Standing Tall : Wordless Wednesday






8 thoughts on “Standing Tall : Wordless Wednesday

  1. So glad you mentioned in your tags where this picture was taken – I’m a bit embarrassed, but I wouldn’t have known it’s Hong Kong without it. Do you know how many stores this apartment complex on the last picture has? Is it an expensive or rather cheap area? (In comparison. Hong Kong is probably an expensive city to live in)

    P.S. I love that your contribution to Wordless Wednesday is also really wordless. I always get irritated when bloggers link up normal blog posts to get more traffic without actually participating in the theme of the blog hop

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by.
      Yes, Hongkong is comparatively expensive….atleast thats what my 3 hours visit to city felt like.
      WW has been always nearer to heart…the only chance to not think about words as a writer 🙂

    • Thanks for being constant inspiration 🙂
      Its not Taiwan….Its Hongkong. But Taiwan too have great and modern buildings. Will share soon.

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