Quick peek and click lick

Click, click, click….

The camera said tick…tick…tick

I was quick…quick…quick

And suddenly, my eyes did not blink…

Without wait I sneak

Could not stop to think

Looking at friend, I wink

As I see magic

Wanted to have a link

To capture that lick

Enough is not the word to drink

Hands were on camera to pick

Knowing what could be the risk

Confidence of mine shrink

I act on the fear to kick

And concentrate on lick

Am I becoming a freak?

Are they kink?

Not sure…. again I peek

And it’s still on…the magic

Would you wish to be alike?

2 thoughts on “Quick peek and click lick

  1. lips kisses, camera clicks
    together we are super slick
    With you, Reality beats motion flick,
    you know every love trick
    We can pull one off quick
    away from you makes me sick
    want to be together at every tick
    Life would be forever picnic

    • Wow….awesome. Thanks for stopping by.
      Loved your writing skills…Impressed, actually 🙂
      Please keep visiting and posting….Would love to hear from you 🙂

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