as she was not married. Social pressure was rising and she was not able to convince her heart to compromise her expectations. Neeva wanted to live life fully with or without life partner but society was not ready to accept it.

Finally she decided to talk with her parents. She presented her point that she did not want to get marry. She wanted to live with her parents for whole life. To this point, her parents got wild. They asked Neeva to not even think of to not get marry. Marriage was compulsory and as per her mother, without marriage and children, a woman cannot live. Neeva found it disgusting. She tried to convince her parents to allow her to stay in their home for life time. And her parents, who loved her like anything, clearly said NO. This was heart breaking for her. Her own family was not able to understand her. She used to cry while driving towards work or being in room alone. Why? Why this was happening? Why her little sweet family was not happy with their only daughter’s view for life, which was different from world? Her parents kept pressurizing her and she continued meeting perspective grooms. But every meeting ended with fighting in the car on the way back, tears from her mother, shouting from her father and speechlessness from her brother.

She was tired. She wanted to run away. She wanted to live on her own.

One day, she asked me a question, which moved me – Why our society is so rigid that even a mature female cannot live on her own and why no parents come out and support their child’s view point rather than society?

I was dumb.

Do you have answer of this burning question, dear readers?