Jab We Met : 7 incredible life lessons

Its been almost 10 years now but memories of that movie is still as fresh as it was yesterday. And as if it was planned, got a chance to watch that movie again, as a part of family movie night. I know, lots of articles have been written about this movie but could not resist the urge to contribute mine :-)….Happy reading…


Love does not know right or wrong

Take Risks, play hard, don’t blame others…

Love yourself and everyone else will

Life is all about little moments….Live it

People management is a skill

Burn and flush the past…Start new

Love is an extension of invisible friendship

Let me Love you….

The dark and rainy night out there

The thunderstorm of emotions inside

The never ending salty ocean out there

The heartwarming sweet river inside

The loneliness in crowd outside

The companionship for life inside

The right combinations outside

The perfect match with all imperfections, inside

Battling between this in and out

Trying to balance this in and out

We lost so much of life by being away

We lived so much of life with memories only

We waited so much of life for perfect time

Lets forget the world

Lets cross the time sea

Lets melt into each other

Lets do what we have been made for

Lets build life with each other

Let me look into your eyes

And let me tell you,

I love you to the moon and back 🙂

Young couple gazing at each other

The Real Happiness….

When I look at the endless salty ocean
I am happy that I have glass of drinking water

When I look at the unknown crowd
I am happy that I have you who is known

When I look at the sun and the moon
I am happy that I am alive for you

When I look at the old couple
I am happy that I will have you forever

When I look back to my younger self
I am happy that I grew mature to match you

And when I look forward…..
I am thankful that the tunnel is about to end
Sunshine is ready to brighten the life
And the real happiness is waiting for us….

Loving someone and being loved with same intensity by same person is the rarest melody

being sung by emotions, wishes, dreams, hopes, desires, trust, loyalty and passion, in chorus….

Lucky to have you!!

You will see…

I will be flame and you will be candle….you will see

I will be mist and you will be flower…you will see

I will be color and you will be rainbow…you will see

I will be glass and you will be wine…you will see

I will be rain and you will be cloud….you will see

I will always smile on your lips

I will always play on your fingers

I will always flow down from your eyes

I will love you so much that you will be mad….you will see

I am all yours and will be like that forever….you will see


Those endless lonely paths terminated abruptly

Those hidden tears wiped out suddenly

Those painful losses turned into marvelous victory

Those darkened days got sunshine from nowhere

Those smelly shirts have changed to fresh fragrance

Those stained coffee mugs are filled with warm coffee again

Those terrible falls have been converted to high fly

Just your presence….

My Companion for life, just your presence

Has converted life to a beautiful dream…



When our brains will start recording

And hearts will play the music

When sand will be the bed

And sky will be the blanket

When lips will be poisoned with kisses

And naked bodies will be spoiled with love

When heaven will not be an imagination

And our love will not know any boundary

When there will be love marks everywhere

And two soul mates will be smiling at each other

When you will say “I Love You”

And I will just stop the time…

To replay the moment again and again


6 things being in love makes you understand …

They say, falling in love is something, no one can control….

well, Being in love and realizing the changes it presents is the best thing, as a result of uncontrolled fall  :-)…

Here are those realizations….

1. Every hardship to keep that feeling alive seems worth.



2. Unknowingly that safe player in you has turned to risk taker.



3. Journey matters much more than destination.



4. What is the most important thing in life and how crazy you can get about it.



5. The difference between casual and sensual touch and how it matters.



6. Everything is possible, every dream is achievable.


That Tattoo…

That moment….

We embossed ourselves

With a symbol of love

With a promise

To live the love for lifetime…


I still see your face in it, every morning

I still kiss it softly, at every opportunity

I still stare at it, while every lonely moment

I still cover it from the world, at every instance

I still feel color in it, everyday

With a hope that

One day the other half of this tattoo

Will remind you…

Someday, someone loved you

More than herself

More than anything in the world

More than any love story can describe

More than anyone would have loved you

That tattoo….

Will not allow you to forget me 🙂

The Sound of Silence

That dark night and twinkling stars

Those splashing waves and cold breeze

Two naked bodies on beach sand

Trying to dominate each other

To celebrate the love

Preserved for so long

Sound of that silence

Became a song and wide smile

For those two love birds


Tonight is another night

Dark with twinkling stars

But something is missing

That smile has vanished

That love has disappeared

That feeling of “yours forever”

Has been locked again in heart

Sound of that silence

Has transformed in a scary reality


May be for something good

May be for something precious

May be for something beautiful

We will have to part ways

With a hope to cross the roads again

To convert the bitter reality

In beautiful dream again…


You and I…..Unstoppable :-)

That first “Hi” and persistent smile

That soundless walk and uninterrupted silence

That starry night and unsaid spirit of love

That lonely bench on the beach and continuous laughter

That lazy day and silly chit-o-chat

That last “Bye” and endless hopes

That show-up after days and inseparable hug

That what..if moment and dreamful air castles

That fun-filled teasing and our unmatched friendship

That unshared secret and our infinite love

My mind keeps replaying the moments…..Which my heart could never forget….


You and I…..

An unfinished business always…

The Unstoppables 🙂