Love is NEVER wrong – 1

Disclaimer : I never proof read my writing so you might find spell mistakes but isn’t it acceptable? After all, creating something while penning it down is not that easy :). Looking at past records and my habit to living every character of story, this time I have decided to limit every part of story to 500 words (you can expect some adjustments in that number, though)….short and sweet reads….


Here it goes –

The famous Banaroo song was on repeat mode and was crashing the window glasses of car…..

I’m calling you, I’m calling you
I need you today
Because I lost my direction
In the endless milky way

Emergency, emergency
Never get me home
I can find a way but I can
Find it on my own…………

That is how Sahil wanted the first ride…..first car ride with Ishita, his love.

For a moment he looked by side and that smile on her innocent face was a clear indication that she was enjoying it the way he wanted to.

At the age of 18, you want everything to be loud, to be shining and to be impressive. And why not? After all, this is the age, when you feel infinite power to defeat the worldJ. The sad thing is, not everyone can retain that passion about life and defeating the world or I should say, not everyone is lucky enough to have that first time love as life. But we can talk about it later on. As of now, let’s get back to the almost adult couple, who was on their first drive together without license.

The car stopped with jerk and with an offer,

Ishu, let’s spend some time on the beach……

Another beautiful smile and she nodded. While walking towards that source of endless blue water, his heart was racing. Every first time is exciting for everyone and for a 18 years old guy turning man, it’s a mixture of excitement and nervousness. The whole picture came alive to him within seconds….

It was the first time, he met ishita. Moving to new place and leaving old friends behind was something, Sahil was not comfortable with. But he was option less as his father got transfer to the totally remote but naturally beautiful place, Tarkarli. The place is known for its sandy beaches and authentic Malwani cuisines.  On very first day in Tarkarli, while he was still helping parents in setting up house, he saw an innocent girl with flowery smile. He quickly got out of house and found that he had got a beautiful neighbor. Suddenly, the gleam of leaving old friends behind was replaced by having someone special. For the second day, when he saw Ishita in the college, he jumped with joy and after knowing that she was his classmate, his joy did not knew any boundary. During Psychology lecture, while talking on “wishes and their effect on life” when professor asked Ishita about her wish, she softly spoke…

I want to be with someone special at beach…..just to walk endless, without uttering a word.

He kept staring her….


Those wide, expressive eyes were holding a story, which must have kept to heart since long. And that was the moment, he fell for Ishita or I must say, his Ïshu. Love at first sight, heard many times but experienced first time, he was delighted. At heart, he had decided to fulfill his princess’s wish soon….

That is how love happens or I should say progresses…. You learn to make the other person happy, you learn being happy while seeing the other one happy, you keep thinking about ways to make the other person happy……and when you add the sweet age of 18 to that mixture, that orange color becomes flame red..

I am keeping my promise and stopping here as the word count shows up as 600 :(…..

Stay tuned….

Waiting for your comments as its been really long I have penned down something….little encouragement would help in thinking and imagining and of course presenting it in better way 🙂



Mountains calling…Photo story – Gangtok

Recently visited this hill station from Sikkim has got a special place in my mind. Not able to forget it. Just wanted to have your opinion…..whether I am falling for right place :-). Have a look …..

The bridge that welcomes to the beautiful state


River  Teesta, around which whole Sikkim has been formatted


Main Attraction for kids and adults…..Cable car and mesmerizing valley view of Gangtok from it




Tibetan Museum



Stopping on the way for tea/coffee in a cozy cafe…


And what we found under the chair?


Beautiful Monasteries and eye-catching patterns……






Beautiful Gangtok from Tashi view point






Waterfalls….muaaaaah, loved them



Never to miss flower show

IMG_20160616_135338 IMG_20160616_135318 IMG_20160616_123724 IMG_20160616_124157 IMG_20160616_124258 IMG_20160616_125100 IMG_20160616_125323 IMG_20160616_123436 IMG_20160616_123657 IMG_20160616_123312 IMG_20160616_123220 IMG_20160616_122910 IMG_20160616_122835 IMG_20160616_122706 IMG_20160616_122333 

At 10000 ft altitude, got piping hot Momos and Maggi with tea and coffee




Famous Baba Mandir @13000 ft height


Tea again? Well, yes………


View on the way





and finally, the most awaited Tsmogo lake…..the majestic natural beauty






And when its time to come back…..we wrap it up with ice-cream


Stay tuned….Photo story for Mirik and Kalimpong coming 🙂