Photo Story : Taiwan – Part 3

And here is the third part of photo story of Taiwan…First and second part can be read here, respectively – Part-1 and Part-2

Sun Moon lake is the most attractive tourist place in Taiwan and the largest water body in Taiwan too. Located in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, east side of the lake resembles the Sun and west side resembles the Moon and hence the name.

Located approx. 2500 ft above sea level, the lake offers many trails for hiking in surrounding area. The lake and surrounding countryside is one of the most scenic area in Taiwan.

Wan Wu temple is the proof of art of its kind. And even after dedicating a whole post to it here, I still feel I could not cover up it completely.

Ci-En Pagoda is another landmark around the lake. Built in 1971, in memories of late president’s mother, the Pagoda is an Octagonal building.

And when you see art in right weather, you appreciate it more.


The hiking trail of 700 m, to Pagoda and the magnificent sight of Sun Moon Lake through trail is a treat to eyes.


And when you are too busy spotting beauty of lake, you find the rope way station and your happiness doubles.


The Sun Moon Lake Rope way is a scenic gondola cable car service that connects the lake to theme park.

Running on Solar and Hydro-electric power, the rope way’s cars are painted red, yellow, and blue to symbolize the red sun, yellow moon, and blue lake.


And again, the lake from the cable car…..unforgettable sight.


And btw, did I tell you? The Sun Moon Lake offers a beautiful biking track around the lake and if you want to believe me, it would be one of the most memorable experience of your life to bike around the lake….


Do you think that’s it about Taiwan? Well, I want to say…stay tuned. Most exciting part is on the way.

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